Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday, Indeed!

Dear watchers and precious family of God, I pray you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. We had 3 of our kids over and 2 of our grandkids. The food was delicious but the company even better.

I'm not a Black Friday shopper. Not a huge fan of crowds and madness, but I thought the title was appropriate for the news this week. You can see for yourself.

It has come to my attention through reputable sources that many of the fires in California were started on purpose in an effort for the State to receive much-needed Federal funds which Trump took away due to our Sanctuary State declaration. I don't know if that's true, but there are many strange pictures, videos, and stories out there. Anyway, I honestly wouldn't put it past our government.

I included some good news at the bottom. It is the season of thanksgiving, after all! 

One World Order/Tech/Mark of Beast

Caravan reaches border as hundreds attempt to enter the US illegally
French chief calls for Europe to form an Empire super state  
Venezuela is releasing new ID card manufactured in China which can track, reward, and punish citizens 
Army plans for troops on the street in Europe 
Teacher banned from school for thanking kids who stood for pledge of Allegiance  
Robots begin replacing farm workers 
Oil, copper and lumber are all indicating that next economic downturn is here
Facial recognition is here!
Stock market sheds all 2018 gains
2016 Gov Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that could have prevented the California fires 
Sweden ignores 10,000 homeless aged citizens but houses Islamic immigrants instead 

Sodom and Gomorrah

First NFL player to come out gay is marrying his boyfriend this weekend 
Celine Dion launches new gender-neutral clothing line in creepy ad 
Cohabitation on the rise in the US 
5 ways porn ruins relationships 
Multiple same-sex couples in the caravan get married in a mass wedding
Good Morning America promotes a 10 year old drag queen


Teens are now getting drunk on boiled tampon juice 
Number of witches on the rise in the US. May top 1.5 million 
Spiritual warfare intensifying in America and the church

Earth groaning and groaning

Volcano eruption warning in Naples, Italy!
A mini-ice age is on the way and it's going to get cold!  (What happened to Global warming?)
The earliest Houston snowfall ever recorded
San Antonio weather shatters 102 year record
California death toll reaches 71, over 1000 missing 
CDC launches task force for Polio-like disease that is now affecting hundreds of kids 
More RSV (respiratory virus) than flu cases at Children's hospital 
11th child dies at deadly outbreak in New Jersey center for disabled kids 
Guatemala volcano erupts. Residents flee!

Signs in the Sky

Could this object in space be a sign of the apocalypse ?
Bright fire ball caught on camera in Texas, accompanied by sonic boom

Wars and Rumors of Wars

US military superiority no longer guaranteed against Russia and China 
European Intelligence Officials:  Islamic terror attacks as strong as ever 
US Navy to create Aggressor Squadron to attack Russia and China
US tells China to remove missile systems in South Sea
China continues to steal US tech secrets 
Hamas says Isralei commandos killed in an attempt to plant listening devices 
North Korea tests a new military weapon  
US might lose a war with Russia and China 
Canada's welcome mat for Jihadists poses huge threat to the US 
Iran says US bases in middle east within range of their missiles


Bulgaria considers controversial restrictions on church activity 
US missionary shot dead with arrows by remote tribe 
Chinese churches given ultimatum: Join communist party or be shut down 
Christian business man sued after requiring employees to attend Bible Study 
LBGTQ next target: The charitable status of Churches


United Methodist pressured to include all LBGTQ communities 
Beware of the Pagan influence in your prayer life 
Gay Christian and co-founder of "Queer Theology" says Jesus is polyamorous and Bible supports 
Canadian woman outraged when church revokes membership over unrepentant lesbianism

Good news!

Amazing:  Worship service in the White House video.  
Sunday School teacher survives fire by hiding behind boulder
Francis Chan baptizes his best friend after praying for 30 years for him to get saved 
Tiny first stone temple weight unearthed in Jerusalem 
Thousands experience Gospel awakening in Australia 

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