Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Precious servants of the Most High!  The news below may seem a bit sparse this week but I didn't have as much time to compile it all as usual. However, I think you get the general idea.

What struck me
  • War is looming. Russia and China are preparing and Israel is preparing for War.
  • Strange diseases happening. Weird
  • The Horrific murder in the Pittsburgh Synagogue.  Satan doesn't like the Jews.

I'll let the rest speak for itself. However I'd like to issue a warning for the US for the time after these upcoming midterm elections. Like most, I believe it is the single most important mid-term election of our lifetime. However it is unclear whether a win on either side will be good for the country. What I mean is this:  If the Democrats take the house and Senate, they will impeach President Trump, reinstate policies that would harm our economy, and open our borders. You may or may not agree with their policies, but you have to agree that impeaching a sitting President will be highly unstable for our country. If the Republicans win, I predict there will be rioting in the streets of this great nation and civil unrest the likes of which we've never seen.  So, please be in prayer on these things.

Pastor urges urgent warning for Christians who watch porn or play video games

Wars and Rumors of Wars

We are preparing for war: Russia issues shock warning after US withdrawals from INF Treaty
NATO displays its military might in largest Norway exercises 
Hundreds of troops sent to US border to stop caravan from entering 
Putin says Russia will target nations hosting US missiles
US General:  War with China likely within 15 years
FBI warns: Drone Terrorism is coming   (Revelation 9 - Locusts?)
Hezbollah and Israel prepare for coming conflict
Israel and Gaza are preparing for war 
China is making preparations for war 
China preparing for a war with the West 
Trump now sending 15,000 troops to border 

Earth groaning

Georgia toddler paralyzed overnight by strange new disease
6.8 Quake rocks Greece
NASA baffled by perfectly rectangular mile-wide iceburg 
Typhus cases in LA reach 100 
10 more cases of mysterious Polio-like illness in US
6.2 Quake strikes New Zealand

Global Government/Mark of the Beast/High Tech/Loss of rights

The US is rapidly becoming a nation dependent on the government
European court rules that people can be fined for speaking against Mohamed  (Not Jesus, of course)
US sending 5000 troops to US Border
GABs hosting provider moves to shut down Alt-Right Social Network


11 dead and 6 wounded after man shoots up synagogue in Pittsburgh  
Synagogue shooting, deadliest anti-Semitic attack in US history
Anti-Trump posters in New York depict evangelicals and Trump supporter as trash
The sick twisted meaning behind Halloween's Jack O Lanterns
Man arrested who sent 14 bombs to top democrat leaders 
A perfect storm is brewing: America in Crisis 
5 year old horribly sick after eating poison laced Halloween candy

Signs in the Sky

Mysterious object in NASA ISS live feed sparks conspiracy frenzy

Sodom and Gomorrah

Judge denies Christian's restraining order against drag queen story hour at library


Clergy ask God for His Blessing on Planned Parenthood Abortion facility 
Churches celebrate Halloween with Zombies, Dancing skeletons and haunted hayrides


Colorado strikes at Christian baker and he strikes back 
Pittsburgh city council demands local marathon scrap their "hateful"  Chick-fil-A sponsorship  
Christian cross removed from church in India... now building purified into animist religion 
Foster application rejected in Canada for Christian couple's views on homosexuality and spanking
X-Factor contestant faces backlash for saying he found Christ and left the gay lifestyle

More than 20 Chinese detained for street evangelism 

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