Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings precious watchers of the Most High!  Another week of madness has ensued. Good thing we know God is on the throne and He is in control.

Things that caught my eye
  • Things are heating up in Israel. Hundreds of rockets were fired into the Holy land last week
  • California fires! (Yes, I am okay. Thanks for those who asked. Our air is smoky but no fires are close) Please pray for us. 
  • Employee microchips are being pushed on US workers (Can you say Mark of the Beast?)
  • 10 Nation army proposed for Europe.  If you know prophecy you know this sounds suspicious because the Antichrist will rule (for a while) with 10 kings. Just saying
  • An atheist pastor is allowed to keep her position in the church.  Huh?
  • Lots of weird stuff in the sky.  Can you say demons masking as aliens masking as saviors.


Woman receives warning that a Tsunami will strike the East coast, an Earthquake on the Madrid fault and nuclear destruction is coming to US cities
Message from autistic child in Jerusalem: Messiah is about to be revealed 
Sanhedrin calls for Jerusalem mayor to prepare for building the 3rd temple

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Gaza Rockets rain down on Israel. 85 injured. 1 dead
Israel bombs TV station in Gaza during border flareup 
Hamas fires more than 200 rockets at Israel this Monday \
IDF: A special army preparing for Gog and Magog 
IDF special forces soldier killed in shootout 
Chinese-Russian alliance forged to implement a 7-pronged attack to destroy America 
Gaza terrorists want cease-fire after attacking Israel with 400 rockets 
Pence warns: US won't back down on China tariffs, even if it means cold war 
Radical Muslim group operating a commune in California 
China's new stealth bomber could alter the way US defends itself 
WW3 threatens as China show off military might in sabre-rattling stunt

Earth groaning

Worst Ebola outbreak ever in the Congo
Deadliest and most destructive fires in Californian history
Death toll hits 29 as 228 are still unaccounted for in Californian fires 
Mysterious bubbling pool of mud is on the move and no one knows why 
New tropical storm brewing in the Atlantic 
Thousands of fish die in the Euphrates 
Japanese volcano erupts, causing amazing lightning storm  
Now 56 people dead, many more missing in CA fires 
Magma buildup beneath Italy's supervolcano could mean eruption is imminent 

Global Gov/ Deep State/ Tech/ Antichrist

New push to implant microchips in the hands of thousands
French president Macron pushes for 10-nation European Army  (See prophecy of 10 kings in Antichrist Empire)
Robots will soon match humans in creativity and intelligence 
Alarm over talk of all UK employees to be microchipped
Antifa expands its hit list as political violence escalates
UN wants a one world government in less than 12 years 
China erases thousands of social media accounts deemed "harmful" 
China creates artificial sun 
Merkel agrees with France that Europe should create its own army 
Migrant caravan reaches US border

Sodom and Gomorrah

Transgender activists move from libraries to schools to push their agenda
Man wants court to declare him 20 years younger just because he identifies as a younger man 
Scotland is the first country to require students be taught an LBGTQ agenda 
Online abortion pill comes to America 
DC schools to give parents third option for gender when registering their child for school


A minister who declares she doesn't believe in God allowed to keep her position in church. huh?
Woman calls 911 after parents invite her to church. 
Local church to host thanksgiving meal for LBGTQ community


Huge crowd of 100 attack a prayer meeting in India while police just watched 
Man wearing "I love Jesus" hat broke into church, tore up bibles and destroyed windows and spray painted walls
Trump sends State Department to Nigeria after massacre of hundreds of thousands of Christians
Berkeley student  senator faces pressure to resign after stating Biblical view of gender

Signs in the Sky

Mysterious music plaguing several New Jersey residents in the middle of the night
Three huge asteroids flew dangerously close to earth last weekend
Something is happening to the sun right now. Here's what it means for the earth
Pilots report seeing UFO flying super fast off coast of Ireland

Have a wonderful weekend!

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