Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World

Dear Watchers. If you remember one thing this week, remember you are highly valued by God and very precious to Him! 

Whew the elections in the US are over. But I actually predict the fighting has only begun. Time will tell. We are a divided nation of extremes and there is a very nasty spirit of Hatred stirring up the populace. Just what Satan wants.

As I mourned the loss of a family member this week, I received news that a good friend whom I met through my books also went to be with the Lord. Bonnie Roof, I love you and will see you soon!

More shootings, more quakes and storms, more saber rattling by nuclear nations, more people falling from the Truth, and more real Christians being persecuted. All in a week's work. See for yourself.

But we win in the end!!  I was angry at the devil this week and he and I had a little chat. More like I yelled at him. I told him to take his hands off my family, that he has no authority here, that my God who lives within me is GREATER than he'll ever be and Jesus has already won the victory over him and his slimy demons. So he'd better just turn tail and run because he's not going to win any of my loved ones over to his side. He's not! So give up now in the name of Jesus. I am a child of the living God and he better be afraid. 

The reason I typed that out is that maybe you'd like to tell him the same thing.


Earth Moaning!

6.2 Quake strikes Chili
4 huge tremors strike CA. Big one feared 
California hit by 39 earthquakes in 24 hours. Yikes! Pray for me.
Another bust of polio-like symptoms alarm doctors 
Severe weather front threatens Southeast USA with tornadoes  
Fatalities rise as worst storm and flooding in decades hit Italy

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Trump threatens to open fire on immigrants if they attack military 
US militia groups head to the border 
Iran President warns of  war as sanctions resume 
The New Jihad - more threatening than ever
Biological warfare-genetically engineered viruses 
US and Japan draw up war plans to fight for disputed island with China 
French President calls for a European army to defend against China, Russia and the US 
Canada joins effort to counter China with Asian warship drills 
20,000 armed Muslims are attacking the border of Croatia in order to flood into Europe


Deadly shooting in California kills 12 people
Protestors target Fox News host at his home



French President Macron to unveil Middle East Peace Plan if Trump won't  
A serpent that slithered out from the Western Wall in Jerusalem triggers excitement over Messiah's return 
Three signs that prove Biblical prophecy about end times is coming true
Sanhedrin urges mayor candidates in Jerusalem to build third temple

Signs in the Sky

Mysterious music and eerie  pulse-beat like thumping sounding from NJ to Delaware
UFO seen extracting energy from the sun 
Mysterious aircraft at US military base purposely blurred by Google

Sodom and Gomorrah

Same-sex couple make history by carrying the same baby 
Mom claims school gave her son a sex-change operation without her consent 
University punishes Christian professor over transgender pronouns 
Colorado voters elect first openly homosexual governor


Global Government/Tech/Mark of Beast

Author claims humans will soon worship an AI god
DARPA pushes for FAA approval for military drones to fly over American cities 
Two Muslim women elected to Congress... what does that mean for Israel? 
China says it will move clouds and make it rain using satellites in horrifying weather control plan



Two martyred Christians tell Islamic persecutors that Christ is their Savior! 
Islamic mobs demand death for Pakistani mother acquitted of Blasphemy charge
At least 7 Christians killed on bus attack in Egypt 
Why does the mainstream media continue to ignore these mass Christian executions? 
Priests in China arrested, forced to study Communism rules on religion, 12 churches seized. 
Hulu show mocks Jesus as Pansexual and suggests hell is just a construct 
76 Presbyterian children kidnapped in Cameroon near where a missionary was murdered 
Christian schools told to teach LBGT agenda or be shut down
The annihilation of Iraq's Christian minority


Pastor arrested for secretly filming 100s of female staff and students
Pastor of megachurch had multiple affairs, says X-wife
Lutheran pastor says it's okay to look at porn
Many turning to witchcraft because the church is too oppressive
61% of Christians believe in these 4 New Age ideas
Christianity is dying in Europe, replaced by Islam

Then the sovereignty, the dominion and the greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be given to the people of the saints of the Highest One; His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom, and all the dominions will serve and obey Him.

Daniel 7:27 


  1. I met Ms. Bonnie at the first Christian Fictions Readers Retreat in Nashville and she was such a delight. I remember Julie Lessman praying a POWERFUL prayer over her and her health struggles and despite the odds, Ms. Bonnie made it to the CFRR in 2017. She had such a wonderful personality despite the pain she was in and though I'm sad to hear of her passing, I rejoice knowing she's now perfectly whole. Your 'chat' with the devil brought a smile to my face and I was cheering you on. Way to let him have it, MaryLu!!! Greater is HE that is in us than he that is in the world.

    1. Yes, Bonnie lived another 2 years after they told her she wouldn't! She was a lovely lady, I agree. I rarely give our enemy the time of day, but I just had had enough! LOL. Thanks, Amy.