Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, beloved Saints!  The World has gone mad, indeed!  Just remember that things will get worse because our enemy knows his time is short. He's been viciously attacking my family as well. Stay the course, keep in prayer, fasting, and praising the Lord. We are on the winning side!  Our enemy fears us. Remember that.

Without going into great detail, my brother was viciously attacked this past week. He had a patch on his SWAT uniform that represented a conservative group trying to clean out the swamp in DC.  When he was on protection detail with VP Pence, Pence posted a picture of them together, but the patch was spotted by left wing activists and my brother, who has an exemplary record for 30 years, won many accommodations, put himself in danger thousands of times, worked his way through SWAT to become the commander, and loves this country, was relieved of duty, taken off SWAT, and his reputation maligned in a report full of lies. All because the patch he wore (All SWAT officers wear personal patches) was politically incorrect. My brother is a fighter and he is not giving up yet. Please pray for him and his family. His name is Matt.  

This is what our country has come to. We have lost our freedom of speech and expression. Our forefathers would be horrified. Here in California, I'm afraid to put certain bumper stickers on my car for fear of being attacked. I have never felt that way before. Pray for America. Pray for the world. Pray that Jesus comes soon!


Wars and Rumors of Wars

Russia will build missiles if US leaves Treaty
Satellite images reveal activity at a North Korea missile base 
China boosting war plane excursions into South Korea

Anti-Christ System/Tech/Culture madness

Rudolf the Red-nosed rein deer called bigoted
Twitter declares war on Biology 
Google blocks gender-based pronouns from new AI tool 
Silicon Valley Sharia - loss of free speech 
Shocking evidence at how big firms harvest everything about you
German Government funds brochure that encourages kids to spy on their right-wing parents


San Jose, CA's Christmas in the Park features a Satanic tree (This is where I live!)
Massive riots sweep through Paris in violent attacks


Sanhedrin invites 70 nations to Hanukkah dedication for altar of third temple
Israel prepares for escalation as Iran and Hezbollah prepare for war

Earth Groaning

7.0 Quake strikes Alaska, causes severe damage
Ebola outbreak in Congo world's 2nd largest
30% rise in Measles worldwide
3.9 Quake shakes California border 
Strange waves ripple around the world and nobody knows why 
1800 After shocks recorded after Alaskan quake 
The Earth just ran like a bell and Scientists do not understand why 
Dozens injured as 22 tornadoes ripped through Illinois 
Severe hailstorms cover desert in Saudi Arabia, kill cows in Africa and destroy crops in Australia 
Strong Earthquake strikes South Pacific ring of fire

Sodom and Gomorrah

US Sex disease epidemic
Lawmakers want to end gender classification of fast food toys 
Colorado allowed to use gender X on Driver's licenses  
Millennial men ditching "masculine values" 
Scotland makes LBGTQ indoctrination mandatory in schools 
Dean at North Carolina University refers to Freshmen as Fresh"mores"   


Popular Christian music artists claims she doesn't know if homosexuality is a sin
Between 6000-10,000 churches in the US are dying each year 
Hyper-grace teaching continues to spread in US 
One denomination drinks more alcohol than the others 
Christian minister says chastity is unreasonable and don't judge people for random sex


Atheist attempt to remove Cross from Veteran memorial
Christmas songs with "Jesus" excluded from winter concert 
Public school asked to remove wise men and star from Christmas decorations 
Pakistan prime minister says history has no record of Jesus, urges the West to criminalize blasphemy against Allah
Texas city code could force churches to hire LBGTQ employees
Virginia teacher punished for refusing to use gender neutral pronouns 
Principal bans Santa, Christmas carols, Jesus, and candy canes (candy canes? What did they do?)
Canadian Christians branded as "UnCanadian" for their religious beliefs
Professor says that the Virgin Mary was raped by God

Signs in the Sky

UFO sighting in Texas
NASA admits tiny super-intelligent aliens have already visited earth 
NASA probe arrives at giant asteroid that could hit earth

Good News

New study confirms Biblical account of Sodom 


  1. Your brother sounds like a very strong man. I will be praying for him. Hugs, my friend.