Thursday, December 6, 2018

Must read! What's happening in Germany from a source on the ground. USA is next if certain people have their way!

I'm sorry for the long post, but it's worth the read. Take your time and come back to it, if necessary.

I've been in contact with a lady in Germany regarding the situation over there and in Europe. Mind you, she lives in Germany.  This is stuff you won't hear on the MSM (Main Stream Media) at all. The only reason I know this is true is because the news outlets I trust have reported on it.  I asked her permission to post our conversations here for you to read over. It's long and I apologize, but it's very important to get the truth out there!  Why should we care here in the US?  Because the same forces that have and are destroying Germany and Europe are already here in our government and they are doing their best to do the same here.  You may already recognize many of the things this lady is describing as already happening here, albeit in much smaller doses.

Lady from Germany
We have generally now more censorship than China. It’s absolutely crazy, all these things are decided behind closed doors without any open and democratic discussion. We are being kept in the dark completely, unless one makes an effort to search alternative media. We are quickly falling into the dark ages in many areas here. There is no reporting on the countless killings by migrants, many of those should already be back in their home countries but laws are no more enforced here. Countless (mainly young girls but also) women of all ages raped (and some killed), stabbing in public places, beatings to death of us Germans. And when people rise and demonstrate, they are labelled the worst names...our (national and state) elections manipulated. The Greens (pedophiles) on the rise. German pensioners who have worked all their lives reduced to collecting deposit bottles to survive while houses are being built for migrants. Poor German families are increasingly homeless as migrants get preferred treatment. It is sickening. Childmarriages (which are common in Islam) are tolerated, even though actually forbidden. Germany and Europe are flooded by Islam and the governments are allowing it as they are scared by terrorist threats. And to keep people calm they have mow finally managed to cut off all independent journalism. Please pray for us over here.
Dear Marylu, please pray for us here concerning the migration and refugee agreements. I know the US and a number of other countries won’t sign either of them, which is good. But it trickles out that actually we were one of the main authors of these agreements, which was supposed to be kept secret and signed without our (the people’s) knowledge. Some of the details have leaked out, which has brought the opposition on the plan here.(we are to be completely replaced) I was just in Nigeria last week and I see the people‘s need there. They seriously believe Europe and especially Germany will be their salvation. But they are also just pawns in this evil scheming. The people that make it here don’t have a chance to get a job because they have no education. They end up in brothels or selling drugs. (I heard some stories which are just heartbreaking) The only ones making money are the traffickers and NGOs....

Here in Germany we used to have a system that would take care of pensioners and poor. Now the pensioners are increasingly taxed which forces them to find extra money to just survive. Poorer middle class families, just regular people, are increasingly homeless in cities like Berlin because real estate has sky rocketed. On the other hand houses (!!) are built for refugees but our own people are left to starve. It’s disgusting! All these people have worked to make this country flourish, the elderly have built up everything after the war, we should honour them not make them dig in the trash! As an example: one Syrian refugee family, a husband, 4 wives (polygamy is actually outlawed here...🤔) and 23 children that came with the migrant influx got a whole house paid for by the government and around 300,000€ in welfare (plus healthcare and special schooling for the kids) per year. Yes, you did read that correctly. Any of us would have to have a job (with endless hours) in management to make that kind of money. Our own government is treating us like outcasts, only there to work ourselves to milk us.
Please don’t get me wrong, I am not not complaining (because we as a family have all we need), but to raise awareness of what is happening here. The people of God here are standing in prayer but it feels like a lonely fight because the truth of what is happening is not told.
A little history lesson on Germany
The Holy Roman Empire emerged, which was a cluster of Germanic kingdoms which were held together by the pope and the German ceasar for about 1000 years. During that time, many significant things took place that shaped and influenced the whole world. Reformers like Jan Huss and a century later Martin Luther, who not only created a unified German language by translating the Bible into German (a language that did not exist in that form before that, as every region had their own dialect) but together with his friend Gutenberg (who invented the printing press) made books accessible for the general public, thus making it easier for the general public to read God’s word for themselves. Johann Sebastian Bach, who is probably the widest known composer of church music was born in Leipzig (very beautiful city :-) ). Over the centuries, we are the country who had some of the greatest minds in music, literature and engineering (have you ever been to Cape Canaveral, the „hall of fame“ there? We were there when our kids were small. About 90% of all the scientists who made NASA great, were Germans who were taken as hostages after the war) that have influenced the world. You can tell, I am proud of my country ;-) but I am not trying to brag, as because of all this, in light of the developments in the last century, I and many of my countrymen have been wondering what went wrong….? Why did we end up in such a mess with the 2 world wars and the holocaust. And why has the Body of Christ here struggled so much and we have turned into a generally atheist country. 

I am not claiming to have the answer, but one incident has come up on occasion that might have something to do with it, even though opinions differ, as some claim, rightly, I believe, that we are under the New Covenant in Jesus now and not under the curse of the old. It’s actually just that timing coincides which leaves room for questions. I don’t know if you are familiar with the Pergamon Altar which was used for Zeus/Baal worship in ancient times. Pergamon is located in Turkey today. In the late 19th century a German engineer (Carl Humann) started sending pieces of the altar back to Berlin and a few years later excavations under German leadership slowly dismanted and sent the whole thing to Berlin where it was reassembled. It has it’s own museum in Berlin where you can now actually walk up the stairs of this altar reconstruction. So, technically speaking, the main seat of satan’s place of worship is in Berlin...
MaryLu here (yes, I was aware of this altar to Baal, and I know they recently set one up in Washington D.C.) 

So in all of this, I do get the feeling that there is a strong spiritual battle going on here on our continent. Look at the UK now. I was in Birmingham about 30 years ago. It was still a very English city at the time, now its mostly in Muslim hands. I was in Bradford about 6 years ago, honestly in some parts I felt like I was transported into Pakistan. I believe, England is the first country who will completely fall to Islam, the way it looks now, some cities like Birmingham, Bradford, Luton have already turned mostly muslim. Traditionally, they have had Pakistani immigrants for over 50 years now but in the last decade or so they have become more radical. London now has a muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan. Churches are turned into mosques all over the country. In Luton and Rotherham, Pakistani grooming gangs have raped and used thousands of British children for prostitution. It even was here on the news about 2 years ago, but faded into black, as some in the police and politics are involved themselves and they are scared of the repercussions with the muslim community in regard to racism and islamophobia. Sadly, this form of behaviour is part of the Pakistani culture, where young boys are being groomed for sex services in Pakistan. I watched a documentary on this, its quite sickening. Usually boys from really poor families who work on the streets to earn a few pennies for their families. 

In Germany, on the other hand, we are the eldorado for prostitution. Since the left wing government at the beginning of the 2000’s wanted to legalise prostitution under the aspect of treating it like a regular job where you have social security, health care etc… making it sound so nice. But since then, thousands of young girls, the younger the better, are being trafficked into Germany. And with this new migration plan there will be even more „raw material“ for the organised criminals. I have a friend who as a journalist went into eastern Europe discovering terrible practises how children are stolen and groomed. And the police here cannot do much because unless they suspect a crime, its completely legal. 

And one last piece of interest for today: Everybody claims that „right-wing“ conservatives are „Nazis“. This could not be further from the truth. „Nationalsozialismus“, as it was called back than, was, as the name already implies, as socialist system. Why did people even vote for Hitler at the time? It was because they were starving and had no jobs, currency was devaluated at mindboggling speed. People would literally eat weeds. This was due to the great depression, which hit us probably the worst together with the burden of reparations for the 1st WW. So, along comes this man, promising food, jobs and a functioning society. Of course, they voted for him. And you see the same pattern today: socialism promises that the government will take care of you at the expense of your freedom. This happens in stages. I have always wondered why our ancestors did not stand up, when things started going bad, and Jews were first ostracised and discriminated against. Nobody should dare think, they would never fall into this trap. The same thing is happening again today, everywhere this time, left-wingers call Christians, conservatives, Jews bigots, haters, racists, islamophobes. I saw socialsim first hand, my family was divided by the wall. My parents escaped east Berlin just very shortly before the wall came up overnight (!!). This was done so quickly, people who were in the other sector just overnight found themselves cut off from their homes and families…. 
I must say, I do get quite upset sometimes when I hear people who have had no experience whatsoever with socialism which eventually ends in communism, its basically the same thing in the end, that they want it for their countries or governments. 
MaryLu here: (I recently saw a poll where over half the millennials in the US think socialism is a good idea. Why? They are not teaching them true history in school. Instead they are indoctrinating our children)
Right now here in Germany, we are experiencing as facts are twisted to make the fit into the politically correct agenda. Don’t know if this news ever made it overseas: Ever since the migrant crisis we have a stark increase in rapings and stabbings. End of August this year, a German man was stabbed by a group of migrants in Chemnitz which led to a peaceful protest by normal conservative citizens. (This is East Germany, and they have adapted this method of raising awareness from the days of the fall of the wall, where they also marched and prayed until the wall came down.). The media made it into a „rightwing“ hateful hunt of migrants based on a 19 second video which nobody knew where it came from and when it was actually filmed. Merkel immediately made it into „Nazi-protests“ which must be stopped. A „free concert“ was conducted a few days later against „hate and racism“ with some total antiauthoritan left wing band who sings songs against the police and glorifies murder and rape of „right-wingers“. (Reminds me of „bread and games“ in Rome during Nero’s reign ). The president of Verfassungschutz (Defending our Constitution), Maassen rightly observed that this video that caused all this trouble shows nothing at all. After some back and forth over a few weeks he was fired because of this. He is not the first losing his career and any chance of recovery over speaking the truth. 

But there are an increasing number of Christians waking up and praying for our land and our continent. Some time ago there was a muslim prayer event in one of our main churches („Dom zu Speyer“ already played a role during the time of Martin Luther). Our religious leaders here will do that to appease the muslim community. There is this one German woman (Heidi Mund), born in East Germany, who has lived under the communist regime and recognises the signs. She boldly stood up during that prayer chant to proclaim the Name of Jesus. She has initiated prayer initiatives for Germany and Europe:

Here's a recent update
 Since I wrote to you last, there have been 3 more reports on independent media of stabbing, raping, killing, which could not be concealed before they leaked out. Nothing on the official news. Which means, there are likely much more as we hear of them only weeks later through independent media. In one report the police openly admits they kept the info confidential because they were afraid of demonstrations and repercussions in the dimensions of Chemnitz with its demostrations and peaceful marches of thousands (which resulted in the „free“ left wing concert and the firing of one of our high ranking officials, Maassen, for speaking the truth).
MaryLu: Can people home school their kids in Germany?

No, unfortunately homeschooling is not allowed here. Going to school is compulsory. There was a Christian family some years back who wanted to try it. They were put in jail and the kids were given to foster parents. Don’t know how that ended. All I can say from own experience when our kids were still in school, they also had a mosque visit on the agenda then, which was about 12 years ago. At the time I was able to keep them home, saying that while I don’t mind my kids hearing about the world religions (I personally think everybody should follow Jesus because of their own conviction because they see that there is no alternative. So I was not afraid of them learning about it and us having discussions about religion at home. They follow Jesus now because they chose it not because of mom and dad), I am very much against indoctrination (which is the case during these school mosque visits) as no visits to a church, synagogue or even some eastern temple was planned. The school was not too happy at the time calling me intolerant but I was able to do it. Now I read if parents want to keep their kids from going they are fined and in some cases the kids are picked up by the police and taken there if the parents refuse to let them go. 
MaryLu Here: I encourage you to read this over again and to check out the links she included. We all must join together to pray for Germany and for all of Europe, for I fear we are next. The forces in the US who wish open borders, socialism, socialized medicine, free abortions...etc.. are the same forces that are destroying Europe.  They want to destroy civilization, democracy and freedom. Why? So they can take over and have power. Out of chaos, control!  And just like the media in Germany is corrupted and full of propaganda and lies, so is ours already. Don't believe what you hear in the news and on TV. Or on social media platforms. They are all part of the same antichrist system. This is the beginning of the great deception. Open your eyes, America!  And pray for Germany and for us!


  1. Your friend is right about Nigeria. I am a Nigerian. I live in Lagos. Where can I begin concerning the state of Nigeria in all aspects especially politically speaking..If you keep up with the migrant crossings on the sea, many Nigerian youths have lost their lives..Many end up being sold as slaves in human trafficking..many end up joining criminal gangs once they land in Europe. Why? Rotten infreastructure,High inflation,,Government being run by kleptos who do not care about the people..Media? Please..I stopped reading and listening to the Nigerian media. All they do is copy and paste the foreign lamestream media lies.. The state of the currency? Pssh,Hardly enough. I eaern a bit of 300 dollars a month..Neraly half goes into commuting and eating. Situation of things have made the youths turn to unsavoury things..People work and retire and die waiting for their pensions and gratuity to be paid by the government and PFAs(huge amount placed in fixed deposits by greedy fat cats and insurmountable hurdles in placed by these [pension fund managers that see you lose what was forcibly taken from your paycheck minthly. Nothing but a scam)
    Let me not offend the Lord by mentioning you the state of the church. Quite clear that all of these do not surprise the Lord. He predicted it. Unfortunately many are not ready for His coming but it seems they are ready for the antichrist. Lord. have mercy!

    1. Thank you so much for posting about the situation in Nigeria. It sounds utterly horrible. Yet it seems the rest of the world is following close behind. I'm so sorry. This world has become so evil and corrupt, but like you said, Jesus told us this would happen. I will pray for Nigeria... and for the Lord's soon return!