Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings precious Warriors of the Most High!

I pray you had a wonderful Christmas and New years, celebrating the birth of our Savior and all the blessings He has given you last year!  Truly He is a wonderful Father!

Regardless of this season of joy, the enemy has been on the fast track to destroying everything that is good and from God.  You can see for yourself below how fast we are approaching the end. I hope to put up a prophetic review of 2018 soon so you can see for yourself.

In the meantime, I must share with you how bad TV shows have become. Now, mind you, I don't watch much TV. I am fairly selective of what I watch and never turn on anything I know will be too sexual or violent or demonic. My husband and I enjoy crime shows like NCIS and military shows like SEAL TEAM. We also like historicals like Poldark, etc, and some of the BBC programs.  A few weeks ago we were watching SWAT.  It's not one of our favorite shows but so far it hasn't been too bad. There's a woman SWAT officer in the show who hinted off and on that she was gay. Okay, Whatever, as long as you don' show anything, I can deal with it. But on that particular episode she and her gay girlfriend got together with her girlfriends fiance (a guy) to discuss doing a threesome!  I'm sorry if this offends you, but I was shocked. And believe me I don't get too shocked anymore these days.This is a prime time show!  And they were talking like it was completely normal.

Compare that to when I was a kid and the married couple in the Dick Van Dyke show had separate beds in their bedroom. I can't believe how low and disgusting our society has become. They are brainwashing people into immorality, the likes of which would curdle your toes. And much like the frog in the pot of boiling water, nobody seems to notice that they are being led on that big highway straight to hell.  Please pray for our world!

5 Biblical prophecies fulfilled in 2018 in regard to Israel and 5 expected to be fulfilled in 2019

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Russia tests weapon that travels 27 times the speed of sound and cannot be stopped by any defense system
New warnings issued for Power Grid attack
Russia sends supersonic nukes to it's new military base in the Caribbean 
Russia and Syria threaten to fire missiles into Israel if they continue their airstrikes 
How an EMP would be an extinction level event 
34 reasons why war with Russia is inevitable 
Chinese admiral wants to sink 2 US aircraft carriers in the China Sea 
Kim Jong Un warns he's changing his mind on denuclearization 
A simple miscalculation could catapult Russia and the west into a catastrophic conflict 
Iran sees a new opportunity to build a war machine to encircle Israel
Chinese warship spotted with next-generation terrifying hypersonic rail gun
US military deletes tweets about dropping bombs on New Years Eve 
Turkey amasses tanks on the Syrian border as Erdogan readies to move against the Kurds 
The man who could start WW3 
With Iran on its doorstep, Israel quietly prepares its air power 

Signs in the Sky

Rise in UFO sightings over US military bases sparks fear
Rabbi expert says First Red Blood moon of the year is a sign of earthquakes and governments falling 
Multiple people report seeing flying red sphere off South Carolina Coast 
China explores the dark side of the moon

The Beast System rises

Did Obama commit treason with Iran?
Media won't tell you that illegal immigrants are bringing waves of Hepatitis, tuberculosis, and HIV to America 
Low "Social credit rankings" in China prevent trustworthy citizens from traveling
Is Ebola the globalists' answer to rising populism?  
Ebola in Nebraska? 
Venezuela prepares to incorporate Chinese system of Biometric ID and Social Credit system 
Vietnam institutes law banning citizens from criticizing government 

Earth Groaning

Powerful 7.0 Earthquake triggers tsunami warning for Philippines
Researchers fear polio-like illness could spread in the US
Residents flee as quake strikes Indonesia
Explosive eruption of Sheveluch in Russia 
Powerful earthquake in Venezuela creates cracks in the earth and crumbles buildings 
Experts warn of cold-like virus that sends Infants to intensive care
Experts warn of 100 massive volcanoes on the cusp of eruptons 
Bali volcano eruption


Facebook punishes Franklin Graham over LBGT post from 2 years ago
Apple pulls Christian ministry's ex-gay app
Foreign leader says Obama is guilty of facilitating Christian persecution 
Christian persecution is breaking out all over Europe ( Must listen 3 minute video)
Philippines leader says it was unimpressive for God to allow himself to be crucified

Sodom and Gomorrah

Traditional Women's college will now admit transgender men
Gay navy couple recreate WW2 iconic kissing sailor photo 
LBGT sports caster has an issue with Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl


Many Sorcerers are rising up 
Demons really are possessing people as pure evil sweeps over humanity
Germany legalizes child marriage under Sharia law
The Abortion pill is all part of God's plan 
Abortion killed 42 Million people in 2018!
Do 97% of Scientists really agree on man made climate change?

Good News!

Top Ten Archaeology's Top Ten Bible discoveries of 2018
Pro-lifers save 2 babies while singing Christmas carols outside abortion centers


  1. I agree about television. We began watching God Friended Me and it started off good....a trap! the 3rd or 4th episode,they revealed that the sister was gay.
    Thanks for your most important updates on this falling world, my friend. JESUS, COME!

    1. I thought about trying that out but I figured that Hollywood would find a way to insult God. Sounds Like they did. Ugh

  2. Thank you for these posts, Marylu, before I looked at these I had no idea about how close the Mark of the Beast is, specifically.