Friday, February 1, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings exceedingly precious saints of the Most High!  The world is spinning out of control yet again. But that's to be expected. When birth pains begin, they do not let up until the baby is born. So buckle up, pray up, and keep looking up!

Here's a few things that struck me this week
  • Anti-Semitism is on the rise! Bible predicted this, of course
  • Instead of Global warming, now Scientists are saying a polar vortex is causing the extreme cold. I wish they would make up their mind.
  • Disney hosting Gay Pride parade at their park. Really? A park for children!
  • Flu, Ebola, measles, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, oh my!
  • Democrats in Texas seeking to ban Christianity
  • My lovely state wants to teach kindergartners that there are 15 genders! 
  • The Beast system is rearing its ugly head. I hope to write about this on Monday's post


Wars and Rumors of Wars

China and Russia are building super-EMP blackout bombs
Russia warns against US sending troops to Venezuela 
Hezbollah warns: All Israel will be struck by rockets!
Alexandria Cortez's activist group calls to annihilate Israel
Despicable Anti-Israel protest held during LBGTQ event in Detroit 
2018 saw record spikes in Anti-Semitic attacks in Europe and North America 
US plans to suspend nuclear treaty with Russia

Sodom and Gomorrah

Kate Hudson raising her daughter with a genderless approach
New York enacts law to ban transgender discrimination 
California wants to teach kindergartners that there are 15 genders 
Disney is holding a Gay Pride parade in one of its theme parks for the first time ever

Earth groans

Mount St. Helens could blow again as Lava rock rising 5 meters a day
Mass casualties in Indonesia due to flooding
Ebola death toll surges in Congo
Migrant infected with flesh eating bacteria contained at the Mexican border 
Arctic blast hits US 
Polar vortex to bring prolonged, life-threatening cold to the US  
State of emergency declared in US measles outbreak 
Earth could be crushed to the size of a soccer field by particle accelerator
Australian heat wave knocks out power and fuels fires
Mild earthquake in North Israel makes Scientists wonder when HUGE pre-Messiah one will hit 
Flu outbreak shuts schools and extends to 36 states 
Tornado in Cuba kills 4 and injures 200 
Coldest temps in Generations in the US! 
Geomagnetic shifting is the real fear 
Power outages across Minnesota as temperatures plummet 
Natural disasters in 2018 resulted in more deaths than the 18 years prior combined 
Earthquake rattles central Massachusetts 

Antichrist Beast System/ Tech

Celebrated democrat Beto O'Rourke wears Devil Goat costume
Two presidential candidates running in 2020 who have ties with Muslim Brotherhood and Communist party 
As Venezuelans toss off tyranny of failed socialism, Americans keep voting left-wing authoritarians into power 
Clemson professor calls for human extinction in order to save the planet 
Pope visits Central America to push mass migration to the US 
Parents denied access to children's medical records by law 
Think Socialism works? Watch the meltdown in Venezuela
The only way to save America. Trump must declare a new American Revolution
The Rise of the new Caliphate!
Scientists believe we will be able to download souls into microchips and live forever 
Facebook pays teens to install a VPN that spies on them 
Is Pelosi hoping to coordinate a Red Dawn incursion on our southern border?
Will Globalists sacrifice the US dollar to get their New World order?
Google manipulated You Tube searches to change user behavior 
Advance AI system translates brain waves into speech


Seven States allow abortion up to point of birth


The Left tries to ban Christianity in Texas
2 bombs in a Catholic church in the Philippines kill 20 
CNN asks Karen Pence if she should lose security detail because she's a Christian 
20 dead as bombs target Sunday Mass in Philippine cathedral
Dr. Strange director says Christians are the Core Problem in America
The Christian owners of a Wedding venue are taking heat for turning away a gay couple 
"So help me, God"  about to be removed from Congressional oath 
15 UK churches receive threats to stop all services or face Islamic bombings 
DC School refuses to play sports at the Christian school where Karen Pence teaches
Democrats in the US seek to ban Christianity using anti-discrimination laws 

Signs in the Sky

Mysterious boom heard in four Kentucky counties

Good news

Trump tweets his support to bring his favorite book, The Bible, back into public schools! 
Israeli scientists believe they have found a cure for cancer
Mel Gibson is making a sequel to the Passion of Christ

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Despite all the bad news, I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend, MaryLu. May your family spoil you rotten and shower you with lots and lots of love. Wishing you the best year ever.

    1. Thank you, Amy!! That's really sweet of you! I'm hoping the Lord comes this year. That would make it the best year ever! :-)