Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Holy Warriors of the Most High! Here we go again! More craziness in our upside-down world. Unless you searched, you probably didn't hear about any of this in regular news.

Things that stuck out
  • Weird diseases, hailstorms, flooding and earthquakes in CA, and snow in Hawaii? The Earth is sure groaning from release of the curse of sin and death!
  • The Trump Middle East plan will soon be unveiled in April. This is huge. This will no doubt be the "convenant" the AntiChrist confirms. We are on the brink!
  • Earth's magnetic field is moving, oh my!
  • Have you noticed how Russia and China seem to be prolifically arming themselves with new weapons these days?
  • A mother was arrested for calling a transgender by the wrong gender. Serious?
  • You may have noticed my new category, AntiChrist Beast System is expanding these days. That's because the New World Order is already here, monitoring your every move, and even your thoughts.


Earth Groaning!

Deadly disease that turns deer into Zombies now spreads to 26 States
Typhus outbreak moves to city hall in LA 
Earthquakes rattle remote area of San Bernidito CA 
Experts warn the next 5 years will bring soaring temps that will cause massive storms
Deadly drug resistant TB could become a global epidemic
Health officials see abnormal cases of measles on the rise 
Hurricanes are strengthening in the Atlantic 
Freak hailstorm coats  Indian capital in white
Plummeting insect numbers could collapse nature
Historic flood strikes Queensland, killing 300,000 cows 
Historic storm hurls huge waves and 191 mph winds, plus snow on Hawaii 
When will the big one hit California? 
Indonesia volcano erupts, sending ash 6000 feet in the sky


Christian Grocery store owner receives death threats for "Heaven has a wall" Ad



Trump's middle east peace plan ready to go!
Anti-Israel activism spreading in US Schools 
Sanhedrin calls for nations to observe sexual purity for role in third temple 
Anti-semitism is spreading like poison! 
Netanyahu meets with Arab leaders to discuss war with Iran

Signs in the Sky

NASA probe to smash into asteroid to knock it out of orbit
Mystery booming sounds followed by odd flashes of light scare people across America 
Earth's magnetic field could flip and wipe out all technology

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Russia, France, and the US launch nuclear-capable missiles hours apart
China is unleashing killer robots and stealth drones that require no human to push the button 
Russia prepares for Cyberwar by cutting all domestic internet from the World Wide Web 
Pentagon says China and Russia developing satellite killing lasers  
US resumes program to destroy Iranian nukes

Sodom and Gomorrah

UK Mom arrested for calling transgender activist a man
This gender neutral family is raising a theyby.  A kid without a gender. 
Trans activists demand we pay for womb transplants and other health changes


Supreme Court blocks Louisiana law that would have closed down all but 2 abortion clinics in the state 
Southfield will vote to allow or reject nations first sex-doll brothel 
Man sues his parents for having him without his consent 
New Mexico lawmakers seek to overturn State's ban on abortion 
More than half the divorces are rooted in porn addiction

AntiChrist Beast System

Scientists achieve first in-body gene editing 
Gun seizure laws grow in popularity 
In the name of fake news, Asian governments tighten control on social media 
Push for One World Religion as Pope and Iman sign interfaith agreement.  
Police contacting citizens who criticize transgenders online
MIT Technology that can beam voices into your head
Green New Deal calls for eliminating all air travel
Globalist German Prime Minister calls for an end to nation states.  Hello World Government
Urban Warfare drills are a bad sign of what is coming
As a coup against the President approaches, so are discussions of FEMA camps
Under new law TWITTER would be allowed to determine which people should have guns
Mark of the Beast Technology made public by Google and Rogue governments
Exposing the democratic party communist take over of America
Putin announces a national ID card by 2024
Two reasons behind the Military raids in LA
The New Green Deal - Government is not our savior 
Mind control TV trying to convince people that God is our enemy 
Pentagon releases blueprint for accelerated AI 
After signing a one world religion agreement, Pope Francis makes his next push 
7 Million Americans are 3 months behind on car payments 
Rats, defecation and open drug use are making major cities uninhabitable hellholes
Hillary Campaign accused of laundering 84 million, but FEC refuses to probe


Shocking Investigation involves hundreds of Southern Baptist leaders in sex scandal 
Why many pastors avoid teaching on Bible Prophecy 
Meet the Canadian preacher who doesn't believe in God 
Evangelical University no longer requires students to sign a covenant that supports traditional marriage 
Megachurch pastor fired for making highly inappropriate comments

Good News!

Massive Cross washes ashore on beach 

Do not let fear take hold. Repent of your sins, be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and believe in (trust, rely on, follow and commit to) Him, and you shall be saved!  He will come for His Bride soon. Many are called, few are chosen. Be one of the few!

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