Friday, March 1, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World

Greetings watchers for the Lord's return!  It's been another crazy week. While our president tries to make a peace deal with North Korea, his enemies back home try to find out any detail by which they may impeach him.
Meanwhile across the globe, India and Pakistan are rattling their sabers, or actually, their nukes. I wish it was just sabers.

  • Earthquakes, cyclones, and locusts!
  • Apostasy in our churches
  • UFOs flying around in plain site
  • Congressmen willing to butcher a newborn baby
  • And the ever growing New World Order rising from the ashes of Babel, monitoring your every thought and word and lying to you about everything. Trust no one but Jesus!

 Earth moaning

Japan on high alert for tsunami and earthquake after deep sea fish found by fisherman 
Locusts swarm Egypt and Saudi Arabia 
7.5 Quake strikes Peru/Equador border 
Severe storms in US, Tornadoes strike Mississippi and Alabama 
Rare February Typhoon approaching Guam 
CDC warns of severe flu strain 
Scientists fear the end of mankind not decades away but much sooner
Deadly tornado strikes Mississippi while floods hit Tennessee and Kentucky
Two Japanese Volcanoes spew ash into the sky 
Hundreds of live fish rain from the sky during storm in Malta 
Earthquake struck Georgia on Tuesday 
Bomb Cyclone hits Eastern US, 550,000 without power
Ice Tsunami forces residents to evacuate along Lake Erie

AntiChrist Beast System

Shocking list of college courses reveal how the liberal left is brainwashing our children
UCLA Students favor putting conservatives in concentration camps
Former FBI chief legal counsel wanted to indict Hillary for emails until "persuaded" not to
The 9 elements of genocide are all in place and only need a false flag event to start it all
Homeschoolers outraged at new bill that treats them like criminals 
You Tube says it will censor videos it considers conspiracies 
Pinterest blocks vaccination searches in an attempt to control information
Jessie Smollett hate crime was staged at highest levels of the Deep State
5G about to be rolled out and it may cause brain cancer
Media about to disclose a fake Antarctica to Mars deception
China's social credit system is a preview of the Mark of the Beast
You Tube spreading theory that earth is flat 
Mark Zuckerberg's plan to censor all posts that are against Big Pharma's vaccine program
What do the FBI, your DNA sample, and FEMA camps have in common?
FDA gains power and is a huge threat against the American people
Smollets False Flag was to be the first in a series of race riots designed to usher in a peace-keeping coup against Trump 
AI version of Buddha to preach in Japanese Temple 
ISLAM taught in public schools (video)
China infiltrating US education system
Man volunteered to have chip inserted under his skin in a live show this week 
Paypal now joins the list of companies censoring Christian conservatives 
The Chinese social credit score system is already here!
Ocasia-Cortez demonstrates that new democratic party is party of nazi Eugenics and depopulation of undesireables
Large families are bad for the environment

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Turkey is uniting an army of Islam to defeat Israel
Warning issued over attacks on internet infrastructure 
Russian TV lists nuclear targets in the US
China's military modeling pre-war Japan 
ALERT! India prepares for war! Builds 14,000 bunkers along Pakistan border 
Israel prepares for cyber attack by Russia and China 

Signs in the Sky

UFO spotted on live TV in Cleveland


60 arrested after police brace for violence at Temple Mount


Disturbing anti-Israel trend in many Christian churches
Children's pastor commits suicide after child porn found on his computer 
Church administrator and wife steal over a million from congregation for pleasure trips 
Beer at church? The latest congregational trend
Texas "prophet" and internet teacher whom some revere as "Jesus in the Flesh" caught on tape having sex with women who aren't his wife. 
Liberal feminine pastors rule!


Radical new abortion law in Illinois will make it the Abortion capital of America
Vermont passes sweeping no limits abortion law 
Young children are viewing porn at an alarming rate 
1 in 4 teenage suicides involves the internet

Sodom and Gomorrah

Colorado House bill passed which prevents schools from teaching abstinence only
Male Actor wears Tuxedo Dress at Oscars 
California and the UK elementary school sex ed goes extreme!


Jesus Loves you valentines banned from college 
Shocking arrest of street preacher caught on video
Endorse same sex marriage or you're out! Philly forcing Catholic agency from foster care
Persecution of Christians mounting in Iran 
Activists target churches who counsel LBGT people 
Chinese authorities blow up Christian megachurch with dynamite 

Good News!

Muslim man plotted to kill Christian cousin until Christ appeared to him in a dream 
60,000 gather to wage war against spiritual inaction at "The Send"

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  1. Part of the Kushner peace plan is to tear down Israel's 440 mile border wall. Setting the stage for Exekiel 38:11- God is so amazing and His word is true!