Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday's mad mad World

Dear Watchers, I almost didn't assemble this post today. It takes me quite awhile to pull together each week and I'm wondering if it helps any of you out there. Would you prefer I concentrate on a few news items and discuss those? Or does this list help you to know how close we are and what to pray for? 
As usual, so many prophetic things are happening and at a very rapid pace. I no longer recognize my own country. The Media is nothing but a propaganda train and our government is so corrupt, I doubt anyone could clean it up (Except Jesus!)  The Earth is reeling, the World government rising, Evil is rampant, Christians are being hated and persecuted everywhere, and the church is alseep.

Can you tell I'm ready to leave this place?
Tune in Monday where I have more to share about a Spring Wedding!

Earth Groaning

Rare Earthquake strikes Florida
6.2 Quake strikes Fiji 
World must prepare for inevitable flu pandemic 
Weird rattling in Florida remains unidentified. Was it an earthquake? 
2000 mile long weather bomb lashes Great Britain with 80 mph winds 
5.5 Quake strikes Hawaii 
Bomb Cyclone blasts Colorado and leaves hundreds stranded

Wars and Rumors of Wars

North Korea escalates rhetoric following reports of new nuclear activity
Venezuela hit by major blackout
Are the Dems provoking Russia and China to attack the US? 
Activity at a N. Korean Nuke site could mean preparations for a launch 
The World has never been closer to WW 3 
Russia says they will arm a submarine with 6 nuclear doomsday devices 
Chilling WW3 War games shows US crushed by Russia and China 
Russian to fire test of new hypersonic missile

Sodom and Gomorrah

Gay clubs in school attempt to indoctrinate students
CA bill would force foster parents to use any transgender pronoun children want 
Indiana offers non-binary option on licenses and Ids


Mom wants teacher fired for using Ouija board with kindergartners   
Drug, Alcohol and Suicide rates hit record levels 
Palestinians use International Women's Day to glorify female terrorists


Countdown to the Red Heifer

Rise of Antichrist One World Beast System

Radical sex-education coming to a school near you
The Great Deception is among us
Facebook steps up fight against anti-vaccine information 
US government will be scanning your face at 20 top airports 
50 college courses that prove America's students are indoctrinated into socialism  
Gene-edited food quietly arrives in US restaurants 
Dick's Sporting Goods to remove guns from stores
The First Genderless AI voice so as not to offend anyone
Will believers be tricked into taking the Mark of the Beast?
The Pope is creating a One-World-Religion to complement the coming One World Gov 
Mobile World Congress Demons Live Microchips implants for bank transactions


Comic show depicts Jesus as a mass murdering who chops off people's heads
Atheists speak out against Day of Prayer Bill during Senate committee meeting
Teacher admits she's never read the Constitution after force a student to remove his ash Wednesday 
Pastors knocked out, Christians killed as persecution spikes in India
Christians in Kazakhstan fined for praying without permission 
China vows to rid faith of any Western Christian influences
High School student suspended for posting Bible Verses in response to Gay flag


Evangelical Christian university blocks Pro-Life speaker on campus
California Veterans Home threatens to expel 84 year old widow for leading a Bible Study
Gay Pastor happy to conduct same sex marriages in Methodist church  
Majority of churches in decline or flatlining 
Francis Chan challenges pastors to stop creating "Wave Pool" churches!  Love this guy
Christian meditation. What practices are Biblical and what is New Age?

Good News

6 Christian Movies coming to theaters this summer 


  1. MaryLu - thank you for the work you do to help keep our eyes on these things. I don’t watch news very much and have used your posts to be aware of what is happening around the world. Having said that, I would be just as happy if you want to assemble a few things that really stand out to you, I rarely have time to look through everything you post, and just grab a few from your list to look into.

  2. I do enjoy your posts, as disturbing as they can he sometimes, they are also very enlightening.
    I want you to do what you are led to do and keep us informed. I don't watch the news, either and much of what I see on Facebook proves the evil in this world and the corruption in our own government.yes, Jesus is coming soon, very soon for He is not happy with how this world is but then we were told in scripture that this is what would be happening but it is still disturbing to watch.
    Thank you for beungbso diligent in your research and your postings.

    1. Thanks Evelyn, I will pray about it. It seems from the responses here and on FB that people are getting a lot out of these Friday posts. But I agree with you that Jesus is coming VERY soon!

  3. MaryLu, the time you put into your informative post must consume many hours . I am thankful for all you do. When I see things happening around the workd--you have already warned us. I say -pray and what ever you decide, know that you have been appreciated .and most helpful. I am going to see what I can find out about the Red Heifer. I know a little bit, but I need to know more. I will miss this page, but praying that God will lead you to where you can be used more. I pray that more people will seek Him through your words of what is to come and Be Ready! Be ever watchful and listen to His voice and stay close , for only through Him are we saved from what is yet to come.!

    1. Thanks so much, Elsie! The Red Heifer is very interesting. Apparently they now have 2, which are both required to start the Temple sacrifices. We are so close! May many many come to Him before its too late!

  4. I enjoy reading your information. You often have stuff that I haven't read about. Keep up the good work for us believers.


  5. thank you for all your time, this is one post which I anticipate each week. Our world is very unrecognizable!

  6. Opening this post is the first thing I do upon waking on Friday mornings! I really enjoy it and have for over a year now. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into it. I believe you should do what the Holy Spirit leads you to do. I do hope though that if He says to take a break, that he will atleast allow you to post it monthly! Thank you MaryLu. You are a great role model.

  7. Love your weekly MMW posts MaryLu. I'll be praying for you as you compose your posts because you're in a spiritual battle. Truth-tellers always are.

    1. Oh, man, Andrea, I really appreciate your prayers.. I have definitely felt weary from the battle lately. Thank you!