Friday, March 22, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Warriors of the Most High! By popular vote, I am continuing with my Friday posts on our mad mad world!  It was nice to hear how many of you appreciate this post and look for it every week. Thank you. For as long as the Lord decides, I will do my best!

What struck me

  • Russia and the US are increasing their saber rattling (Which defies the allegations that Trump and Putin are friends)
  • Massive Cyclone strikes Mozambique.. thousands are killed
  • Enormous flooding in Nebraska
  • We are losing our rights, people. More and more each day. Social media along with regular news media are the ones now deciding what you can and cannot say. This is getting scary. 
  • Drag Queen sex-offenders reading to our children?
  • New Zealand mass shooting. The love of many will grow cold. 
  • ELEVEN Christians die for their faith every day.

But see for yourself! 


Earth Groaning

Deadly plague strikes Africa. Several Dead
US Warship quarantined after rare virus infects crew
4 earthquakes in 9 days hit Alabama-Florida line
Cyclone hits Mozambique killing 150
Deadly historic midwest flooding threaten nuclear plant in Nebraska 
6.5 Quake strikes Bolivia 
Indonesian floods, dozens dead 
Thousands feared dead in Mozambique cyclone! 
Satellite image reveals the extent of catastrophic floods in Nebraska 
Cat 4 Cyclone strikes Australia
5.7 Quake strikes Turkey

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Will the US be forced to use its doomsday weapons since it cannot defeat the Russians or the Chinese
A batch of B-52 Bombers fly over Europe amid tensions with Russia 
Russian deploys nuclear bombers to Crimea after US rolls out missile defense system

AntiChrist Beast System

Harvard scientists find gene-switch that controls genes for whole body generation
YouTube Demonitized Michael Brown's channel and you won't believe why 
Strzok communications reveal collusion between Hillary campaign and DOJ 
The Dems will steal every upcoming election by counting illegals in the census and the vote
Using modified food as a weapon
Violent protests in France set Paris on fire 
Beto O'Rourke - climate change and the end of the world
1.5 million videos of New Zealand mosque attack removed from Facebook. why?
Possession of the Mosque shooting video can get you 10 years in Prison. What are they trying to hide?
Insulting Putin may now land you in jail, new Russian law says
Pediatricians now secretly questioning kids to see if their parents own guns
Judge Janine is suspended from Fox for saying that Sharia law is in opposition to our constitution
Google is becoming the agent of genocide with alternative media burns
Social credit score coming to America sooner than you think
Treasonous Google is shadow-banning the office of the President
Multiple Federal Agencies are arming up for civil war


Church paid people to pretend God healed them


Israel erased from a map displayed at Georgia middle school
Israel strikes 100 Hamas targets after rocket attacks on Israel 
50 Iranian drones conduct massive Jerusalem attack exercise 
Iran inches closer to its goal of wiping Israel off the map 
Purim dress rehearsal. Third temple services could resume in hours!

Sodom and Gomorrah

Child Protective services cleared mom who allowed 11 year old drag kid to dance in gay bar for tips
Georgia lawmakers attempt to criminalize all male sexual behavior as deviant 
California school conceals drag-queen makeup day from parents
Illinois House passes bill requiring schools to teach LBGTQ history
Sex offenders read to kids at drag queen library hour 
Journalist criminally investigated for using wrong pronoun in a tweet

Signs in the Sky

Pilot reports UFO flying above Las Vegas 
A huge asteroid exploded above earth last Monday


Facebook, Instagram outages reveal America's epidemic porn addiction
49 killed and dozens injured in New Zealand mosque attack 
New Zealand attacker is a far left eco-facist who praised communist China
These objects may be opening your home to demons 
Aborted babies are being used in vaccine production 
The New Zealand Shootings-Satanic connection


A staggering 11 Christians are killed every day for their faith 
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez mocks Christians for praying for mosque bombing victims
6 Christians killed, hundreds flee after Muslim militia attack in the Congo 
Why are mass killings of Christians not given media coverage? 
Christian B&B owners forced to serve Gay couples after Supreme Court rejects appeal
Vimeo removes Christian church's account over their criticism of homosexuality

Good News!

Former Prince of ISIS turns to Christ after dream!
Tornado rips church roof off but 40 kids are saved within as they sing "Jesus Loves me"
New DNA discovery proves all humans are descended from an Adam and Eve 

 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

Revelation 22:17

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