Friday, March 29, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, most precious sons and daughters of God!  Do you know how valuable you are? So valuable that God Himself was tortured and crucified just for you!  Don't ever forget that. You have been redeemed by an enormous price!  How, then, should you live?

Another crazy week on planet Earth!

Trump was exonerated of any collusion with Russia. Unfortunately, the media and several others in our intelligence services who lied to the American public for over 2 years aren't even apologizing. It blows my mind. Like Trump or hate him, no other president in our history has had to face so many lies and so much opposition. And they aren't quitting. Amazing. It just goes to show that we cannot trust anything we hear in the news. Nothing!

Trump announces that the Golan Heights belong to Israel. This is huge! That area has been contested for over 50 years. It is rich in 2 things, Jewish history and oil. Many scholars believe this could be the catalyst for the Gog-MaGog war.

In other news

  • Hamas fires several rockets into Israel in response.
  • Historic Flooding
  • Earthquakes
  • Russian troops land in Venezuela and warn US to keep out. Hmm
  • India and Pakistan are threatening each other 

The AntiChrist one World Government will not be like any other world empire. It will not be won over by armies, war, and land grabs. It will be a digital empire that will keep its subjects in line by monitoring everything they say, do, and everywhere they go. People who don't follow the rules will not be able to travel or purchase goods. This is already starting in China. Here in the US, Google and Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, etc, are already restricting our rights to speak our minds and to believe what we want. They are brainwashing our kids into believing there is no God and that being a trans or gay or marrying a tree is normal and acceptable. Being masculine or feminine are bad things and why not kill your baby if you don't want it? It's all about women's rights! They teach them that America and capitalism are bad and that socialism and open borders are good. If your kid makes it to college, they are only further indoctrinated. They fill our TV sets, computers, phones, video games, and pads with all kinds of movies, videos, music that promote violence and perverted lifestyles and call it entertainment. Big Pharma fills our bodies with drugs that only do more harm, while pediatricians pollute our kids with unnecessary vaccines.  If you're a Christian and a conservative and you happen to own a gun, you are already on a terrorist list with the DHS. 

They have been planning this for years. We need to wake up!


Earth Groaning

The most dangerous volcano in North America just erupted and shot ash a mile into the sky
US Air Force base completely flooded 
There are bodies floating in the water: Plea for help for Mozambique after cyclone hits 
Two powerful cyclones are set to strike Australia simultaneously 
Historic flooding could see food prices skyrocket 
Major Quake hits Spain, shaking buildings 
Rockland county calls Measles state of emergency 
5.2 Quake in Alaska. USGS says prepare for more
5.0 Quake strikes China
Yellowstone is overdue for a massive eruption

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Putin is amassing missile arsenal in warning to Trump and NATO
Iran threatens to build an alliance against the US 
Russian planes carrying troops arrive in Venezuela 
Six injured as rocket hits house in Israel 
Israel has no alternative but to use force against Iran in Syria 
IDF pummels Hamas after one rocket attack too many  
Iron Dome intercepts rockets as attacks continue 
Russia: US Golan move will lead to new tensions 
Qatar spreading radical Islam to a mosque near you 
Hamas:  Iran ordered rocket attack on Israel 
India successfully tests a sattelite-killing missile
DHS tells Americans to prepare to be without the GRID for 6 months
The Pentagon wants to create an army of virus-spreading insects

AntiChrist Beast One World System

Pathway to the Beast: Cashless society merges with social credit system
Pedophile groups are framing Christians for fake sex crimes
Apple, Amazon, and Google, the race for your face (facial recognition systems)
Insurance companies may use social internet posts to determine whether they will insure you
Shocking terminator-like liquid metal developed by Scientists
Michigan is compiling an "Enemies of the State" list 
To protect freedom of speech and democracy, Trump must deal with social media giants 
Judicial watch finds 756 new Security Violations by Hillary Clinton 
Senator Feinstein calling for nationwide gun confiscation  
Socialism: Be careful what you wish for 
Welcome to the UK's Transgender Orwellian nightmare 
Indicator that has predicted every recession for 50 years just lit up 
GOP lawmaker accused of weaponizing name of Jesus in a prayer in front of a Muslim 
The UK is coming apart at the seams. Prepare for civil unrest
The True Origins of the Green Deal
Facebook extends ban on hate speech to white nationalists (that's me!)
Man detained for threat to murder Trump and blow up Pentagon
Google is helping China create a Global Digital Dictatorship 
The UN has taken over New Zealand 
Restricting commerce for only people with the right ideology. It has begun
Search engine manipulation can change the political landscape
A mother ignores doctor when her 2 year old gets better and Child Services send a SWAT team 
George Soros gave 408,000 to Kim Foxx, the prosecutor who dropped charges in the Smollett case 
DeepMind and Google: The Battle to control Artificial Intelligence
Socialism is rooted in godlessness

Signs in the Sky

What's causing the loud booms in Fair Oaks, CA?

Sodom and Gomorrah

United Airlines now offering non-binary titles on all booking forms
Transgender push for puberty blockers in kids causing irreversible damage


Why Millennial parents are exiting the church


Godlessness is reaching epidemic proportions 
First Palestinian congresswoman continues anti-Israel rant 
The Frightening truth about WICCA in the US


Christian Mom receives backlash for telling a Gay man on TV that his lifestyle was a choice
Christian genocide in Nigeria 
San Antonio bans Chick-Fil-A from airport 
Ongoing slaughter of Nigerian Christians receives very little media coverage 
Special report on intense persecution of Christians in Columbia 
James Dobson: Democrat "Equality Bill" targets Christians


US recognizes Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights (This is huge! This could start the Gog-MaGog war)
Israeli leaders say Trump's announcement regarding the Golan Heights is a Purim miracle!

Good News!

Islamic Caliphate has crumbled!
Famous Geophysicist explains why Creation Theory makes sense

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