Friday, April 5, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings precious saints!  Lots of happenings this week. Just when you thought you'd heard it all, more evil rears its ugly head. Keep looking up. We are so close, so very close. I read the story of Lot recently and in  2 Peter 2, he describes how Lot felt living in Sodom.

Lot, a righteous man, who was distressed by the depraved conduct of the lawless, for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard

I feel just like that! Tormented and in complete anguish at the depravity all around me. Do you?
 Come, Lord Jesus!

Things that stood out to me.
  • War is imminent. I believe it will break out between Russia and China against the US. OR The Gog-MaGog war will start. 
  • Yellowstone super volcano is about to blow!
  • Mark of the Beast Tech on the rise
  • Nigerian genocide of Christians and no one says a word
  • Pope makes friends with Islam
  • China on a mission to rid the country of Christians
  • Massive caravan headed for our broken border

Earth Groaning

6.1 Quake strikes off Russian Islands
More than 1 million acres of cropland devastated by floods 
Afghanistan flood death toll at 17
6.1 Quake strikes New Guinea
Alaska temperatures expected to soar 40 degrees above normal this weekend 
Yellowstone Warning! Heat in thermal area stuns geologists 
26 Million at risk as Mexican volcano on brink of eruption 
6.5 quake in Alaska threatens west coast with a tsunami  
April snow falls in North Carolina.. only 2nd time in 100 years

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Trump adviser warns Russia of its military presence in Venezuela
UN Security council strongly condemned US recognition of the Golan Heights 
Israel prepared for Violent clashes in March of Return anniversary
Syria says the US is the main enemy of Arabs
The Russians did a fly-by of Area 51 
Israeli tanks hit Hamas positions in Gaza after rocket fire
Palestinian Jihad reported to be planning an attack on Israel 
US and Israel complete THAAD missile defense drills 
40,000 armed and dangerous Muslim rioters storm Israel's southern border 
Multiple airlines experience system-wide outages across many US airports
Gaza time bomb keeps ticking as both sides delay the inevitable 
Tensions with Russia rise as US counters moves around the globe 

Pence warns Turkey against buying Russian missiles 
Russia positions itself as the final judge in Syria amid Iran-Israeli tensions 
World War 3 is gathering in Venezuela 


The church of Scientology considers Tom Cruise a diety
Dozens of HollyWood stars oppose latest Abortion bill in Georgia which requires to save the baby if a heartbeat is detected. 
Jews afraid to speak out as antisemitism spreads in Hungary 
German Ambassador compares Israel to Hamas 
NBC admits Hillary Clinton used her job as Sec of State to cover up Pedophile rings 
The Sinoloa Drug Cartels are poisoning the drinking water for San Francisco, Sacramento and the Central Valley
Europe plagued by sexual and violent assaults committed by Muslim immigrants and police don't seem to care

Sodom and Gomorrah

The next installment of Mary Poppins should promote LBGTQ rights 
Transgender woman sues McDonalds for using wrong pronoun

Rise of the AntiChrist Beast System

Twitter is considering labeling Trump Tweets that violate rules 
Mexico braces for mother of all caravans from South America to the US 
Google brain implants could mean the end of school (and also the end of your freedom and personality)
Muslims and Christians under Pope unite in prayers against violence
New Zealand goes door to door, confiscating guns 
US Sec of State says the US may support building of third Jewish temple 
IBM lays groundwork for Mark of the Beast Cryptocurrency network
George Soros plotting bloodbath race riots in DC ahead of Midterms
India's "Project Insight" searches Social media for unpaid taxes 
Amazon is leading the march toward a cashless society 
20,000 new guests are coming to dinner. Our border is broken 
DHS Agent reveals real reason for illegal immigration invasion while DHS is ordered to border 
24 Hour Illuminati party called "Get Lost Miami" is the latest installment of New Age Paganism for the Global elites


Israel to decide on April 9th whether Netanyahu stays or goes
The duplicitous double standard of the UN toward Israel 

Signs in the Sky

Meteor lights up skies over Florida with bright flash


Conversion is not your mission, says Pope
Pope meets with Arabs and declares that Jerusalem should never belong solely to the Jews 
Hollywood actress says she loves God but then uses the Bible to promote abortion


70 year old woman punched while praying at church
The Equality Act vs. Religious Freedom. Equality for some but not for all
Christian genocide in Nigeria 
Christian business owners who show evidence of faith could be shut down 
Chinese government offering rewards for reporting Illegal religious activities (home church)
Anti-Christian bigots continue their war on Chick-fil-A
Man Threatens to kill Pro-Trump pastor and burn down Christian churches in the name of Allah
Prominent underground Chinese church remains defiant as gov.shuts down the ministry and interrogates the congregation
UK: Radical Muslims welcomed, Persecuted Christians need not apply

Good news

US redrawing maps of Israel to include Golan Heights 

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