Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, highly loved by God!  I'm actually kind of speechless on this week's news. See for yourself as you peruse the headlines. It seems prophecy is being fulfilled at an alarming rate as this world spirals down into the depths of hell. Very few of us are awake. Even many Christians just go about their lives as though Jesus wasn't coming in their lifetime. That is fine if they are devoted to Him and serving Him as their first love, but if they love this world and the things of this world and are lukewarm in their walk, they will be caught unaware.

During this entire week, Israel is celebrating Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. It began last Friday and goes through this Saturday, with Sunday being the "8th day".  Also the Feast of First Fruits was this week as well (This is the day Jesus rose from the dead).  This is a highly significant time.. a very holy time... and an important time for us to watch for our Lord's return. With all that is going on in the world, let us pray for the lost, for the persecuted, and that the Holy Spirit would open the eyes of more and more people before it is too late.

See you all in the clouds!


AntiChrist One World Beast System,

Notre Dame Fire was no accident!
US Judge rejects parents challenge to mandatory measles vaccine order 
1 in 3 Americans do NOT believe 6 million Jews were butchered in the Holocaust  
Every American city at risk. The Drug cartels and their democratic friends are everywhere
Blood Pressure medicine recalled for 4th time for a cancer-causing ingredient 
Why is AOC (Alexandria O Cortez) calling for a 5th investigation in to Trump? 
The Wikipedia delusion - accepted as fact by Social Media 
FBI arrests leader of a group who were stopping illegal immigrants in New Mexico 
Japanese Government approves human animal hybrids 
Goggle can track you anywhere
It's a woman's right to choose when it comes to abortions, but not for vaccines
The World Bankers, Cabal, and United Nations are developing Megacities as police state haven
Deception of the highest order: Political and educational infiltrators
Declared State of Emergency in Yuma, AZ. Border crises
The Deep State in the US is running for cover 
Google is leading the way in shadow banning Jesus 
The latest invention in the world of Google Tyranny
Major Universities caught issuing fake degrees to illegal aliens and to people who are democrats but who will infiltrate the Republican party
Kamala for President: I will take your gun rights via executive order and allow Boston Marathon bomber to vote
DHS releases 7,000 Illegal immigrants into the US in 5 days



Over 200 killed, hundreds injured as Easter blast rocks Sri Lanka 
Another Christian fired from job after Pro-Bible posts on personal Facebook page
Support groups for parents opposed to "transitioning" must now meet in secret 
Despite blatant religious discrimination, San Antonio says NO to Chick-Fil-A a second time 
US says several Americans were killed in Sri Lanka church bombings 
Churches have become number 1 target for hate attacks 
Christians slaughtered by Islamic militants at Baby dedication in Nigeria 
Death toll in Sri Lanka rises to 310
Woman tackled to the ground after showing up at a San Diego church with a handgun
The World ignores the genocide of Christians in Nigeria 
Minutes after Sunday School Teacher told them they would die for Christ, half were killed in a bomb 
Federal Court punishes Faith-based Foster Care over Biblical views on Marriage 
105 churches are attacked every month

Signs in the Sky

Frustrated pilots finally got NAVY to stop dismissing UFO sightings


Earth Groaning - Quakes, storms, plagues, weather, volcanoes, etc

Flight attendant in coma with the measles 
Taiwan rocked by 6.0 Quake 
Dust storms kill 103 in India and Pakistan 
First case of measles detected in Tenn as part of nationwide plague
Strange virus the cause of paralysis in Minnesota children
Earliest snowfall in Australia in 50 years 
Indonesian volcano erupts, ash rains down on Bali 
Severe weather outbreak in Southern US kills 5
4.5 Quake felt across San Diego
Government silent on global superbug that kills 60% of those infected
5.7 Quake shakes Mexico city
Measles outbreak largest in 25 years 
6.3 Quake strikes Philippines  
Another powerful quake (6.4) strikes Philippines
Ring of Fire coming to life in heavily populated areas
Back to back earthquakes strike off coast of Vancouver Island 
Earth's magnetic pole is moving too fast for Scientists to keep up 
3.6 Quake shakes up Tennessee 
E-coli outbreak linked to ground beef in 156 cases 
6.3 Quake strikes India 
Mozambique faces another powerful cyclone

Wars and Rumors of Wars

N. Korea tested new weapon, wants Pompeo out of talks
US - Russia relations tense.. could lead to conflict   (Wait, I thought Trump was Putin's friend)
Russia's Satan 2 Missile can destroy all of England
The Mexican military is delivering drugs across US borders while assessing our defenses 
85 bomb detonators found in Sri Lanka bus station 
Prelude to Martial law - Multiple mobilizations on our Southern border 
The Cartel takeover of local American Communities 
UN Agency preparing children for war against Israel 
Putin and Kim Jong-un meet and pledge stronger ties
Is there an unprecedented buildup of US War ships in the Middle east?


Palestinians will definitely reject Trump's Peace plan
Israel will soon face new Iranian terrorist challenges 
30% of Israel's children are hungry 
Iran appoints fiery general who vows to destroy Israel 
Tens of thousands attend priestly blessing at Western Wall

Sodom and Gomorrah

Charlize Theron's transgender 7 year old "My job as a parent is to celebrate them"  
Girl expelled for kneeing boy in the groin who was in the school girls' bathroom 
The USA's only all male black college will begin admitting transgender men next year 
New Jersey forcing teachers and students to learn LBGTQ history 
"Gender is how a person feels" Texas school tells students
Your kids are being indoctrinated by Transgender activists
CDC says HIV is exploding among transgender women


Pastor bans kids from private school because mother committed adultery 
Is your church leading you to salvation or condemning you to hell? 
T-shirts that say they support the bible and LBGTQ cause trouble 
Indiana mayor and presidential candidate is a pro-Gay Christian
New York Times writer claims Jesus was not Jewish, but a Palestinian
Church membership in the USA hits historic low 
Thousands of Boy Scout Leaders accused of child sex abuse

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