Monday, April 8, 2019

My Rapture Dream!

I hesitated to share a recent dream I had, but after a few weeks of prayer and talking with the Lord, I feel it will benefit others. First of all, I rarely dream. In fact, I rarely get into a deep enough sleep to dream at all. Secondly my dreams are always weird, bizarre, and usually make no sense (probably a reflection of my brain!) and I also barely remember them. However, I've been asking the Lord for a dream about the rapture for some time now. I've begged him for something encouraging that may give me a clue as to the timing.  Well a little over a week ago, I had a dream. Afterward, I woke up and it was around 3 in the morning and I was so excited, I could hardly get back to sleep.

Here's the dream. (It's a miracle I can remember all of it in such detail!)

I was in a house, but it wasn't my house. There were a group of people in the main living area, but I was in a bedroom working. It looked like I was folding laundry or cleaning my fish tank!  I heard a faint trumpet of Shofar blow. I looked up from what I was doing and listened for it again. It sounded again and was louder.

I ran through the main living area of the house and out the front door. The sky was black, but it wasn't night. Big black storm clouds covered the sky. I heard the Shofar again and I got real excited. I said. "This is it, this is it!"  As I kept looking up, I saw planes start to fall from the sky as if there were no pilots on them. More than one.. it seemed like a dozen or so in my view.

Then I felt my body change. It started to transform into a much younger, stronger, body that had no pain at all in it. I ran back into the house to tell the people. I can't say how many people were there but at least a dozen, maybe more. I told them the rapture was happening.  Some of them were very excited, jumping up and down, but others just shrugged and kept doing whatever they were doing before.

Then the scene changed

I was in the audience of a playroom or studio.  I still had my transformed body. The room was dark and there was a stage lit up and people were putting on a show. The actors were singing and dancing and celebrating sort of like a parade or one of those old variety shows on TV.  In the corner of the stage were the initials CBS, so I remember thinking this was a live TV filming of some show. The seats in the audience were like bleachers in a stadium and they were filled with people who were cheering. However beside me, there was a woman. She was very large, as in obese, and she was sobbing. She dropped her head in her hands and continued crying. I scooted closer to her to try and help her and she looked up and said. "I should have listened to you." Then she went back to crying.

That was the end of the dream.
I remember as I was coming out of the dream, I kept saying I wanted to stay. I didn't want to wake up! I was very very excited.

The next day I remembered the dream in great detail. Which is very unusual in itself. In fact, I can see scenes of it still so clearly in my mind. I consulted with two Holy Spirit filled friends of mine and between them and much prayer, and through what I believe I heard from the Lord, here is the interpretation.

The house I was in represents the church. Not a specific church but the corporate body of Christ.  I was not in the main room of the house because I no longer belong to a church, nor do I consider myself a member of any church or denomination. In fact, I haven't gone to church in over 3 years.  I have been unable to find one in my area that is Holy Spirit filled and preaches the entire Gospel. (I could write a sermon on that, but I won't here)

The Shofar, of course, represents the Trumpet that will be blown at the rapture.
For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. 1 Thess 4:16

The Black Stormy sky represents the coming Tribulation, which will occur right after or even as the rapture takes place

The planes falling from the sky (though they were a confirmation to me during the dream that the rapture was occurring) represent one of three things --  Alien invasion, meteor shower, or Fallen Angels.  We know from Revelation 12 there is a war occurring in heaven right now, but soon Satan and his angels will be cast down to earth.

And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.  7-9

We also know from Revelation that meteors and asteroids will hit the earth during the Tribulation. And the alien invasion is one possible scenario our enemy has planned to deceive the entire world into believing there is no God.

Some of the people in the house were excited and some were not represents that only part of the church will be looking for and excited about the Lord's return. Only some will be living for the Lord when He comes back. The rest are too in love with the world to care.
So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. Rev 3:16

The TV Show - represents the world celebrating that the "religious nuts" holding back society are finally gone. A stage usually represents the world in dreams. The antichrist will rise and bring world peace and everyone will be celebrating and partying.

Update! (04/11/2019) The Lord gave me the meaning of "CBS" in my dream. It doesn't just represent a TV network. He led me to look it up and it stands for "Columbia Broadcast System". So then I looked up Columbia. Washington D.C. is also called the District of Columbia!!!  So, I believe much of the false narrative about the rapture, the deception, and in this case the celebration after we are gone will come out of Washington D.C.! 

So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” Rev 13:4

The Large Woman represents the group of people who called themselves Christians, who thought they were going in the rapture, but who were left behind. Her obese size doesn't represent that she ate too much, but that she had spent her time here on earth pleasing herself and indulging in earthly pleasures instead of loving and serving God and her fellow man.  She will know what happened and she will be horrified, filled with sorrow, and repentant. Her saying "I should have listened to you." wasn't directed at me, but at all of those who are warning others to get right with God because the Lord is coming soon. .

And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. Matt 10:38

Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 1 John 2:15

While the dream didn't give me the timing I was seeking, it confirmed for me what I have believed from Scripture: That not everyone who claims to be a Christian will go in the rapture. that most of the church is not paying attention and doesn't care, and that the world will be rejoicing when we are gone.  However, since this is the very first rapture dream I've ever received, I believe just by giving it to me, the Lord is saying "I'm near. Right at the door!"

Maranantha, Lord Jesus!



  1. I got chills as I read this. I have had a feeling that He is coming soon ever since yesterday.

    1. Really? I've been sensing something too! I hope we are sensing right!! I'm so ready to leave this place!

  2. Goosebumps. Wow. And it totally makes sense to me. Thanks for sharing. 💜🙏💜

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    2. I been having a rapture and after rapture dream and in a mall and people are having fun when all of a sudden the trumpet sounds and people just vanish and many scream where is my baby! What is going on! Planes fall out of the sky and cars crash into each other. The news than says thousands of people were taken by aliens! And many start panicking and blaming each other and saying you never told us about the rapture! The sky is very dark outside meaning the world will become very evil when the rapture happens and the Antichrist will take control. The trumpet is very loud and i thought it was happening!

  3. This is amazing!! Gave me chills.

    Like you, I rarely dream (or remember them) and when I do, they don't make sense. But a few years after my grandpa died I had a clear one. I was sitting in the living room of a house (not my own) and my entire family was there. Aunts, uncles, cousins... but they were in the kitchen and dining room and I could only see movement from where I was on the couch. All of a sudden my gramps was sitting next to me. I was so excited to see him as he was such a loving, gentle, God-filled man that I adored. But he looked at me concerned and said, "Darlin' (his nn for me), I've been allowed here to tell you that it's all true. There's a spiritual warfare going on and you need to tell everyone. Get ready, it's coming." And then he looked at me with love, hugged me, and I went to call for my family and he was gone. They all walked back into the room chatting with each other not having a clue what had just happened and when I woke up, I was left feeling like I was given a divine message.

    What you're doing here is very much needed. My husband and I read your blog posts and talk about them all the time. We haven't been to church in many years because of the same reason I suspect you don't go. But we don't go a day without our Bible study, prayer, and current events. Our teenage sons are so on fire for God compared to other teens I see involved in church. I have no regrets other than what I see happening in the world.

    Thank you!

    1. Wow.. a very moving dream, Lissa! How long ago was this? Amazing. Not many people get dreams of their loved ones who are in heaven. Amazing! Thank you also for your kind words. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is benefiting from the work I do here. Yes, I belong to an online church and also watch lots of great sermons on Youtube, plus I'm in the Word every day and of course prayer all the time. I would be doing this whether I was going to regular church or not. So COOL your sons are on fire for God! This is because they learned about him from YOU... and saw you and your husband love the Lord with all your heart! That's how we can get kids on fire for God... !!!

  4. Do you think “ aliens” are demons? I have always heard that from other Christians.
    Awesome dream!

    1. Yes! No doubt. Satan and his demons pretend to be aliens go get people interested in them. Plus I believe the Great deception Jesus talks about at the end will be Aliens coming to our planet and telling people they are the ones who put us here and there is no God. Of course they won't be from outerspace at all, but demons in disguise.

  5. Wow! I have no doubts He is coming soon!
    Thank you for sharing MaryLu!
    Blessings, Tina

  6. As you I have found no Spirit Filled , Full Gospel Church near me. Recently, I told a brother about a dream I had 17 years ago, where I was in a big white house and fell from a doorway and in it were my ex and my two sons at the time and I was falling into dark space with stars, I remember being afraid of falling. Yet that very day a lady (african american was singing a hymn next to me) This was while I was in the hospital for my accident. I remember hearing her singing and this woke me. I flung back the curtain and smiled at her and asked her what she was singing, as I had never heard the song before. She said it was a hymn her mother had taught her and she apologized for waking me. I told her she had woken me from what I perceived as a nightmare of falling. She smiled and went back to singing softly. My spirit filled Brother said that the Big White house was the institutionalized Church and I was to come out of her or would come out of her. I did come out of her long ago when my Dad took us from a baptist church not teaching the truth to having a homechurch with others and its been a daily walk in learning more about God and just walking with him. 2 years ago I lost my Pastor and Best Friend when the Lord called him home. 6 months later lost my Father when the Lord called him home. And As Marylu knows I 9 months ago lost my husband from living in our home due to mental illness. God removes things and people from your life to draw you close to him, to make you depend on him and him only. I am thankful that He called me out of the church, I miss fellowship for sure, but see so many as you stated that are not watching and will not be ready when the Lord comes for us. I find myself daily in the Word, daily worshipping in song and praise and daily I seek to speak the truth to my children in the things of the Lord. I want to take them with me when the Shofar blows and I want them to love God more then anything. Daily I read Bible to my Son Daniel and he comes to me now to be read to and I have him read as well to me. We are in the last days, things have become so evil all around us and we need to stand for what is godly and right. We need to be holy, walk uprightly and stay spotless from sin. We surely need to encourage each other daily while it is yet called today.
    Since the age of 10, I have dreamed dreams that " come true " as others would say, far too many to not heed the warnings of them.
    I have prayed for specific things or signs from the Lord and seen them fulfilled in my own life and in the lives of others.
    I am praying for answers, for the Lord to rain down on me blessings in this life in anytime that we have yet here.
    I love that you shared this dream, I do not share my own dreams to the public , but my family, my children know i have dreams and this brother in the Lord says that I have the gift of prophecy... So often I have felt that I may have the gift of healing through prayer and he says I may have, but I just pray and do not speak of those prayers. I know that the Holy Spirit Comes upon me and is with me when things are his will...
    To me being raise baptist we never learned such things, but I believe now that He is a giver of dreams and revelation to those that believe and to those that call upon Him.
    Linda Marie Finn
    Faithful Acres Body Soul Spirit

    1. Thank you, Linda! What a great testimony! And a wonderful dream all those years ago. God has certainly blessed you with many gifts! I'm sorry for all your loses and for your troubles... but soon, very soon, God will wipe every tear from our eyes. :-)

  7. Thank you MaryLu for your words and dreams. I have had dreams also and know they were heavenly based . And you know when it is from God. I see all that is going on in this world, the crazy weather,the hatred of people against people and wonder how much longer is God going to allow this to go on. And that will be when the Rapture begins and we will know and I pray I am not like that lady crying . My biggest fear since I became a Christian was to be vomited out of Christ mouth , a lukewarm mealy mouthed person that is detestable to Him who I love. You are right about the churches. My church is going todo a series on sermons on stewardship. I felt like standing up and saying --why not on saving those who do not know Christ as their Savior!
    But as the Pastor is my son in law-- I kept quiet and will pray for him. I love your post and need them . Love you MaryLu 🙏🏻🙏🏻💕💕💕

    1. I doubt you could ever be lukewarm for Jesus, Elsie! I have never met you in person, but your love for Him shines through everything you say. Sorry about your son in law pastor, but I understand why you must remain quiet. prayers are powerful!!

  8. I am so glad my church is Spirit-filled, Gospel-believing. It is a rare one. I love the posts!! I have learned so much.

  9. Thank you for sharing! I'm watching and waiting with you. And yes, God is near! And it is in our pain and struggles that the veil to see the Truth and Him and his works becomes clearer.

    1. Thank you, Katy Lee! I agree... ofttimes we only truly see the Lord when we are going through struggles.

  10. Wow, lots of things to be praying about and looking forward to as His People! I can also relate to having trouble finding a church that truly seeks Him and preaches His Word without reserve. My husband and I have been very blessed to find a wonderful, Spirit-filled congregation where we are currently living! If you are able, I would encourage you to try a Calvary Chapel. We are attending our city's Calvary Chapel and love it. They preach the Bible book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse and I have truly been so blessed by that take on teaching the Word. We have often visited other Calvary Chapels when we were on vacation and this is how all of them operate and the fellowship and every single CC is always so sweet and spirit-filled!

    Thank you again for being bold enough to share! I am praying for more growth in His Kingdom and we get closer every day to His return!!

    1. Thank you, Katie! And thanks for the church recommendation. I agree that MOST Calvary Chapels are wonderful! I've been to a few of them. Unfortunately the one near where I live is pastored by a man who is not a Godly man in my opinion. There's an entire story around that which I'm not at liberty to tell. Makes me very sad. We went there for several years. But I agree about most of them!

  11. please watch my rapture dreams too .. at