Friday, May 3, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, Warriors of the Most High! I pray you had a blessed and productive week!  Life goes on, doesn't it, and some days if I don't think about it, it seems the world is not as evil as I know it is. But then I look at the news.  This is only a sampling of what went on this week. We are there, people! We are nearing the finish line. Israel will turn 71 years old on May 14th. We are the generation who has witnessed the rebirth of Israel. In 2016 the average worldwide life span was 72 years old. Jesus said the rapture would happen before this generation passed away.

Don't give up. Instead, pray up and look up! And listen for that trumpet!

Is God collectively warning us through disturbing dreams and visions?

AntiChrist Beast System

New Zealand and France determine to tackle "extremism" on social media  (that's us, folks)
America is now 72 Trillion in debt. That's 220,000 for every person
Why the Liberal media doesn't show sympathy for murdered Christians
American cities run by the Left are joining 3rd world countries with filth and squalor
Microsoft colluding with Chinese to build AI system that will execute people who resist government rule
The 4 step plot to remove Trump from office 
A tale of two Somalis in Congress and their dark upbringing 
Under the cover of Measles, The CDC is mobilizing for a fake Ebola Pandemic 
Oxford Professor claims Aliens are already here on earth breeding with humans (He's right. They are Nephilim)
Beto: We have only 10 years left to address climate change (False. This is a lie from the pit of hell. Read Inconvenient Facts by Gregory Wrightstone.  They are using this false idea of climate change to scare people into giving up their rights)
Big Tech Giants are unifying their censorship efforts against conservatives and independent media
Trump's Executive Order indirectly warns America to prepare for a UN Red Dawn invasion
A leaked FBI report reveals Antifa and the Cartels have conspired to plan extreme violence at the borders
Multiple and potential pandemics are crossing the US southern border daily
Anti-Semitic attacks spike, killing more Jews in decades
Grade School bans "God Bless America"

Signs in the Sky

NASA chief warns of potential significant asteroid hit on Earth in our lifetime

Earth groaning

Iran is facing the worst Locust attack in 40 years
13 Killed, hundreds injured during hailstorm in Uganda 
Extremely dangerous cyclone about to make landfall in Mozambique  
Measles outbreak quarantines two Los Angeles universities 
New concerns as Ring of Fire coming to life in heavily populated areas 
49 Dead and 170,000 affected as Cyclone hits Mozambique
Rare snowstorm hits Chicago, breaking 109 year old record
Hundreds of dead animals found in Texas 
Massive flood hits Ottawa, Canada, breaking records 
A plague of 1 million locusts descend on Saudi Arabia 
More than 100 million in the path of a cyclone expected to hit India 
Brutal storm unleashes damage across the US, creating 25 Tornadoes and flooding


Self-Proclaimed Christian Minister tells New York Times the Crucifixion story is nuts and didn't happen 
The False God of Feelings: Major Buttigieg's Pro-Gay Christianity 
Pastor promotes smoking Pot, Says Weed makes it easier to worship 
Witches are infiltrating churches at an alarming rate 
Drag performance held at Methodist church


Elderly woman barred from reading A Charlie Brown's Christmas to children
Catholic Military man banned from selling apples at Farmers' Market because of religious beliefs 
Media turns a blind eye as Islamic militants step up their genocide of Christians in Nigeria 
Churches have become the number 1 target of hate groups 
Islamic plot to rewrite history: Jesus was a Palestinian 
America's Largest Christian Adoption agency being forced to adopt to same sex couples 
1 dead 3 injured in California Synagogue shooting 
More Terrorist bombs explode in Sri Lanka during raid 
Chinese authorities blow up Christian Megachurch with dynamite 
Christians and Jews should all be locked up, according to a speaker at Harvard Diversity conference 
Sri Lanka warns more attacks are coming 
Enraged citizens rip the NYTimes for an antisemitic cartoon 
Dangerous rise of Anti-Semitism all over the world, including the church 
Freedom from Religion foundation wants 10 Commandments removed from Ohio school 
6 people killed in an African church, including pastor and his 2 sons 


IRS Officially recognizes The Satanic Temple as a church
California Universities teaching students that unborn babies are like cancer 
An Evil so great, America may never recover 
The number 1 Criminal activity that supports the Cartel and Terrorists:  Child Trafficking  
UCLA is offering exotic dancing as a class for co-eds 
Kansas Supreme court strikes down a ban on gruesome dismemberment abortions
Chilling terror plot in Long Beach thwarted 
2 dead, 4 injured in shooting in North Carolina 
Police stop a murder-suicide attack in an elementary school in Cumberland County 
Satan Worship is on the rise in pop culture

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Leaders Of North Korea and Russia meet to form an anti-US alliance 
Russia launches new Doomsday Supersub 
US might preemptively strike Russia and China with space weapons 
ISIS cells plotting enemy attacks against US 
Massive amounts of terrorists streaming across the Southern US Border 
Clashes/Riots/Violence rock Venezuela as Guaido and Maduro vie for power 
Russia has secretly installed nuke missiles in Venezuela  
Armageddon rioting breaks out in Paris
Pompeo: Military action is possible in Venezuela

Sodom and Gomorrah

Nevada now allows Gender X on Driver's licenses  
Canada releases a Gay Coin to celebrate LBGTQs
One in SIX Americans ages 14-49 have genital herpes 
Canadian court forbids father to call his daughter a girl
Bethany Christian services to allow LBGTQ to adopt
Where have all the real men gone? The feminization of the American Male 
Four Virginia school systems claim there are thousands of Transgender students 
California Preps graphic Sex-Ed with bondage, blood=play and K-3 Gender Queer
2nd Drag Queen Story hour in Houston exposed as convicted sex-offender 
Pre-Teen drag queens reveal how low our culture has gone

Good News

The Stunning flash of light at the moment of conception
Alabama overwhelmingly approves abortion ban!

Don't know Jesus?  How to be saved

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