Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, Precious beloved by God!  I pray your week was full of blessing and peace from our Lord and Savior who gives hope and joy even in the midst of trials.  As the world grows more evil, let us keep our focus on things above, which is where our real home is. For me, having a short-timers attitude helps me to handle life's storms with more grace, faith, hope, and patience than I thought possible. Why? Because no matter what you are going through, God's got it! He's in control and He promises to work ALL things out for your good in the end. Also, you won't care one bit about any of these struggles when you walk through those pearly gates!!  So, be encouraged!

What stood out to me
  • War is coming. They won't tell you this on the news, but War with Iran is coming. Also the Gog-Magog war is imminent (See Ezekiel 38). 
  • Earthquakes increasing
  • Christian persecution is increasing
  • The Deep State is starting to talk a lot about UFOS (Not aliens but these are demon Nephilim which will deceive the entire world)
  • We are being increasingly censored!
  • Pope calls for One World Government. (Can you say False Prophet?)

I did add some good news at the end!
Have a wonderful weekend!  And Happy 71st Birthday to Israel!!

Earth Groaning

Earthquake swarm strikes deadly caldera, sign of Yellowstone eruption?
Tropical Cyclone kills 15 as it hovers over Bangledesh 
Black Death Pandemic fears after disease found on plane 
Pig Ebola virus sends shock waves through Global food chain
Alabama reports first case of measles
28 Hippos found dead in Ethiopia's National park
Six Earthquakes rock the US Western coast 
Ebola deaths in Congo top 1000 
Flooding from Michigan to the South damages homes and sends Mississippi river to a 157 year high 
Historic Mississippi flooding could extend through June 
5.8 Quake strikes Japan
No longer a matter of IF but WHEN the Oroville dam will fall 
7.2 Quake strikes Papua New Guinea 
Nature is declining at an unprecedented rate 
A tectonic plate may have peeled apart and could shrink the Atlantic Ocean 
Florida invaded by millions of bugs, turning skies black 
Apocalytic sandstorm turns day into night in Mildura, Australia

Wars and Rumors of Wars

North Korea fires short range missiles
Ron Paul says War in Venezuela will begin with a false flag event in America 
Fighting in Southern Tripoli kills 187, 1000 injured 
Gaza/Israel hostilities flare with rocket attacks and air strikes 
US Deploys aircraft carriers and bombers to the Middle East 
Russian foreign minister warns US to stay out of Venezuela or face grave consequences 
Israel says Iran is behind recent rocket attacks
Over 700 Rockets fired from Gaza to Israel, leaving 4 dead
Putin warns America about potential Red Dawn invasion from the south
Israel and Gaza reach cease fire agreement and tense calm 
Russia airbase in Syria shelled by dozens of rockets
Aircraft carrier sent to the Middle East after indications Iran planned attack on US forces
Hamas and Islamic Jihad say they are very close to open war with Israel
Israel army planning ground invasion into Gaza 
B-52s added to aircraft Carrier strike group rushing to the Middle East 
Iran moving ballistic missiles by boat 
Nuclear Deal with Iran is crumbling 
Palestinian leader calls recent hostilities live fire drill for an upcoming war 
450,000 ISIS raised kids are a ticking time bomb for a violent future 
On the brink of war with Iran yet most Americans don't seem to care


The Persecution of Christians is approaching Genocide levels
Muslims tell Christians: We tried warning you. It's time to wake up about threat of Radical Islam 
Church services at Sri Lanka capital cancelled after bomb threats 
Scripture removed from school retaining wall following complaint 
Boko Haram kidnaps pastor and church goers on their way to evangelize and deliver aid 
Terrified by spread of Christianity Iranian Politician orders mass interrogation of Christians 
Colorado school shooter: "I hate all these Christians who hate gays" 
Hindu extremists launch brutal attack on Christians during prayer meeting 
Pennsylvania school drops "God Bless America" from pledge


Former Mega-church pastor renounces faith on Instagram and Twitter
Pete Buttigieg democrat running for President says God could not be a Republican 
Baptist minister says American churches should reject literalism and say we got it wrong on Gays
Spirit of Jezebel is waging war against the American church

Signs in the Sky

Mysterious booms and rumblings and strange sounds baffle people across the globe
Square sun? Hologram Grid in our sky? check out this video! 
NASA prepares for the arrival of a huge asteroid called "God of chaos"  
Navy sets up new system to report UFOs but they will NOT release findings 
Solar Flare erupts-largest in nearly 2 years


Alabama lawmaker defends abortion "You kill them now or kill them later"  
Like other Leftist cities, the Portland police are not not answering calls 
Giants roamed the earth as evidenced by massive skeletons found across the earth. (Nephilim)
Teacher gets to keep job despite having sex with 14 year old girl when he was a priest 
Colorado school shooting. 1 dead, 8 injured 
FBI has 850 Open investigations into domestic terrorism

AntiChrist Beast System

High School may erase mural of George Washington because it traumatizes students  Good grief
Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones and others banned from Facebook and Instagram
American School children forced to praise the blood of martyrs  
The Canadian government is now a dangerous Big Brother 
How long before social media completely bans conservatives? 
SEC Gives permission to MasterCard to deny service to conservatives
Facebook is involved in activities that every Christian should find dangerous
Ex-NSA agent reveals the Globalists and their secret  agenda 
Britain edges toward a cashless future while Sweden (the pioneer of a cashless society) warns citizens to hoard banknotes 
The humans in this AI video look real!
Pope pushes for Global Authority
Pope pushes for One World Government
US Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib support Hamas over Israel 
Dangerous new censorship: Facebook introduces Link Banning 
New Zealand and Australia have fallen to the Globalists
Controlled Speech, controlled thinking, mind control, stealing elections and blind obedience
The First Amendment is dead in Hayes County, Texas
Democrat running for President believes people should be jailed for not turning in their guns
Facebook takes no action on the State Representative who threatened teenage pro-lifers on video
Instagram to fact check and remove Memes 
Chinese Government details almost 2 million Muslims in Internment camps 
Half of Americans are on some kind of prescription drug 
CNN facing major layoffs as the public tires of endless propaganda
Deep State Fake polls are designed to sway public opinion

Sodom and Gomorrah

Is America ready for a Gay president?  (I believe we already had one. Just saying)
Presidential candidate and  his gay husband featured on cover of Time
10 year old claims to be neither boy or girl 
Transgenders sue Tenn in effort to have birth certificate changed 
Utah distiller unveils Gay-Themed Five Husbands Vodka for pride festival 
Bud Light releasing Rainbow bottles to celebrate Pride month 
Converse launches LGBT shoe line with Pre-Teen drag kid 
The MET Gala Fashion show reveals how corrupt and immoral our society really is

Good News

Ancient stone table reveals King David was real!
Florida teens stranded in the ocean prayed for rescue and were saved by boat named "Amen"  
Trump calls on Americans to use the power of prayer to end violence and preserve religious liberty
Pro-Life Rally held in Times Square!
The Plagues of Egypt proved! 
Christians turn Red Alert app into Call to prayer every time rockets are launched into Israel



  1. Don't forget about the Equality Act that the Democrats are trying to pass. Our religious freedom is in definite peril should it pass.
    I love seeing more "good news" at the end of these posts.

    1. Ah yes... that one. We need to pray against it.
      I try to find good news, I really do... Some weeks are better than others. LOL Hugs!