Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, Precious and beloved saints!  Here's this weeks batch of prophetic events. There were so many, I had to cut back for lack of time. Things are definitely heating up. For those of us watching, we feel it in our bones. It's like the world is sitting on a powder keg about to blow.

What struck me most were the increasing tensions in the Middle East between the US and Iran. Not many news sources are reporting this, except in passing, but it sure looks like war may break out at any moment. If so, I wonder how that will lead into the Gog-MaGog war of Ezekiel 38 since all the players are present and accounted for.

Also, though I didn't link to any articles here, and at the risk of getting political, it looks like the tables might be turning on those who accused Trump of Russian collusion, and in particular, those who broke laws in their attempt to thwart our Presidential election. This is huge stuff and far worse than Watergate with Nixon. Should indictments come down, I believe our country could end up in a civil war. I hope to God that doesn't happen but so many people have been deceived by our lying media.

Aside from that, see for yourself. Lots of quakes are rattling our world, Satanism is on the rise, the church in America is almost dead, and Christians are being persecuted by the thousands. Not to mention we are now in the 71st year of Israel's rebirth! 

Hang on tight! We are almost home.
Have a blessed weekend!

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Iran strike on Israel imminent?
Trump imposes fresh sanctions on Iran: Don't restart your Nuke program! 
South China Sea erupts as Japan, US, India, and Philippines launch challenge to Beijing
Iran War Alert !
US seizes North Korean ship suspected of violating sanctions
North Korea launches 2 more missiles after previous launch 
US warns merchant ships of possible Iranian attacks in the Middle East 
US deploys B-52 bombers to Qatar
Trump's Top Military advisers held secret meeting at CIA on Iran 
Iran has the means and will for worldwide catastrophe should Trump attack 
Iran warns US-- You will face dozens of missiles 
US-China tensions erupt after Trump orders Tariffs on Chinese goods
US and North Korea fire missiles within minutes of each other
US sends yet another warship to the Middle East amid tensions
ISIS using Instagram to incite Jihad against the West 
Trump administration prepares multiple military options for Iran
Bolton beats war drums in US-Iran standoff
Britain wars US of unintended escalation as Trump sends bombers to middle east 
China calls for People's war on US as Trump raises tarriffs 
Trump warns Iran against any action saying they will suffer greatly 
Islamic Jihad leader expects war to break out with Israel next summer 
Saudi oil tankers hit by sabotage attacks as tensions soar
Venezuela general tells military officers, it's time to rise up
Israel warns of attacks on Israel if tensions between the US and Iran escalate
10,000 Palestinians riot at Gaza-Israel border with violence and flames 
FBI discovers major terrorist training camp in Alabama 
Iran vows to defeat American-Zionist alliance as tensions rise 
US State Dept orders all non-emergency personnel to leave Iraq

Sodom and Gomorrah

Presidential candidate and his husband vow to protect LBGTQ rights
California Sex-ed guidelines promote LBGT agenda as early as Kindergarten 
Sexuality textbook suggests students take field trips to preschools to observe sexual behavior. 
Marvel studios plan to reveal one of its characters is gay 
Primary school renames mother's day so as not to offend anyone 
Cartoon male character marries a man in latest season of "Arthur"
Court punishes parents for misgendering their child


Planned parenthood activists harass pro-life students 
Denver de-criminalizes Magic mushrooms 
CNN: Unborn babies are not human 
What you need to know about the newly minted Satanic Temple religion 
Denver not considering demonic ramifications when legalizing psychedelics 
Teachers speaking Islamic blessings in Washington's School districts 
Thousands of demon-possessed dolls sold on Etsy

AntiChrist Beast System

The Alt Media will soon be gone along with Trump and the Constitution
American colleges turning into liberal radical brainwashing institutions 
No room for differing opinions on social media 
Microsoft is poised to commit the biggest election theft in history
Kamala Harris tells Social Media to stifle conservatives or else 
Trans Children and Parental rights. How the Government can take your children away 
We have 5 years before the US national debt spirals past the point of no return 
Facebook caught sending creepy subliminal messages to users  
Trump declares a national emergency that appears to target China tech giant
Should China dump US bonds, chaos will occur in global markets
Globalists are bringing their one-world currency plans into the open
As next US election looms, Twitter suspends more conservative accounts


Israel celebrates its 71st Birthday with fireworks, air shows, and ceremonies
Minor earthquake felt throughout Israel


Texas CHRISTIAN college votes to ban Chick-Fil-A 
Five False Gospels within the Evangelical church 
Democratic lawmaker:  God does not belong in Congress 
Pat Roberson says Abortion laws have gone too far in banning abortions 
Matt Chandler warns that the church is no longer about discipleship but about being entertained 
The church as we know it in the west is about to die


Faculty Chair compares on-campus Chick-Fil-A to selling porn in the college bookstore 
VA Hospital Bible Display faces federal lawsuit by Atheists 
Nancy Pelosi's "Equality Act" will threaten religious freedom 
Priest told to pay 2900 or face terror attack on his church 
Texas A&M say that White Christian Nationalists (that's me!) are the greatest threat to America 
Why are so many Christians being persecuted? 
Gunman opened fired at Mass, killing 6, including a priest 
Rugby player found guilty of high level breach of contract for posting Bible verses 
Churches hold mass in ashes after church is burned down 
Twitter banned psychologist for tweeting his clinical opinions on Transgenders 
Corey Booker curses prayer during an interview with CNN

Earth Groaning

May Snowstorm breaks 117 year record in Minnesota 
Measles outbreak in Europe spreading at an alarming rate
6.3 Quake jolts Japan
Scientists warn of Imminent Megaquake to strike Japan 
Indonesian volcano erupts again
The Indian ocean is spawning deadlier cyclones than ever 
Cyclone Lili barrels toward Indonesia 
More than 500,000 at risk in drought plagued Namibia 
Yellowstone super volcano recently had eruptive lava flows 
Intense heat waves claim 111 lives in India 
Millions under threat of flood from Texas to Arkansas 
CDC names 8 diseases that could spark a pandemic 
Strong Earthquake rattles Costa Rica 
4th minor earthquake strikes Texas within a month 
7.7 Quake strikes New Guinea!
Get ready for more back to back heat waves
Louisiana declares statewide emergency as Mississippi continues to rise 
Ebola epidemic out of control in Africa 
Middle of the US on high alert for severe weather outbreak

Good news

Kendrick Castillo - boy hero who lost his own life saving others in the Colorado school shooting 
Chick-Fil-A is 3rd largest fast food chain in the US and growing daily, despite bad press 
Massive Super Station radio sending message of Jesus to isolated North Korea!
Heartbeat laws could ban most abortions across the Deep South!

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