Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings beloved of the Most High!  Here's the latest and greatest news from a prophetic perspective!

The Earth is rattling, persecution is increasing, the globalists are on the move, immorality is high, and we are about to go to war.  In addition Trump's Middle East Peace plan is soon to be revealed... some say as early as the first week in June.  Could this be the "covenant with many" spoken of by Daniel the Prophet?  The one the Antichrist makes? Time will tell.

In the meantime, don't be alarmed. God is in control and on the throne and His promises are sure and trustworthy. Besides, He's crazy about you!

Earth groaning

El Salvador 6.2 Quake
4.4 Quake rattles Oklahoma 
Is Germany's active volcano wakening? 
Scientists:  5 Billion will die if Yellowstone erupts and the US will be erased from the map 
100 Dead sharks wash up on Wales' beach 
Tornadoes destroy homes across Southern Plains even before the worst weather arrives 
Prophet Perry Stone was shown that both the East and West coasts of the US will be hit by giant tsunamis  
6.8 Quake strikes off coast of Australia
Scientists say Earth's rotation is slowing and that will cause major tremors
Total catastrophe for US corn producers will affect us all 
Severe storms unleash flooding and dozens of tornadoes 

Wars and Rumors of Wars

US - Iran relations on knife's edge
Top Iranian general tells militias to prepare for Proxy War 
Saudi paper urges US to strike Iran 
Threat of attack raised by the UK, putting troops on alert 
Syrian air defense intercept projectiles coming from Israel 
Congress: If Iran attacks, there will be war 
Bahrain asks citizens to leave Iraq and Iran Immediately 
The Trump administration has already built its case for the Iran war 
Trump vows to end Iran if it threatens US again 
Iran accelerates production of enriched Uranium as tensions rise 
Iran tests Trump with little attacks in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the Persian Gulf 
Tensions erupt as US Warships sail into the South China sea 
US sees signs Damascus may have used chlorine gas in Idlib, threatens quick response
UN arms official says risk of nuclear war at its highest since World War 2
Russian bombers intercepted off the coast of Alaska


Rabbi claims recent earthquake in Israel is birthpang of the Messiah
The disturbing radical anti-Israel lessons in Palestinian text books
Trump Team preparing the ground for peace plan rollout

Sodom and Gomorrah

Ex-Lesbian warns of Transgender mindset takeover
Taiwan approves same-sex marriage
Charter School wants 5 year olds to be liberated at Gay pride event
Middle school in North Carolina celebrates Drag Queens

Rise of AntiChrist Beast System

Texas woman forced off life-support by "Death panel" 
China's new Social Credit system is a dystopian nightmare 
Russia to set up Fake News Database 
Canadians forced to sponsor Government media while alternative voices are silenced
4 in 10 Americans embrace Socialism 
It's time for California parents to defy the law 
Hundreds of Respected Scientists sound the alarm about 5G as Networks go up worldwide 
Liberals want to dismantle the family so they can destroy capitalism
A teacher is fired for expressing pro-Constitutional views
Senator Feinstein is an agent for communist China
Why are the Global Elite hoarding gold in record amounts? 
President Pelosi's coming FEMA camp incarcerations  
German States are passing Gestapo like police laws
What Progressives actually mean by tolerance  

Signs in the Sky

Strange sounds heard in Romania and India
Christ-like figure appears in skies over Argentina


The coming civil war over abortion
Bernie Sanders declares Abortion is a constitutional right 
Suicide rates rising among young girls 
Florida woman accused of threatening a mass shooting at an elementary school 
Sick Video game urges the murder of journalists


Malaysian authorities foil huge terror plot against Christians 
Eight Republicans join Democrats to pass a bill which is an all out assault on faith 
Rugby panel fires star player over Bible verse quote 
Gay democratic candidate Buttigieg compares Christians to Islamic Extremists and calls VP Pence fanatical 
Christian athletes being purged for posting Bible verses on social media 
Supreme court is deciding whether a Christian student will be forced to recite an Islamic prayer in school 
Democrats remove "So help me God" from oath 
Nigerian pastor and 16 worshipers kidnapped by gunmen 
The Equality Act passed by Congress will cause severe persecution for Christians. 
It goes far beyond allowing men into women’s sports and locker rooms, as bad as that is. It provides the state with the power to persecute anyone who won’t celebrate any aspect of the LGBTQ agenda.
Delaware County Church Vandalized with Abortion rights graffiti 


Why is an Episcopal church hosting Islamic Anti-Israel speakers?

Good News

Agnostic teens surrender to Jesus in stunning street evangelistic video!
Five states have passed strict anti-abortion laws 

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  1. Thank you MaryLu for posting this every Friday! It just gets worse each week, but if not for your hard work of gathering this information, we would not know half Of what is going on. It just makes me cringe and want to read God's more of His word to seek His truth, I am so worried for our young people and what is being taught in school. Or the little ones in kindergarten,with their young impressional minds, being told if they feel like a girl or boy it is ok. They are still babies and don't need that junk forced on them! The world that we know is becoming a world that is full of evil and corruption. I fear for the little ones an fear for the people who don't know God or care to know Him! Am I salty enough or is my light bright enough-- I pray that they are and perhaps just perhaps I can show someone the Christ with in me!