Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, precious saints and watchers. I pray your week was full of the joy that can only come from our Lord. He is at the door! He is excitedly waiting for the Father to give Him the signal to come get us out of this evil world!  Every time I research for these Friday posts, I cannot believe how quickly the world is falling into darkness. See for yourself below.

By the way, in case you didn't know it, June is LBGTQ Pride month. I find it interesting that they use the word "pride". Wasn't it Pride that caused the fall of Lucifer?  God hates pride. Pride speaks for self and self-will. Pride shakes its fist at anyone who tries to tell it what to do. It is completely Anti-God, and will cause the destruction of those who don't repent.

The Single Greatest sign of the End times

Rise of the AntiChrist Beast System

YouTube blocked teachers who posted archive videos of Hitler
Germany 1933 or Europe 2019?
Facebook flags post on Christian prayer as hate speech
When Europe is no longer Europe: The Irreversible decline 
Globalists are preparing to use food as a weapon
Mandatory vaccines are back!
American "Sanctuary" cities are being divided up by Drug Cartels
Social Justice Warriors threaten every conservative college student
California providing Free health care for Illegal aliens while ignoring citizens. (This is true. I live in CA. and we pay an enormous amount for mediocre health care)
Another conservative is banned from social media without cause or due process
Bio-tech companies raising an army of lobbyists whose job it is to impede investigations into their free speech violations
As Ebola virus emerges, Gov will use FEMA camps to isolate the infected. 
Upgrade your memory with a surgically implanted chip
New AI is catching people cheating on their diets, school work, and job searches
America is being transformed into a dangerous Narco-terrorist state by design 
Pinterest insider says company censors Bible Verses and Christian terms

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Trump just poked the dragon in the eye and US-China relations took a turn for the worse 
ISIS has found a new home and prepares to strike the US 
Israel is carrying out preemptive strikes at Iran in Syria
Oil prices hike after tankers attacked and heightened US-Iran tensions
Israel strikes Gaza targets after more rocket fire
Lebanon drone invades Israeli airspace
Putin says US-Russian relations are getting worse and worse

Earth Groaning

Extreme heat wave in India killing off monkeys
More than 700 quakes in Southern CA since May 25 
Mississippi river flood longest lasting since 1927 
The Ebola invasion of the US is about to begin 
Russian volcano showing signs of wakening... could cause massive destruction 
Mississippi River hits Dangerous flood levels 
Rare earthquake strikes near Cleveland Ohio 
Huge column of ash erupts in sky as Indonesian Volcano sends residents into panic 
Earthquakes rattle east Tennessee
Biblical swarm of locusts destroy 500 acres of crops in Sardinia
Geologists publish terrifying odds of a Yellowstone eruption in our lifetime 
700 Quakes hit a key CA seismic zone 
Unprecedented weather chaos. 120 degrees in the West, record floods in the east
300,000 evacuated in India as cyclone approaches

Sodom and Gomorrah

Man files $70 million lawsuit against Bible publishers over homosexual verses
Thousands expected for Indianapolis Gay pride parade 
Transgender PC push means an end to fairness in women's sports 
Congressional candidate in VA admits he's a pedophile 
1 MILLION new STDs diagnosed every DAY in the world 
Ahead of Jerusalem Pride parade, police recruiting transgender officers 
Louisville, Kentucky declares June 10-17th. Pride Week.
Budweiser celebrates Asexual, grey-sexual, and demi-sexual pride. Huh?
Wisconsin governor orders Rainbow flag to fly on state capitol building for first time in history 
Botswana decriminalizes homosexuality in landmark ruling 
Medicaid to begin covering sex-transition surgeries 
Cartoon network promotes LBGT pride month and tells kids to stand proud 
Pride flag replaces POW/MIA flat at Montgomery county executive building 
Teen Vogue magazine advises 16 year old how to get an abortion without parents' permission


Spike Lee calls for Hollywood to shut down all filming in GA over heartbeat bill 
Lawmaker: Chick-fil-A logo might as well say "We hate Gay people" 
Christian school in northern CA hit with Swat Style raid and the state now demanding they be licensed and hence allow students to explore sexual options.
Pastor arrested in Canada for preaching against Homosexuality
Christian florist who refused to work on Gay wedding loses again in court 
Students in Australian school penalized for not wearing pro-LBTG clothing 
The persecution of Christians in Palestine 
Messianic believers come under fire in Israel 
Christian baker faces third lawsuit over his refusal to bake a "transition" cake 
Officials bulldoze Christian school and detain children in India 
Christian florist takes her case to the Supreme Court
Pro-life group "Live Action" permanently banned from Pinterest for spreading hate
Boy Scouts in Michigan infiltrated by Islamists 
Boko Haram issues warning to Christians in Nigeria. Leave or die
Presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand says Christian beliefs are not allowed and pro-lifers are racists and anti-Semites \
Chinese Christians memorize Bible in prison. They can't take away what's in your heart


54% of religious Jews support gay marriage and partnership
Sweden's first openly-gay bishop says Christians and Muslims worship the same God 
Christians surprise Gay Pride parade with signs Apologizing for Christian anti-gay views. 
Progressive churches now pushing LBGT agenda 
Church money to be used to fund LBGT events

Signs in the Sky

Jupiter will be so close in June, you can see its moons with binoculars
Football-field sized asteroid could hit earth this year 
Meteor shower this month could have dangerous stowaways 
A mass 5 times the size of Hawaii found under a moon crater 
Men film glowing snakelike UFO before it disappears  
NASA admits that it can't explain a mysterious abyss found in the clouds of Jupiter


Morning after pill flying off shelves as some states restrict abortion
Michigan Hotel offers free rooms for women traveling there for an abortion 
How the spirit of Jezebel is linked to shocking rise of witchcraft in America 
Main Governor signs abortion bill allowing NON-doctors to preform the procedure 
Illinois governor signs new Extreme abortion bill 
New York lawmakers introduce bill to decriminalize prostitution

Good News

Trump admin denies requests to fly LBGTQ flag at embassies 
Texas governor signs bill banning cities and counties from doing business with abortion providers!
Former homosexuals say church was key in setting them free! 
Supreme court rejects Atheist effort to remove "In God we trust"  


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