Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings once again, Precious saints!  Another week of the world sliding into darkness. Just remember you are the light, you and your fellow believers are the only thing restraining the darkness from taking over at the moment. Can you imagine how bad it will get when we are removed? But be of good cheer. God has already won the victory!  He protects those He loves.

By the way, we are still in the Wheat harvest season. Keep looking up! 

Things of note:

  • One world currency is here, and it's coming from an unlikely source: Facebook. See article below under Beast System
  • Tensions rise between Iran and the US
  • Check out all the earthquakes!
  • LBGTQ indoctrination aimed at our kids!
  • UFOs
  • Persecution:  Physical in most countries.. subtle, but also blatant here in the US

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Iran is responsible for blatant attack of oil tankers
Oil tankers attacked in Strait of Hormuz 
UK plans to deploy marines to the Persian Gulf 
Plans to hack Earth's weather could start WW3 
US To send additional 1000 troops to Middle East
Rockets fired at a US military base in Iraq 
Iran threatens to break the US Uranium stockpile limits in 10 days
US is planning a tactical assault on Iran for it's attack on oil tankers
China warns against opening Pandora's box in the Middle East
Quake believed to be caused by an explosion happened on North Korea/China border
War drums of Ezekiel 38, Iran dragging Middle East into a standoff 
Russia warns US to stop provoking Iran

AntiChrist Beast System

Facebook's process to label you a hate agent revealed
New York makes vaccines mandatory - no exemptions for religious beliefs 
Pinterest bans anti-abortion group 
AMA advocates taking away parental rights in order to treat children 
Massive riots in Hong Kong foretell what's coming to America
Illegal immigration is ushering in the transformation of the US into a 3rd world country
You won't believe who got elected to the Denver city council 
Ebola-ridden immigrants is a cover story for a bioterror attack to be unleashed on America 
The rise of facial recognition should scare all of us 
160 million paid already in 2019 for vaccine injuries and deaths 
Facebook unveils it's most dangerous surveillance technology yet: World currency called Libra cryto-currency  
The unhindered march toward Globalism 
Weaponized Immigration is designed to destabilize and divide the US before invasion 
New Zealand government replaces Israel on official website with Palestine 
Anti-Israel doctrine spreading through school system
House Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compares detention centers at our borders for illegal immigrants to Nazi concentration camps  huh?
Why is Trump not going after the Deep state as he promised?  Important to pay attention to the paragraph here on Hillary.

Earth Groaning

3.4 Quake strikes Pennsylvania 
African swine flu to devastate pig population: Food shortage coming 
South America blackout leaves millions without power 
7.4 Quake strikes north of New Zealand 
Thousands of animals migrating AWAY from Yellowstone (What do they know?)
Third earthquake registered under Lake Erie, Ohio
Heat wave could kill thousands in US cities
279 Dolphins dead on Gulf coast
2019 could be the worst year for American corn farmers
Violent hailstorms strike France, destroy crops
Back to back earthquakes in China kill 12 and leave many injured
US receives record-breaking rainfall this year
6.4 Quake strikes Japan, triggering tsunami warning
6.2 Quake strikes off Indonesia
Violent storms and tornadoes affect 1000 mile swath of the US 
Swarm of 1000s of earthquakes hit Southern CA
Rare anti-cyclonic tornado strikes South Dakota  

Sodom and Gomorrah

Lesbian My Little Ponies TV show for kids 
Britain bans harmful gender stereotypes from ads 
You Tube Jesus attends Pride parade (video)
250,000 attend Pride Parade in Tel Aviv  (How the Lord must be crying)
Democratic candidate Buttigieg wants to start a first family in the White House with his husband
LBGT flag flies over State Capitol building in Sacramento for the first time 
Kid's channel Nickelodeon debut married gay couple in cartoon series
Psychology today:  If you refuse to date a transgender, you are dehumanizing them. 
California lawmakers trying to force pastors to embrace the LBGTQ ideology 
Child marriage legal and ongoing in Canada 
LBGTQ indoctrination is mainly aimed at kids


California Board of Education approves of pornographic sex education
American suicide rates reach all time highs 
Alaska Supreme court rules the State's Sex offender registry is unconstitutional 
New York City sets aside 250,000 of tax payer money to fund abortions 
HBO's "Euphoria" targets teens with graphic sex and nudity 
Satanism, child torture, mind control.. what's going on in Hollywood? 
Resurgence of the Feminist witch 
Parents sue for "Wrongful birth" because their daughter has Downs Syndrome

Signs in the Sky

Earth is approaching a huge meteor storm
Mysterious white UFO filmed hovering over Area 51 
Trump's strange reaction to UFO question sparks frenzy
Strange Wave-shaped clouds filmed over Virginia skyline
Earth could be plunged into darkness in superflare event
Senators get briefed on classified UFO sightings


Messianic believers come under fire in Israel
Christian school raided by CA government 
Atheist group demand Alabama school stop holding baptisms on campus 
Taylor Swift's new music video pushes LBGTQ agenda and mocks Christians 
Student kicked out of class for saying there are only 2 genders 
Pastor jailed during Drag Queen Story hour at the local library
A church in Ethiopia has been ordered to vacate due to "noise pollution"
Handmaid's tale demonizes baptism as a tool of "Holier than thou child molesters"
Quebec government bans public employees from wearing religious symbols
Christians in India living on the edge 
Pittsburgh Syrian resident arrested for planning an attack on a church 


After visit to China, pastor prays the Chinese Christians never become like us
Methodist university offers course on Queer Bible Hermeneutics  
Progressive churches pushing the LBGTQ agenda

Good News

Thousands of Christians march for Jesus in France!

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