Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World

Greetings precious children of the Most High! 

Hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters are being massacred in Africa and other parts of the world, and the Western church is silent. That, in itself, should tell you how far we have fallen into apostasy.  Sorry, but it makes me mad. We talk about how God can improve our lives. We have meetings and potlucks and Bible Studies, but do we ever gather to fast and pray for our brothers and sisters? Do we ever sacrifice any of our comforts to help them?  I wonder.  That's my rant for the day.

Anyway, see for yourself how this world is spiraling out of control. Check out all the Earthquakes and volcanoes!  And these are NOT all of them. Look at how the Globalists are stealing our rights, getting rid of cash, and butchering babies. See how nation is rising against nation and wars are imminent. Check out how they are brainwashing our kids into believing that trans and homosexuality are normal and thus sending them to hell. Watch as they spit on Jesus and blaspheme God just like the Scripture foretold.

And then you tell me that we aren't close to hearing that Shofar blow and our Lord calling us home. I can't wait to leave this vile place.

Ten Reasons prophecy should play a vital role in your church


Hail Satan prayer at Alaska Government meeting prompts walkout
Horns are growing on young people's skulls 
VP of Walt Disney convicted of child rape gets only 6 years 
Court forces child-rape victim to allow rapist to visit his children 
British judge forcing mentally unstable mother to have an abortion 
Why Christians should not smoke pot

AntiChrist Beast System

Bottled water at Target, Walmart, Wholefoods contains toxic levels of arsenic 
CEO of Bank of America : We want a cashless society 
Mature 12 year olds can consent to vaccinations without parents 
A company in Canada may be cloning humans 
The Unholy alliance between DNA sites and Facial Recognition 
UN displays Arch of Palmyra combining New World Order, Quantum Physics and Idolatry  
DNA edited babies secretly born in China 
This California Bill would dictate what topics pastors can talk about
Foster Care is a system set up to Sex-traffic children.  (I've known this for quite some time. Horrible)
Facebook's crypto currency is a major sign of the times
Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to give 57 million of Taxpayer dollars to LBGTQ reparations 
Commonly prescribed drugs are tied to 50% higher rates of dementia in older people 
Medical IDS, enemies of liberty, privacy, and health
Children's foods made from oats contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals
Uncle Sam wants your DNA
ICE has captured illegal immigrants from 52 countries in the past 30 days.

Wars and rumors of Wars

Putin warns a US-Iran war would be catastrophic 
Israel holds large military drill amid US-Iran tensions 
India deploys warships to the Persian Gulf
Trump cancels military strike on Iran that would have killed 150
If the US and Iran go to war, thousands of missiles will rain down on Israel
Iran is dragging the middle east into a dangerous standoff 
Will Iran unleash terrorists on US soil?   I would say they are already here.
Trump warned as Iran threatens to set fire to the region
US struck Iranian computers in a cyber attack  
Political experts say China and the US are heading toward war 
Iran is ready for war. Is the US?  
Iranian official:  Iran will put the US in the garbage bin of history and erase Israel from the face of the earth  (Good luck with that)

Earth Groaning

Killer quake and massive tsunami likely to devastate Northwest US 
Swarms of earthquakes have experts of Yellowstone and Southern CA faultlines jumpy 
Earthquake swarm off the coast of Oregon 
4.4 quake strikes Kansas 
Rome rocked by tremors 
7.5 Quake strikes Indonesia 
Britain faces invasion of Asian hornets that kill with one sting 
Severe storms strike Tenn, almost 10,000 without power 
5.6 quake strikes Northern CA
5.6 quake strikes Mexico
5.1 Strikes France
6.4 Quake near Russian peninsula 
17 Earthquakes strike Chile, Indonesia and the USA. Big one feared 
Weather patterns all over the globe are going nuts 
Huge storm unleashed hail, tornadoes, floods on 42 million Americans 
Record-shattering heat wave scorches Europe
Russian volcano erupts for the first time since 1924
Earthquake strikes Dead Sea in Israel. Rumblings of the Messiah's return? 
Major explosion in the Stromboli volcano in Italy 
6.3 Quake strikes Panama

Sodom and Gomorrah

Mastercard introduces the "True name" card to allow transgenders to use their real identity 
Oklahoma school district invites students to join Gay Pride parade
6 year old girl is traumatized at school when she is taught there is no such thing as girls and boys
Popular online home schooling service sneaks LBGTQ agenda into textbooks 
MTV dating show to feature all genders 
Elton John proclaims that politicians who don't support LBGTQ are "Away from God" 
Indiana teacher fired over transgender student names
Drag show held at public library for Teen Pride
Condom relay races for 10 year old School girls 
Porn at the root of child on child sexual assaults 
Willow Smith says she could see herself in a polygamous relationship with both a man and a woman 
LBGT content found in many kids' programs


Pastor under fire for mentioning Jesus in graduation speech 
China bans Christians from singing hymns, Forces them to sing communist anthem
Swedish council bans school and government employees from praying at work
Madonna says Jesus would support abortion
You won't believe what Madonna said about Jesus 
Christian Mom forced out of library drag queen show by cops and then harassed by Antifa 
Christian doctor could lose license for talking about faith with patients 
Christian village in Mali wiped out when Jihadists massacre over 100 people 
Apple threatened to kill Parler off App store unless they banned certain people 
The Alarming rise of Christian persecution


Pastor launches Harry Potter sermon series in hopes of reaching more people 
Bachelorette remarks on show's sexual relations: I can do whatever I want and Jesus still loves me
United Church of Christ clergy hold service of blessing at Planned parenthood 
Church caretaker dresses in drag and reads a Gay story during service 
Passion of Christ actor Jim Caviezel claims Mother Mary guided his career.  (this made me sad)
The American church cares more about Game of Thrones than murdered Christians 
Largest Presbyterian denomination to ordain first non-binary minister 

Signs in the sky

Mystery orb over Kansas city baffled locals

Good news

Supreme court upholds  WW1 Peace Cross on public land in Maryland 
Many Iranians are turning their hearts to Jesus!

Have a blessed Weekend!

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  1. I'm happy to report that the judge's ruling to abort the baby was overturned. Praise God!