Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Check out these Christian Paintings!

Ancient of Days

A friend of mine recently showed me a few paintings from this new artist and I was blown away. Having been a painter in my past, I really appreciate both creativity and talent when I see it. Check out the detail in theses paintings!  So, I wanted to showcase some of her work here and then give you her website in case you're interested in looking at some more of her paintings and perhaps purchasing a print! 

Play Pray Prevail

Yahweh Nissi

Positioned for Glory
Aren't these superb?  I love all of them. Hard to choose a favorite. Anyway, please visit Heidi at her Website and check out her other work!


  1. They are VIBRANT!!!I can't believe I'm seeing paintings with actual movement in them-- So strong and well done! Thank you for showing them, MaryLu...

  2. These are just wonderful!!! I love how she incorporated scripture and music into the background! I can’t choose a favorite either. Thanks for sharing 🙏

    1. She's awesome, isn't she? Thanks for dropping by, Marie

  3. LOVE Pray, Play, Prevail! It speaks to me.