Friday, July 5, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings precious saints and watchers! 

Something strange is happening this week, and it makes me wonder if war isn't imminent. A Russia sub seems to have been attacked and set on fire, but the stories coming out about it are unclear. Couple that with Putin gathering his defense officials in a meeting and Pence being called back to the White House from a trip he was on.. well, who knows?  They certainly won't tell us.
Add to that Israel's recent attack on Syria, Iran's continued threats to us and Israel, all the while they continue to develop a nuclear weapon. I would say the world is on the verge of war.

Add to that the tons of quakes and volcanoes and crazy storms.
Add to that the perverted immorality of transgenders and homosexuals and how they prey on little kids.

And who would have thought or even considered that huge companies would be the ones stealing American's rights while they become propaganda machines for socialists. These same huge companies will be the ones to determine the results of future elections in the US. I'm talking about Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, and Pinterest, among others. They are not regulated and they have enormous power.  Most millennials  get their news from these sites.

Okay, enough of my rant. I'll let you see for yourself below.
But let me add some hope. Should war indeed break out, we will be gone soon. How do I know that? Because the next world war will usher in the Antichrist and Jesus is coming to get us before this monster is revealed. So, don't live in fear. Live in Hope!

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Several terror threats for July 4th weekend
US working on covert plans against Iran
Iran and Iraq, joint military exercises
Additional US fighters sent to the Gulf amid tensions 
2019 could be the year that a war with Iran changes everything 
North Korea vows to pull the trigger and attack the US 
Russia interfered with air navigation in Israel
ISIS threatens to bomb London and New York
ISIS poised for devastating comeback through sleeper cells 
Iran violates nuclear deal: Exceeds limit on enriched uranium  
Israel will one day send rockets into Iran. John Paul Jackson 
Europe loses track of ISIS fighters within borders 
Secretive stealth jets near Iran prompt Middle East war fears
Israel preparing for possible military strike on Iran 
Putin calls emergency meeting with defense chiefs after 14 dies on Russian Sub 
Pence called back for emergency meeting at White House
Iran warns Israel will be destroyed in half an hour if US attacks them
More evidence there is an invasion force gathering on our Southern border
Who or what attacked a Russian sub in the Artic
Russia pulls out of key nuclear treaty with the US  (Wait, I thought Trump was a Russian puppet)
Iran says they will enrich uranium to any amount they want


Trump releases economic part of Peace Plan
College:  A breeding ground for lies about Israel 
Israel launches devastating attacks on Damascus  
Israel pounds targets in Syria

AntiChrist Beast System

Twitter announces plans to interfere with the 2020 election
The NSA's domestic spying program. Are you on the naughty or nice list? 
Face-Reading AI will tell police when suspects are lying 
Monopoly game goes cashless 
UN poised to launch a global ban on criticism of Islam
Muslims and Catholics worship the same God?
Crooked cops recording themselves, saying they will frame patriots
The next step in conservative blacklisting - financial services 
Pentagon has developed a laser that can identify you hundreds of meters away from your heartbeat 
Google just scrubbed all "natural" health websites from it's search engine 
Blaze's TV host banned from Facebook for calling for prayer for President Trump
Supreme Court makes it illegal to ask about the illegals
The path to Genocide is beginning in CA due to props 63 and SB 1235
How the AI Antichrist is on its way to ruling our lives 
Companies are using secret surveillance scores evaluate you 
Catholic priests committing sedition at our border
An unseen hand is governing the world for depopulation and colonization
NIKE nixes Betsy Ross flat on sneakers after one ignorant football player complains 
It is now illegal to defend yourself in New York 
Facebook and Twitter promote Antifa's violence while banning conservatives 
Dems want to prosecute people who mock Congress


Suicide rates at highest level since WW2
Italian mayor, medics and social workers caught brainwashing kids to sell them into foster care  
Antifa is a domestic terror organization 
60% of America's child sex slaves come out of Foster Care 
Pedophiles are hunting for kids on Instagram, facebook, and snapchat

Earth Groaning

Ring of fire on alert after Japan volcano eruption seen from space 
Deadly heat wave cooks muscles in their shells on CA shore 
Europe heat wave has killed several in France and Spain
Yellowstone has been rocked by 81 quakes in the past month!
Ball-sized hail hits Eastern Montana 
Freak hail storm buries Mexico city under 5 FEET of ice 
Latest flu vaccine failing against current strain 
New Guinea volcano erupts 
Current earthquake swarm causing volcanoes to rumble across the whole earth 
Wasp super nests in Alabama 
Mumbai hit by worse rains since 2005
Siberia struck by worst flooding in a century. 14 killed, many missing
Rare EF-2 tornado hits Australia
Heavy rains in Japan cause evacuation of thousands
Philippines prepare their people for the "Big One" 
Record smashing heat wave bakes Alaska 
Six dead while rare tornado strikes China 
5.6 Quake strikes China 
Stromboli volcano in violent eruption off Sicily 

Sodom and Gomorrah

Thousands gather to celebrate 50 years of LBGTQ rights
Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg uses border to slam Christian hypocrisy  
Popular Catholic Worship artist celebrate Pride month 
Dallas council approves rainbow crosswalk to honor the LBGTQ community 
The London zoo is celebrating pride month in honor of its gay penguins 
Meet Desmond, the child drag queen 
Drag queen on all fours roars and growls at Library Pride even for Teens 
4 in 10 people do not rule out a same-sex sexual encounter 
Pure Wickedness: Drag queens encourages children to lay down with men in dresses on the floor after library story hour 
Gender transition clinic sees huge spike in kids under 14 seeking sex change 
Oreo cookies hand out "pronoun packs" to celebrate all genders
New York Governor signs bill outlawing "gay panic" defense


Gay Bishop declares that God is a woman
Presbyterians descend into depravity with drag service and first non-binary pastor
American pastors are not teaching a theology of persecution 
1/5th of Dutch churches close 


Christians in Turkey should brace for persecution
China raids another church. Detains many worshipers
CA bill would dictate what topics pastors can preach about 
Alarming rise of Christian persecution in Africa 
Algerian man sentenced for hosting worship service in his home 
Joe Scarborough of CNN calls Pence a liar and suggests he read the Gospels again 
7 Christian families forced from their homes as Hindu mob demand they renounce Christ  
Manhattan Chick-Fil-A vandalized during Pride event 
Ten commandments plaque removed from Ohio Middle school following complaint 
Atheists "In No God we Trust" banners stir controversy in Fort Worth 
Texas city removes Jesus sign after long court battle with church 
IKEA worker fired for declining to attend Gay Pride event 
Why this new CA bill is so dangerous for the church 
In China more than 100 crosses are torn down from churches

Signs in the Sky

Car-sized asteroid exploded in air south of Puerto Rico
A mysterious fast radio burst was traced to a galaxy 3.6 Billion light years away
Mysterious booms continue to rattle people in the US, Canada, and UK 
Mysterious UFO spotted over Korea DMZ hours after Trump meeting. Fighter jets scrambled 
Four asteroids on collision course with earth 
US Carrier Nimitz buzzed by UFOs? 
Fireball lit up the South Florida skies

Good news!

3 Million evangelicals march in Brazil. Our country belongs to Jesus! 
Ohio strips Planned Parenthood from budget! 
Jerusalem prayer team Facebook page becomes one of the largest of its kind

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