Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad world!

I received the chart above from a friend, but it's easily verifiable. Let me just state that we already know that the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign relations are all Illuminati One World Order organizations. This is also something you can research if you are so inclined. However, what I wanted you to see is how closely linked all of our media here in the US is, how the people in charge all come or work for these organizations. .In other words, we CAN'T trust our media, people. Not anymore.  Here's the article that goes with the picture

Of note this week, the incredible shaking and groaning of planet Earth. See for yourself, quakes, volcanoes, floods, hail. Do you think God is trying to get our attention? Trying to get people to repent before it gets worse? I do.

Add to that the exponential growth of the New World order banning all things conservative and Christian, the insanity coming out of Washington, the perversion coming out of Hollywood, persecution of Christians around the globe, the apostasy of the church, and rise of witchcraft in America, well, you get the picture. I'm not trying to depress you, just wake you up! 

If you're awake, warn others. The King is coming and we have one chance to escape this place before all hell breaks loose.

AntiChrist Beast System

Google's election meddling could steal 15 million votes
Why is Google taking off Natural Healthcare sites from their platforms?
Rep Omar wants to open a path for terrorists to enter America
NBA is banning the term "owner" when referencing the owner of a team because it's racist.  Yes, the world has gone insane
State Fair cancels Confederate Railroad concert
San Francisco to paint over historic George Washington mural 
Ohio Middle school tosses out 10 commandments, dishonors veterans, and suspends students who support both 
New CA law vows to monitor elementary school children's every activity (Scroll past the commercial at the front of the video to get to the news)
Amazon stops selling books by Catholic leader amid LBGTQ protests  (All Christian books are next, mark my words)
Wikipedia co-founder slams Facebook and Twitter for their censorship, telling people "They control what you see!" 
The unholy marriage between Big Pharma and Google  
Leaked video shows no plane hit the Pentagon on 9-11
Will Amazon ban the Bible next?
Canadian doctor fined 100,000 by the thought police
Merging of politics, commerce, and religion - stepping stone to mark of the beast 
Tryouts are being held for the New World Order 
Why is the Main Stream Media ignoring these huge sex-trafficking busts
Proof that the Clintons are tied in with Epstein and the Cartels
Why Epstein and his elite clients will never do time

Wars and rumors of Wars

Russian sub that caught fire believed to have been sent to cut US cables
Russia plans to send anti-aircraft system to Turkey 
NATO gives Putin 28 days to Axe intermediate nukes 
5000 Palestinians riot on Israel/Gaza border 
Ballistic missile tests in South China Sea 
Mexican Civil War unfolding now 
Iran warns US it will turn the Gulf into a sea of blood 
The UN and AMLO are transforming Mexico into a military enemy of the US 
Rabbi who prophesied California earthquake releases new bombshell prediction 
Iran attempts to seize British oil tanker
Trump: Iran sanctions will soon be increased
Secret leaked speech by Chinese minister of defense exposes China's plan to destroy America

Signs in the Sky

Mysterious object plunges from the sky before speeding off at breakneck speed
Strange UFO over the UK emits light and sound 
Pilots film two circular objects flying over Grand Canyon 
NASA: Violent storms on the sun's surface will increase

Earth Groaning

Biggest earthquake in decades rattles So. Cal 6.4
7.1 Quake strikes So Cal days after the first one
6.2 Quake strikes Canada 
Back to back quakes strike Southern CA and more are expected 
CA earthquake shocks could last months
1217 Quakes in the Ridgecrest area in CA in 24 hours
5.1 quake off British Columbia
Volcano alert raised after CA earthquake swarms
Yellowstone Steamboat geyser shatters eruptions records 
5.4 Quake hits Searles Valley, CA
Anchorage Alaska was 90 degrees on July 4th.
Seismologists warn of bigger quakes to come in CA 
CA could be hit by a 8.2 Quake and it would be catastrophic
5.0 Quake off China
Volcanologists warn of real Tsunami caused by volcanic eruptions
175,000 Acres of farmland in Tenn flooded. All crops destroyed
Record rainfall in Japan. Over a million ordered to evacuate
Heatwave continues to scorch Europe with 114 degree temps
Lightning strike leaves 1 dead 11 injured in South Carolina
California quakes in shocking pictures as more are  predicted to strike 
11 Prophecies of the Giant earthquake that will send a large part of California into the sea
All the Bees are dying in Death Valley after the 7.1 Quake
Powerful 7.1 quake strikes Indonesia 
California quakes could trigger Yellowstone eruption 
Kentucky warns citizens to be prepared for an earthquake there on the Madrid faultline 
US Gulf put on alert for storm that may increase to hurricane strength 
Toxic bacteria close in on Mississippi from the Gulf
Historic flash flood strikes DC, stranding cars covered in water
5.7 Quake strikes Iran
3000 Earthquakes since July 4th, and bigger ones likely coming
3 dead, more than 200,000 affected by floods in India
Flash flood warning in New Orleans as Mississippi river crests
Hurricane heading toward New Orleans
Deadly hailstorm strikes Italy
US had its wettest 12 months on record AGAIN
Super volcano fears: 8 volcanoes in CA being monitored

Sodom and Gomorrah

CBC accused of Sexualizing children after releasing Drag Queen documentary 
Pedophilia: A disorder, not a crime.  (This is the beginning of making it okay to have sex with children)


Pope has appointed many pro-LBGTQ cardinals and bishops
Church of England says it will accept transgender marriages 
How this scary prophecy from 1975 is coming to pass here in American churches 
Church with Atheist minister now hosting celebration to honor terrorists


Texas Design conference drops Christian speaker in name of keeping it a safe space 
Washington state Middle School student kicked out of class for speaking up about faith 
Theaters in Canada cancel the movie "Unplanned" after death threats 
Thousands of religious minorities held in "Thought Transformation" Chinese camps (Must see film)
10 year old suspended from UK school after teacher accuses her of homophobic remarks

And the love of many will grow cold

Boy stabs brother, says he prefers jail to driving for 8 hours with his brother


More women are becoming addicted to pornography
Hundreds of Pentagon employees implicated in rampant child porn sharing
Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested for sex-trafficking of minors   Millionaire and friend to many prominent politicians such as Bill Clinton
Witches, witches, everywhere 
Will Global Pedophile network finally be uncovered?


Irish bill would punish with 5 years in prison for doing business with Israel

Good News

Archaeologists discover ancient Biblical city of Ziklag

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