Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings precious Bride!  Love this picture don't you? Someday soon we will see our Prince in the clouds calling us home. I can't wait!

Lots of things happened this week. 
  • Glance down and look at all the earthquakes. I didn't even list them all. 
  • The "Squad" of socialists, Sharia Law advocates and anti-Semites, are gaining power. If you don't know who I mean, google "The Squad, congress" but don't believe what you read. These women hate America and they hate Jews and Christians. Hmm. Wonder who is behind that?  
  • Chip implants and a cashless society are here and spreading
  • Freedom of the press is non existent
  • UFO sightings
  • Only 2.8 % of American pastors preach the full Biblical truth
  • You can become rich selling baby body parts. See below
  • Iran continues to enrich their Uranium while threatening the world
Have a wonderful weekend. Fear not, for Jesus is always with you and He has overcome the world!

Then He said to them, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven. Luke 21:10-11

AntiChrist Beast System

Instagram will tell you if you're about to post a mean comment
Math teacher fired for a PRIVATE expression of her political views 
Directed Energy weapons finally become public knowledge 
18 foot Giant discovered on island of Sardinia 
Boston censors Christian flag but allows Communist and Trans flags on Government property 
Radicalized World Cup Star Megan Rapinoe shows Americans what life will be like under liberals
Billionaires are building underground bunkers for nuclear doomsday 
CNN openly advocating for the elimination of alternative media. (wonder why?)
The Propaganda Ministry known as the "free press"
Widespread power outages in New York 
Google to block all anti-vacs, anti-cancer, anti-GMO sites from browser  (Why?)
Rep Omar calls for a boycott of white supremacist Tucker Carlson  (I watch him and he is anything but)
All elections are illegitimate until free speech is restored in America
UN launches an all out attack on free speech
The words of a globalist traitor who is running for president
Weaponized Immigration - Infected immigrants deployed across the country
The number one reason China wants to occupy America with millions of colonists
Thousands of Swedes have already received chip implants used to buy things 
Elon Musk wants to hook your brain up to a computer as early as next year 
Cashless society is on a path to the mark of the beast 
Ocasio Cortez is right, there are American Concentration camps.. they just aren't at our border
New Offensive Speech rules on America's college campuses
Elderly patriots threatened with jail for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance 

Earth Groaning

Rare polio-like disease had worst year in 2018
5.4 Quake hits Alaska 
The Faults that ruptured in twin CA quakes are very weird says Geologist
CA Quakes spark Yellowstone eruption fears
10,000 quakes in CA and Nevada in the last 7 days
Flood waters in New Orleans like a toxic stew
Tornado hits Quebec, leaving over 100,000 without power
Tropical Storm Barry could dump 20 inches of rain on New Orleans 
Another 4.9 quake strikes Ridgecrest CA 
100 quakes rock Yellowstone. Is it about to blow? 
4.6 Quake strikes Seattle 
4.0 Quake rattles Montana 
6.1 Quake in Japan 
38th quake to rock Ring of fire 
Striking NASA map shows how the earth moved after the CA quakes 
5.5 Quake strikes Australia
Flesh-eating plague hits east coast
Thousands evacuated on Hawaii as fires destroy over 30,000 acres
6.6 Quake strikes Western Australia
7.3 Quake strikes Indonesia
Global Earthquakes at 3 times more than normal  (In case you couldn't tell)
Are recent weather issues activating the Madrid fault line?
Ebola outbreak spreading in the Congo 
5.3 Quake strikes Oregon, Tsunami warnings
4.3 quake strike Bay Area, CA (that's me! My daughter felt it)
Hotel in Georgia closes to investigate possible Legionnaire's disease outbreak
Over 150 dead as Monsoons ravage Nepal, Pakistan, India
Food shortages are starting to appear as tropical storm Barry rips through America's heartland
The CDC has been dispatched to NYC and Phoenix, looking for suspected cases of Ebola 
Ebola outbreak in the Congo declared a GLOBAL health emergency
More aftershocks strike Washington
Deadly heat waves could trigger blackouts in New York, DC, and Chicago
3.0 Quake rattles Tennessee
People on the East US coast are being attacked by flesh eating bacteria
Did the Pentagon lose some disease injected ticks meant for biological warfare?

Wars and rumors of Wars

The Chinese are planning genocide against all Americans
Scientists discover radiation leak 100,000 times more than normal from Russian Sub wreck
Hezbollah leader proclaims destruction of Israel 
Palestinians claim to have shot down an Israeli drone over the Gaza strip 
Netanyahu warns Europe: Wake up before Iran nukes you! 
US to deploy 500 more troops to Saudi Arabia in light of increasing Iranian tensions 
Iran threatens Britain over oil tanker seizure as Britain sends third warship to the region

Sodom and Gomorrah

Toy Story 4 depicts lesbian mothers
Top US Psychology Group pushes Polyamory - Sex with no boundaries


Chinese Christians flee China where it is no longer safe for them
Iran arrests 8 Christians and sends them to solitary confinement 
UK doctor fired for refusing to call a bearded man a "she" 
4 Christians executed for wearing crosses in Northern Burkina 
Christians being prosecuted in Iran on charges of propaganda against the regime 
Christian playgroup banned from meeting at local library after they sang songs about God 
Facebook is now banning Bible Verses


Few Christians actually read the Bible
Only 2.8% of American Pastors are willing to teach these Biblical truths 
Drastic decline in British Christians 
London closes 400 churches, opens 423 New mosques 
Ousted Riverside church pastor to receive 500,000 payout after controversial sex shop trip


Naked woman with the strength of 4 men breaks into family home
Video caught group of 60 teens vandalizing Walgreens 
Here's what the Feds found in Epstein's Manhattan mansion 
Sexual predators within America's power elite
Disney (yes, Disney) pedophile network 
Here's how much you can get for baby body parts. Disgusting 

Signs in the Sky

Massive kilometer-sized asteroid found orbiting the sun
1 million UFO fans plan to raid Area 51 
Snake like UFO spotted over Washington

Good News!

Revival exploding in Sri Lanka after horrific church bombings 
Chinese Christians fight back against government oppression 
Revival!  Small Georgia church preforms 8000 baptisms in 10 months!


  1. Just when you think it cant get worse—it does and unbelievable !!! As always you provide us with the unthinkable and the proof that indeed this world is going down—and we must keep our eyes and heart looking up to where our Lord and Savior will come riding his white horse and the words will be written —King of King and Lord of lords. That will be the Day !!!!!

    1. Amen!!! I can't wait, Elsie! And it will be great to finally meet you!