Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Warrior Bride of the Most High!

Another Crazy week. The long, anticipated Mueller testimony that was supposed to give enough evidence to impeach Trump was a nothing burger. Love or hate Trump, why can't they leave the man alone? Oh, yes. Because with him in power, they can't instill their socialist, globalist, tyrannical policies that will destroy America, subjugate the people, and put themselves in positions of extreme power!

I'm hearing rumors of strange military operations around the DC location, which disturbs me greatly. Add to that the tension in the Middle East with Iran, Russia and China becoming friends, North Korea firing missiles again, well, I'd say we are on the brink of war.

What's up with Drag Queen Story hour? Would you ever had thought such a thing would happen 10 years ago, even 5? And surprisingly many of these Drag Queens are found to be convicted pedophiles. Go figure. Are people stupid?

The Earth continues to moan and groan waiting for the revelation of the Sons of God! Romans 8:21-23

Christians are asleep or fallen away
The Church is being persecuted like it never has been before
False Prophets fill many pulpits
Our rights are slowly being dwindled away.... along with our privacy
The Bible warns there will be lots of deception in the last days and I'd say we're here. The media are in bed with the globalists. Everyone has an agenda and very few seem to be speaking the truth.
And all this was prophesied in the Bible!

This will be my last Friday's Mad Mad World post.  I deeply apologize for stopping this, but it takes me several HOURS each week to put together.  The past few years I have been taking care of my grandchildren 2-3 days a week, all day long. Their current ages are 1,3,4, and 5!  I adore them and feel extremely blessed to be such a huge part of their lives and to love them and tell them that Jesus loves them.  However, this leaves little time for my writing. Hence, I prayed about it and feel that my books reach more people than this blog, and my goal is to reach as many people as I can with the truth of God's love in the few remaining years we have left.

So, I will post on Friday, but it will either be on one particular End Times event that happened that week OR I'll be posting about my books, sales, characters, etc.

For those of you who are interested in keeping up with End Times News, here are the major sites where I gather my information. On most of them, you can sign up for their newsletter.

End Times Headlines
Prophecy News Watch
The Common Sense Show
Humans are Free
World Israeli News
Before It's News
Rapture Ready News

I hope you continue to keep abreast of what is going on. If there's something major happening, I'll be sure to let you know.

God Bless! And keep looking up!

AntiChrist Beast System

Colorado College Inclusive speech guide bans terms like "America" or "American" 
More on Modern day FEMA camps in plain view
Weird holographic planes spraying chemtrails
Parents told they could lose kids over unpaid school lunches 
Why is Facebook going after Christian Clergy? 
The Elite torture children and drink their adrenalized blood. 
FaceApp may be quietly keeping all your data, same as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and everything else you use
Trump takes action against huge Foster Care child trafficking system - huge blow to deep state pedophilia
Widespread blackouts grip Venezuela. Gov blames cyber attack 
91 % of democrats believe a Civil War is necessary to bring about changes
MSNBC Chris Hayes urges violence against Conservatives
Antifa firebombed a Government building with AR-15 assault weapons and the mainstream media didn't say a word
Big Tech is setting itself up to be the Gatekeeper of all human knowledge 
Google Exec admits anti-Trump bias 
New Public School History book teaches that President Trump is a racist and mentally ill
The Democratic party is a Domestic Terrorist Group with connections ti China, terrorists and the Cartels
Congresswoman Omar "Americans should be more afraid of White Men" than Muslims

Wars and Rumors of Wars

US shot down an Iranian drone in Straits of Hormuz
Iran seizes British oil tanker in the Gulf
The 9th Russian plane carrying advanced weapons systems landed in Turkey last week 
Britain warns Iran of serious consequences if tanker is not released 
Russia warns that conflict could break out any time between US and Iran 
Hezbollah moves troops to Israeli border in case war breaks out between US and Iran
Saudi Arabia urges global actions against Iran 
The Draft is coming 
South Korea fired warning shots at Russian military jet violating their airspace 
Army lets it slip that its conducting secret operations around D.C. area 
US is staging troops at a Saudi military base
Iranian soldiers used effigies of Trump and Netanyahu for target practice
Iran sentences 17 CIA spies it caught to death 
China and Russia joint exercise sends message to Washington 
North Korea fires missiles into the sea 
Summer camps for the next generation of terrorists

Sodom and Gomorrah

New York introduces radical new transguidance for schools
California city will remove "man" terms from municipal code such as Manhole or Manmade 
She could be the first Drag Queen elected to Congress 
Doctor fired for refusing to use incorrect pronoun speaks out: Transgender is being pushed on society!
Manhattan principal pushed out of job after teacher showed Pro-life video to students 
Whole Foods sponsors Drag Queen Story hour to indoctrinate children with perversion, pedophilia and transgenderism 
Atlanta mayor hosts Drag Queen Story hour at City Hall
Will Topless LGBT Swim for ages 12-24 finally wake people up? 
Creepy Drag Queen at Dallas Library reads book "What Color is your Underwear?" to small children  
Another Drag Queen Story hour  pervert convicted of pedophilia and transgender prostitute

Earth Groaning

Many Californians (including me) fear the Big One is on the way
River bursts banks... great flooding in India and Bangladesh
We just had the hottest June ever recorded 
another 4.6 rattles Ridgecrest California 
Virginia woman infected with flesh-eating bacteria after only 10 minutes in the ocean 
5.1 Quake strikes Athens, Greece 
CA woman's foot ravaged by flesh-eating bacteria 
Sea Floor off North Carolina coast is bubbling Methane! 
Eruption of Italian Supervolcano could produce a 100 foot tsunami
Mount Bromo in Indonesia erupts!
Mount Etna erupts in Sicily, closing 2 airports 
Swarms of flying ants seen over Britain 
Major power outages from Michigan to New York as temps soar
Flocks of dead birds falling from sky in Australia
State of Emergency after powerful eruption of Ubinas volcano in Peru
New Tropical depression forms off coast of Florida 
Deadly heat wave kills 6 in Midwest as now storms roll across 
4.2 Quake strikes Twentyninepalms area in CA
Ebola plane plague spreading on flights 
World Health Organization warning of Pandemic combined with the flood of illegal immigrants raising concern for US citizens 
Teen hospitalized in Baltimore fro Flesh-eating bacteria
Man loses leg from Flesh eating bacteria on Texas Coast
Man dies from flesh-eating bacteria on fishing boat
NASA warns earth's rotation is slowing and that will cause major quakes 
Intense European heat wave roasts millions


Christians forced to convert and bow down to Goddess Idols 
Christian contestant booted from Bachelorette for stance on purity 
Media silent as Christians are persecuted worldwide 
Federal Judge bans Graduation prayers and religious songs 
Chinese schools urging kids to report Christian relatives 
Veterans Charity founder says You Tube censored his video for Christian word
Woman forced to close business after refusing to wax genitals of transgenders
Islamic Extremists using social media to target Christians
Hindu Christians brutally attacked during worship service 
Americans: Are you ready for the coming Christian persecution?


Hundreds of Jewish Immigrants return to Israel this summer!


End Times complacency spreading through the church
Why Seeker-Friendly churches are foolish
Has the Spirit of Jezebel overtaken America?
German churches lost 430,000 members last year 
Priest who urinated in communion wine and was attracted to Satanism gets 25 years for child porn


33 killed in Arson fire in Japan 
Human remains sold on secret Instagram market 
17,000 people arrested in nationwide human trafficking sweep 
The rise of the Satanic temple in Canada 
Abortion has killed more black Americans than all other means combined.

Signs in the Sky

A 390 foot tall asteroid scraped by the earth on Wednesday, closer than the moon
Florida company selling alien abduction insurance has sold over 6000 policies

Good News

Muslims getting saved as they visit Christian Healing rooms!
Huge Whirlwind appears after prayer at outdoor church service!  Watch this. You'll be amazed!
Oldest Christian letter outside of the Bible uncovered! 


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  4. Feed them the truth, and enjoy this blessing!

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