Friday, August 16, 2019

MaryLu's Musings - The shooting of innocents

You and your family may be out for a day at the beach or at a park or the fair or simply shopping for school supplies and BAM, some nutjob mows you down with his Rifle. When I was a kid growing up, we never feared for our lives when we went outside our home. We never feared for ours lives at school or work. I mean, why would someone want to kill people he didn't even know?  Yet, this is happening more and more in our society, but what is the cause? 

  • Liberals say it's the gun's fault
  • Others say it's the result of violent video games and movies.
  • Some say it's the result of no strong fathers in the home
  • Hence, liberals try to take our guns away, making void and obsolete our 2nd amendment rights
  • Laws are proposed to make violent video games only for adults
  • Nothing is proposed to save the family unit. No one has any answers. (Except God)

First of all, are guns to blame? What about knives? Hammers, poison? There's a thousand ways to kill someone. True, guns can kill more people in a shorter amount of time, but would taking them away solve the issue. Chicago has the highest gun violence in the nation but they also have the strictest gun laws. The truth is, if someone wants to go on a killing spree, they will find a way to get a gun.

So what would taking away everyone's gun actually do?  
  • It would not stop these killings as statistics prove
  • It would disable Americans from defending themselves or perhaps stopping a killing in progress. (One man at the Gilroy Festival shooting said that if he'd had his gun, which he has a permit for, he could have stopped that man from murdering so many people)
  • It would give the government more power. You see our forefathers wanted the citizens to be armed, not because they love violence, but just in case the government became too powerful and too corrupt. Then citizens could rise up and replace it. But if they have no means to defend themselves and no means to battle a powerful government, they are defenseless.  A powerful government with a powerful army could overrun them and do whatever they wanted. It's happened over and over in the history of the world.  So, why do you think the far left wishes to disarm the population? Even though statistics prove that doing so does not stop violence. 

While I agree that violence propagated in movies and video games can desensitize people to such things, I still don't think that's the main cause of these acts. Here's the reasons I believe we are witnessing these mass shootings more and more:

  • Taking God out of our schools, our families, our government, and our society
  • The Laodicean dead church which many young people are leaving and have already left
  • Because of the first two, the breakdown of the family unit in which fathers are either absent or weak and ineffective. Kids who grow up without fathers are insecure and are at more risk for crime, violence and drugs
  • Without God, society has no moral compass, no right and wrong, and with no hope of eternity, there is no hope for anything in this world, especially if you aren't wealthy or good looking or particularly talented
  • Satan knows his time is short. Hence he is going about causing divisions and propagating hatred and strife wherever he can.
  • An influx of demons and demonic activity which is occurring in these last days due to the first two above. 

Let's face it, it makes no sense for a normal person to pick up a gun and go shoot a bunch of people he or she doesn't know. All of these shooters have one obvious thing in common. They are filled with hate. Although that hate may be directed toward a certain group of people, it is all consuming, even to the point of wanting to die to kill those they hate. Insanity! Right?  But I disagree. I don't think these people are insane. I think they are lost, without God, without hope, without love or meaning to their lives, and because of that, they have allowed themselves to be overrun with demons. What do demons want to do most of all? The same thing their master wants. To KILL as many humans as he can!

No amount of gun laws or entertainment restrictions are going to stop this.

There is only one solution, and His name is Jesus!  
In just a few short years, The King of Kings is going to come down from Heaven, plant His feet on the Mount of Olives, defeat all His enemies and set up a Kingdom on Earth from Jerusalem. It will be a kingdom of righteousness, truth, love, and joy like none this planet has ever seen. Honestly, I can't wait!  In this Kingdom, there will be no mass shootings, no wars, no famines or disease, no child molestation, no 25 genders. Families will stay together and people will live in peace and great happiness.

Until that glorious time, I believe things will grow worse and worse. In fact, the Scriptures tell us they will. Why? Because people will continue to turn away from God and follow their own desires, and Satan will have his way and his rule for 7 years.  But in the end, he loses and God wins!  So, hang in there. We are very close to going home. In the meantime, the best thing we can do to prevent this kind of violence is spread the good news of the Gospel and God's love to as many people as possible. Tell them that this life is not all there is, that there is a God who loves them so much, that their lives have meaning, that they are extremely valuable and that through Jesus, they can spend eternity in joy and peace and happiness!  So, be about your Father's business. We are His ambassadors! 

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