Friday, August 30, 2019

Winner of Treasured Brides Anthologies! And some book news!

I SO wish I could give everyone a copy, but I let choose two winners of Treasured Christmas Brides. And they ARE

Wilma Bates and Brenda Hurley 

Wilma, you didn't leave your email so please contact me ASAP. I'll wait a few days but then I need to choose another winner. 

Anyway, Congratulations, Ladies!! And thanks to everyone for entering and for your enthusiasm. The book is already available for purchase, so click on the links below to get a copy!

Barnes and Noble  







Book news!

I thought you might like to know where I'm at in writing my next book, She Walks in Majesty. This is book 3 and the final book in my Protectors of the Spears series. 

Currently I am up to 50,000 words in the first draft, and I expect to finish the first draft by the end of September or early October. I expect to add another 20-30,000 words by that time. Then I will spend some time thinking about the story, working out plot problems or deepening characters, seeing where I may need to add something or delete something, etc. At this point, I also spend time  doing research for things I didn't know, such as particular clothing worn at a king's court and food served the king, also how to address various royals and nobles. Things like that! When I come across them during the first draft phase, I mark it and go on because I don't want to pull myself from the story to do research. 

Then I go back and go through the entire book, editing, changing, adjusting, adding, deleting, etc. That should take me another month. Then in December, I will read it through again and possibly have a software package read it out loud so I can catch any last minute errors. 

In January, it goes to my editor and out to those people who have agreed to read it for grammar or punctuation errors. 

February, I fix everything and upload it to various sites and set it to be released in March. Also in February I send copies out to my Motley Crew who have agreed to read an early Ecopy and post a review when the book is released. 

March 1st - Release date!  (This is my hope, pending some disaster!) 

I also have the final cover back and it's the most stunning cover I've ever seen. I can't wait to reveal it to you. (The cover below is NOT the final) I'm loving this story! It's different from the first two, but in a unique adventurous way I think you'll enjoy.

Here's the preliminary back cover teaser

With only a worn document in hand and the Spear of Destiny strapped to her thigh, Seraphina De Mobrey, the new Protector of the Spear must convince the king that her friends are innocent of treason and rescue Luxley castle from the hands of an evil overlord. Who is she to embark on such a lofty task but a lowly servant, an orphan abandoned by her parents at birth? Yet each step of the way, the Spear grants her favor, protects her, and opens a path for her to enter the Imperial palace. What she finds there is naught but lies, greed, deception, and a danger that threatens her very existence.

 Sir Damien LaRage, knight of the elite King's Guard would do anything to protect Seraphina and save his friends, anything except give up his quest for revenge against the person who murdered both his parents long ago. Returning to court, to a world of secrets, deceit, and power is exhilarating at first, but then things become dangerous when he must protect Seraphina from all who would do her harm. Even himself. For he soon discovers that he must choose between saving her or getting his revenge.

The king is ill, and evil takes over the throne as Seraphina must run for her life, and Damien is left to battle against forces not of this world. Meanwhile, darkness suffocates the Knights of the Eternal realm. leaving them defenseless against evil powers that have taken over Luxley. Only Seraphina and the Spear of Destiny can save them now.


  1. Oh my goodness, I think this cover is GORGEOUS, so I can't wait to see the final one. I really liked "She Walks in Power" and am so excited for the continuation of this series as I've been impatiently awaiting more. :-)

  2. Congratulations to the winners!
    Book 3 sounds wonderful. You know I'm always willing to help in any way, my friend.

  3. Congratulations to the winners. I know you will enjoy.

  4. Book 3 sounds awesome. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the nibble. Congratulations winners-books are wonderful but free ones are even better.

  5. Oh, I remember voting on some options for the cover. Don't mean to be rude but should it really be 'Imperial Palace'. Wouldn't that be for an Emperor, not a King?

    There's a Youtube channel called Modern History TV, which contrary to what the name suggests has some amazing videos on Medieval life including food etc. (It also features a couple of gorgeous and awesome horses.... maybe I watch it for the horses sometimes).