Friday, September 13, 2019

Divided we Fall

I recently was contacted via email by an X-friend whom I hadn't spoken to since Donald Trump got elected. We had been good friends once. She's a writer like me, a Christian, and we both had grandkids at the same time, so we really enjoyed each other's company.  Honestly, I miss her very much, so I anxiously opened the email with hope that perhaps she wanted to put our differences aside and make amends. 

I couldn't have been more wrong. The reason I bring this up is because in all my 60 years, I have NEVER seen my country so divided. NEVER. Yes, there have always been two parties in government with different views on how to do things, and there have always been people on either side, but overall we've always been able to discuss ideas and listen to other points of view.  One important thing came out of my email exchange with this friend, and that is that its not so much that we are vastly different people deep inside, but that we believe vastly different things. 

This is her belief system, her reality:  Trump is the antichrist. He is pure evil. He wants to deport every Mexican and lock their children in cages. He is a racist, a misogynist, a liar, he hates the poor, and he wants to destroy this nation.   She could not understand how anyone could ally themselves with a man like this. In fact, she told me that I couldn't be saved and support Trump, that I was going to hell if I continued down this path. 

This is my belief system. My reality:  Trump is just a businessman who became president. He is not a racist. He doesn't believe all Mexicans are evil. He simply wants people coming over the border to obey our immigration laws. I do not know if he is a Christian. His past certainly doesn't speak well in that regard. I don't believe he hates women. Quite the opposite. Perhaps he loves them a little too much! He's arrogant and boastful and sometimes uncooth. He talks more like a construction worker than a president. But this is what I do know. He has made our country energy independent. We now have the lowest unemployment rate for both blacks and women EVER in this country. He's brought back jobs. He's made fair trade deals with other countries. He's strengthened our military. He's building the border wall. He's broken up Thousands of pedophile rings worldwide!  He is against last term abortion. He's defunded Planned Parenthood, at least in part. He is a huge supporter of Israel. Based on all those things, I truly believe he cares for his nation. 
Do I think he is God or the savoir of mankind. NO. My opinion is that so far, he seems to be doing a good job. However, if I ever discover that he is lying or cheating or not doing things that are good for this nation, I will change my opinion.   I can only look at results.

Now, I ask you, how can two people who both believe in Jesus and who are decent honorable people have such a huge difference of opinion?  And what is really going on in our country?  As you know I have already blamed much of this on our Media. Most of our mainstream media is simply an arm of the Left, liberal and democratic party. They only report what they are told to report and typically it is all against Trump.  They make up stories, spread lies, and pick apart every word he utters.  Now, before you come down on me, the right-wing media is not much better. But it is slightly better. At least there you will hear some facts reported, though I advise caution in believing anything. 

Yet, let's dig a little deeper. Why is the media so complicit with government? How and why did we lose our free press?  I believe there are much more nefarious reasons for this than simply winning elections and gaining power. I believe this entire thing has been staged and planned for years. Call it the Deep State, the Illuminati, the Global cabal, or whatever you want, their end game is a One World Government, and currently their biggest obstacle is the United States of America. How do you take down such a super power? You take it down in a multitude of ways and all from within. This is all part of the playbook of Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals

My biggest fear is that we are ALL being played. I fear that Trump was hand selected by these people to take a far right position while left-wing politicians are told to go far left. (Honestly, have you ever seen such FAR LEFT ideology in your life?)  And then they tell both sides to fight fight fight. They feed the Media what lies to tell in order to get people mad and riled up, and then groups funded by George Soros pay people to go out and riot. Meanwhile thousands of people pour over our borders and head to Sanctuary cities and states where the already bankrupt governments feed, house, and take care of them, and thousands of Americans die each year from taking the opiods that also stream over our border (72,000 in 2017). They want division. They want riots.  They want to put such an overwhelming burden on our economy that it collapses.  Look at what has happened in just 3 years. We live in a country where if I was to go out into my city wearing a Trump Make American Again Hat, I'd probably be beat up. In fact, the chances are pretty good. 

So is Trump a part of this plot? Honestly, I have no idea, but I'm keeping my mind open to the possibility that they are just putting on a huge show for us dumb Americans and it's going along perfectly according to plan. I cannot seem to come to any other rational conclusion for the madness that is occurring. I mean white supremacy, racism? Sure there have always been a few people like that. But only a few! Why, all of a sudden, are all white people racists? Why has this become such a huge problem? Why are cops being assaulted when they are out protecting people from criminals. Why are politicians even talking about a "Green new deal" that would, if implemented, plunge the USA into poverty, chaos, unemployment, and despair?  The world has gone nuts!

 Regarding my friend and I, there are only there possibilities. 

Either she is highly deceived
Or I am highly deceived
Or the most frightening option of all -- we both are.  

If at all possible, please don't allow good friendships to fall apart over our current political climate. That's exactly what they want. They want to divide us. They want to instill hate in us, to make us fight and hate each other. For when we are weak, when we are divided, we will most certainly fall. 


  1. Powerful! And it's not just friends, but families being divided. We have to keep looking up and stand strong. And I'm with you. Trump is doing a good job, but I'm ever vigilant about keeping an eye on him as well. Hugs, my friend. The ❤

    1. Yes.. that's true. I have a niece and nephew who are far far left. We just don't talk about politics. Hugs back, my dear friend!

  2. Great words that are so very true. I think President Trump is doing a great job. True sometimes you wine when a statement comes up of his mouth -and you think — Oh dont go there. And then he gets torn apart by everyone.. I believe his heart is in the right place and he is making America great again and then you hear -Impeachment- and I sit and wonder why wasn’t Obama and Hillary taken over the coals . I did not vote for Obama but I didn’t tear him apart . I respected the his title of President and waited to vote a Republican President. That is what is wrong— there is no respect for the President because he is a republican.
    Really need to stand firm in the Lord. We need to be strong Prayer Warriors and keep our eyes and heart on Jesus our Lord and Savior! Thank you again for your words Praying for you MaryLu !

    1. We all respected Obama even if we disagreed with everything he did and said. We do not get the same courtesy it seems. But that's the way the world has become, just as Jesus predicted. Stand firm! Amen, Keep our eyes on Jesus. He's the only thing that makes sense in this crazy world!

  3. I did not check my spelling. That word wine should have been. Wonder

  4. He's also the first president to set foot in North about groundbreaking! He did what he said about moving the embassy to the capital of Isra'el, Jerusalem! Praise G-d! Yeshua be honored!!
    **Pray for the peace of Jerusalem**