Friday, September 20, 2019

Friday's Prophetic recap

While I don't profess to understand the Israeli election process, I have to admit I find it extermely frustrating! Can you imagine if we had a Presidential election here and the results were so inconclusive that we had to wait another year?  It seems that even after someone gets the majority of votes for Prime Minister, they still need to get a majority in the Knesset (their congress) to side with them?   Anyway, this is a vital election, because it could mean war or peace, depending on who wins. Netanyahu will keep the peace, I believe. Plus, he and Trump are close friends.
The other guy, Gantz, will inspire Israel's enemies to attack.
We wait and watch.

Of course this puts the infamous Peace deal on hold as well. Another frustration. I believe this Trump Middle East Peace Deal is the precursor for the treaty the Antichrist signs with Israel. In other words, it must be in place before the Antichrist comes on the scene.  And he's close, folks. Very close!

Of particular importance in the articles below 

  • The Pope and the Dems... and the New World Order
  • Swipe your hand at Whole Foods to buy your food
  • US Navy says UFOS are real. (more on this in another post. this is huge!)
  • War is imminent! 

One World Government

Google is not only listening to you but watching you
China pushing its Social Credit system on 33 million companies 
Twitter: Resisting gun confiscation is "hate speech"
Chemtrails anyone?  What they are spraying us with will kill us
The Pope and the Democrats are ushering in the Kingdom of Satan 
Amazon new tech lets you pay at whole foods with your hand

Alien deception

Silver flying saucer filled flying through storm. Investigated by NASA
US Navy says UFOS are real 
Astronomers chase a fast-moving comet hurling toward us from outside our solar system

Wars and rumors of wars

Russia, Turkey and Iran plan to meet in Turkey (The top 3 countries who will attack Israel in Ezekiel 38)
Florida Coast Guard receives radio message threatening to set off depth charges and sink their ships
Russia prevents Israeli airstrikes in Syria 
China and the US developing drone swarm technology that looks a lot like the locusts John describes in Revelation 9 
Israel on High alert after Netanyahu exposes Iran's secret nuclear facility in a satellite image 
Drone warfare and terrorism: This is only the beginning 
Trump says we are "locked and loaded" after attack on Saudi oil supply 
Iranian general says Iran is ready for a full-fledged war with the US 
Iran seizes another oil tanker in the strait of Hormuz 
US prepares to strike Iran as world prepares for WW3 to start 
Trump drawing up plans for a military strike on Iran
Russia conducts military drills with China - sending strong message to the west


Netanyahu vows to annex Israel's West Bank's Jordon Valley if he wins election  
Rising tide of Christian anti-semitism in America

Earth groaning

Massive swarms of dragon flies picked up in 3 states
Six quakes in 5 days reported in North Carolina
Tropical storm warning issued for Bahamas
Could another Madrid Quake happen that would split the US in 2?
Hurricane Humberto now a Cat 3


Abortion doctor's family finds over 2200 fetuses buried in his backyard
Suicide rate has hit highest level in 50 years
Planned Parenthood harvests body parts from living human babies
CA lawmakers pass bill allowing free chemical abortions for college students 
Deliverance ministry says we have no idea what demonic spirits are behind Halloween

Sodom and Gomorrah

Boys in Girls locker rooms, what could go wrong?
American's first Gay Credit Union gets green light from Michigan 
UK school bans skirts to appease transgenders 
RuPaul explains: We are all God in Drag 
Toronto news article claims eating at Chick-Fil-A will cause suffering for Queer kids


Orthodox priest in Canada fired for praying for Israel 
Baptist church calls Transgender pastor to lead Ohio congregation 
Presbyterian church hosts pagan sculpture at church


Pastor forced to flee Denmark and seek asylum in US says This is coming to America too 
California church vandalized after opposing Drag Queen Story hour at local library
Mississippi students cannot meet for prayer group during school hours
Christian couple in Cuba imprisoned for homeschooling their kids 
CA Senate just passed resolution telling pastors to embrace LBGTQ beliefs 
Anti-Christian messages spray painted on 3 Dallas churches 
CA adds Iowa to travel ban for refusing to fund transgender transitions
Hong Kong Christians fear Freedom of Religion will be gone forever
Iran imprisons bookshop owner for selling Bibles 
Amazon's new "The Boys" TV show about superheros is Satanic Blasphemy

Keep looking up! Keep telling people that God loves them!  There are still more souls to save while we are here!


  1. Good points, MaryLu...I follow happenings in Israel too (some of my friends in church are Messianic Jews). My question: Why did Iran hit Saudi oil refineries? And S.A. did not respond? (It has the Holy Site, Mecca, perhaps?) We know pretty much that S.A. was behind 9/11. I feel it is to make it tougher on U.S. (oil prices) and to draw us further into issues with Iran--send more of our men over there. Not to straighten things out-- so Iran could get rid of more of our people--the children & future families our lost men could not produce. Also, found this! (though I'm a little late)

    1. I've heard that the US and the Saudis are working together on some sort of punishment or retaliation, but I don't know for sure. Whatever the reasons for all of this, believe me they are trying to start a war. I'm talking about the Globalists.
      thanks for the Buccaneer and Pirate info!! Happy Talk Like a Pirate day!