Monday, September 30, 2019

How to be sure you're going to go in the Rapture!

Happy Rosh Hashana to my Jewish friends!

First of all: Salvation is only through Jesus and is strictly by grace and faith alone!  
A believer's rewards, however, are based on what he or she does with that salvation. 

The Rapture is a reward for faithfulness and obedience. 

I know I may get flack for this statement, but it's true and I need to say it. I need to let people know that just because you received Jesus into your heart and believe He is the Son of God who died for your sins and rose again, doesn't mean you will go in the Rapture. There are conditions. God is a covenant God and throughout Scripture, He gave conditions for each covenant. If you obey me and follow My words, I will bless and protect you....etc. Over and over again in both the Old and New Testament, there are conditions for blessings and rewards. If you don't think so, then you probably need to sit down and read the entire Bible. Mark down every time God says IF you do this, I will do this. Yes, and even in the New Testament!

I could post all the Scriptures I have listed below, but if you're really interested in seeing what the Bible says, and/or you doubt these conclusions, please take the time to look each one up. Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just relaying to you what the Bible says.

I'll start with a list of Christians who will not go in the rapture.

  1. Lukewarm or Complacent toward Jesus  Revelation 3:16
  2. No Garment - Righteous acts   Matthew 22:11-14 and Revelation 19:8
  3. No oil in lamp - asleep. Not filled with Holy Spirit.  Matthew 25:1-13
  4. Living in wilful sin   Hebrews 10:26-27
  5. Unbeliever  (Unbelieving believers)  Matthew 7:21-23
  6. Do not believe in the rapture  (Not once in the Scriptures did someone receive something they had no faith in or for)
  7. People who don't think the Lord is coming anytime soon but far off:  Matt 24:48-51
  8. People who know God's will but don't do it. Luke 12:47

Now, here's how to be sure you will go in the Rapture

  1. Watch and pray Mark 13:33
  2. Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Jesus  Luke 9:23
  3. Do the will of God  Matthew 7:21
  4. Pray to be found worthy Luke 21:36
  5. Look for Jesus's return  Hebrews 9:28
  6. Cleanse yourself  2 Cor 7:1
  7. Be an overcomer by overcoming the world, your flesh, and the devil  Rev 21:7  and Revelation 2 and 4
  8. Constantly examine yourself 2 Cor 13:5-6

 So, you see, it's not about works. What it boils down to is quite simple: Do you or do you not have a relationship with Jesus? Do you spend time with Him, reading His word and praying and listening to his voice?  Do you deny yourself and obey Him? Yes, we all mess up from time to time, but it's a matter of the heart. Are you completely devoted to Jesus and constantly trying to please Him?  Do you hate sin and hate it when you mess up? Is the thought of soon seeing Jesus make you excited? Then you're good to go! 


  1. Short and Sweet I like it! Very same conditions get you to heaven or keep you out rapture or no rapture. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    1. I agree, Jeff! Thought I think some believers would argue about that. :-( Unfortunately

  2. MaryLu, I wrote a comment on here yesterday about. Not getting your post or if they come on FB they disappear . I wrote a post and it would not accept it. I have never had any trouble not publishing a comment. Just saying. I think FB doesn’t like me anymore

    1. I think FB and Google and Twiiter, etc don't like me either Elsie! So few of my followers actually get my posts.