Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Hey peeps!
I had a little time this week to put this list of prophecy news items together for you. Some of them are absolutely shocking and most you will never hear on the lamestream media. Do not be alarmed, for these things must happen. All it means is that today we are closer to going home than ever!


Chinese authorities demolish megachurch and arrest pastors
Algerian Gov Officials close down countries largest Christian churches 
Bureaucrats threaten fines and jail time for a ministry who gives glasses to the homeless
Algerian authorities raid church and remove pastors

Netanyahu unable to form coalition. Turns reigns over to Gantz to try. 
Israel preparing for Iran missile strike
Levites sing psalms on footsteps of Temple Mount.


A 900 year old prophecy says that Pope Francis will be the last pope
Beware of Red October!  Great short video with tons of truth

Earth quaking and groaning, waiting for the Sons of God to be revealed!

3.5 Quake rattles LA
Record breaking cyclone wreaks havoc in the NorthEast
Unprecedented movement on a CA fault line that could cause an 8,0 Quake 
6.4 quake rocks Philippines 
San Francisco shaken by dozens of recent earthquakes
Nine tornadoes sweep across Texas 
4.6 Quake rocks Oregon coast, the 5th this month
Texas rattled by 3 quakes in 12 hours


Youth suicide rate increased 56% in last 10 years
5800 fake families found at border in order to bring over children for sex-traffijing  
Scariest haunted house in the US requires signed waiver and doctor's note to enter 
World's largest Quija Board unveiled in Salem


Violent clashes strike Lebanon, Chile, Barcelona, and Hong Kong
Civil unrest spreads across the world. Will the US be next? 
Chile extends state of emergency as riots continue and 11 are dead

Deception/Beast System

Linguistic analysis proves the media is running the exact SAME talking points as the democrats running for president
New Generation weapons of the New World Order
One out of every 39 kids who get government mandated vaccinations suffer serious injury
Toxic metals found in nearly ALL baby foods 
Science Study: Rising CO2 levels actually generate more food grown across the world 
Democrats plan to target churches opposed to LBGTQ 
The mark of the beast has arrived in Sweden 
Switzerland supreme court rules that parents have NO right to home school their kids 
Wisconsin workers embedded with microchips
NBC says getting chipped sounds super convenient
Google is developing AI for planetary surveillance   
Children's vaccinations contain the genome of dead babies
The NSA's secret agenda: Collecting data and turning America into a police state
Scientists fuse brain with AI to give people super human intelligence

Sodom and Gomorrah

Pennsylvania school district to eliminate locker rooms and replace with gender neutral facilities
Democratic candidates push LBGTQ agenda 
A new Ad imagines what it would be like if men got periods
Kelloggs creates ALL TOGETHER cereal to promote LBGTQ
Library's drag queen strip show goes viral 
Transgender hate crime could mean 6 months in jail 
Media normalizing Pedophilia in reality tv show called "Age Gap Love"
This one will shock you!  Jury in Texas rules against father trying to prevent his SEVEN year old son's gender transition.  God help our kids!


Satanic services at the US Naval Academy
Christianity in America continues its rapid decline
Worlds Largest Quija board materializes in Salem
Two New York churches hosting Beyonce mass!
Will these movies deceive even the elect? 
Young people who leave church no longer return when they get older 

Signs in the Sky

Huge cigar shaped sphere seen hovering over Baltimore
last seen in 1986 Halley's comet makes an appearance 

Good News!

Ancient mosaic depicting Noah's Ark and the Red Sea parting found!

 And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and wages war.

Revelation 19:11