Monday, December 30, 2019

Want to live forever? You will!

 Immortality.  It's something humans have been obsessed with since the beginning of time. Countless books and movies have been made about people trying to become immortal one way or another, or about people who are immortal, as if immortality is some sort of super power relegated to a chosen few. I remember the old Highlander movies about a Scottish Lord who, along with a select few, were immortal.  "There can be only one" was their motto, and in order to survive they had to kill off each other. Only an immortal could kill another immortal.  Anyway, I digress. I'm sure you can name books or movies about immortals. For hundreds of years, Scientists have been searching for ways to extend the human life with drugs, exercise, eating, or Not eating. Presently, there is talk about making humans part machine so they can continue to exist. 

The fact of the matter is, WE ARE ALL IMMORTAL.  Only our bodies decay and die. Our souls and spirits are immortal and will exist forever and ever.  It's a concept our world has trouble understanding or accepting. That's why when I go out and about.. to school, to the store, etc... I look around and realize that everyone I see will live forever. After their body dies, they will go one of 2 places depending on Who they trusted and lived for while in this place. Now, that's a pretty astounding statement if you stop and think about it.

Yet so many people in this world spend their entire lives trying to please their bodies, the only part of them that will inevitably decay and die. We strive for happiness in marriage, relationships, career, money, fame, success, accolades. We surround ourselves with as many luxuries and comforts that we can afford, believing that in them, we will reach some level of satisfaction and happiness in this life. Yet, if you talk to people who have achieved many of these things... the rich and famous, and if they are honest, they'll tell you they still aren't truly happy. 

One famous person put it like this:  I achieved everything in life anyone would want... all the women I wanted, money coming out my ears, luxuries, vacations, fame, a mansion. boats, jewels, the best food and wine, friends, lovers, and the praise of the world. I climbed to the top of the highest peak. But when I got there, it was empty.

It's so easy to get caught up in seeking happiness in this world, and there's truly nothing wrong with things like. Careers, marriage, success, fame, luxuries.  However the problem is that none of them satisfy for long. Yes, you might get that job you've always wanted, but after awhile it becomes common place. You might marry that person you've always dreamed of, but then you discover that your romantic dreams of endless bliss don't happen the way you hoped. You might buy that million dollar home, but then it comes with tons of upkeep and maintenance. Or that new video game that you grow tired of.. or that new outfit that grows old.  You might even achieve fame, but you soon discover the crowd is fickle and they quickly move on to the next sensation.

The truth is that after the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, mankind lost more than paradise, more than an eternal body, more than his soul, he lost a world that could satisfy. He lost his joy. I've been around for 61 years and I've achieved many wonderful things. I have a college degree I'm a published author, I have a good marriage, several kids and incredible grandkids.  I've traveled to many places and God has always supplied my needs. But I can honestly say, yes, those things provide temporary happiness, but it never lasts. The world has a way of stealing your joy, of disappointing you. That's because we live in a fallen world run by a being who hates our very existence.

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10:10

Jesus tells us that He came to give us abundant life. Unfortunately, many Christians take that verse and believe it's all about them and their own personal happiness. But I don't think that's what Jesus is saying here. I think Jesus is telling us that He wants to take away the disappointments, the boredom, the emptiness of our life here on earth.  He knows how empty this world is. He knows nothing will satisfy here but HIM.  He's not saying He's going to give us more of the things He knows will NOT satisfy, He's saying that by our knowing Him, each day will filled with more life and joy than anything this world has to offer.  

I can honestly say that I have found this to be true!!  It didn't happen all at once when I first believed in Jesus and trusted in Him, but over the years as my relationship with Him has grown, He has made each day filled with purpose, love, and joy, regardless of what I'm going through. If you're not experiencing that, then keep getting to know Him.. keep spending time with Him. Soon, as the song goes,.. the things of this world will become strangely dim....  they won't matter anymore! 

And the best part is, when this old body dies and we go to be with the Lord, there will never be another day in all of eternity where we aren't overflowing with purpose, joy, happiness and love because eternity with Jesus is going to be far better than we can possibly imagine! 

Remember to pray for all the immortals around you. If they don't accept Jesus, trust in Him and make Him Lord of their lives, they will not spend eternity with Him in glorious happiness. He's a gentleman who will not force anyone to accept His free gift.  Hell is the only other option, and I can't imagine a place where people will be tortured forever. So, let us keep praying for all the immortals in our lives!

In a few weeks, I'm planning an important post on why I believe 2020 is going to be a very prophetic year!  So, keep looking up!

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  1. Seeking, Praying, Walking in my anointing, fulfilling His purposes for me! Praying as I see so many who are just spending time on things material or things that are harmful to them physically and spiritually.