Friday, January 24, 2020

Mad Friday News!

 Since I stopped reporting the news on Fridays, so much keeps happening that I'm always itching to tell you! I just wish I had more time. I did have a few minutes this week, so I thought I'd post a few news items that you might find interesting and alarming. You may have already heard some of them. However, don't be afraid. All these happenings just reaffirm how close we are to our Lord's return. If you didn't read my post on Monday about why I think the rapture may occur in 2020, I encourage you to do so. It may bless you.

Rise of the Beast System

George Soros gave Global Climate Strike partners more than 24 million
French Intellectual sentenced to prison for calling mass immigration and "invasion"
German language police ban the phrase "Climate Hysteria"
Automatic license plate readers expand to smaller cities 
Totally FAKE science will now be mandatory in California schools
New App lets strangers find your information with a snap of a photo 
Amazon's new Pay-by-hand = fast tracking the Mark of the Beast 
World Health Organization admits that Toxic vaccine ingredients are harming kids 
The Communist takeover of the US 
China plans to relocated 300 Million of its people to Africa to take over 
Facebook declares that denying the existence of trans identities is hate speech


Prominent Rabbi says that the 40 World leaders meeting in Jerusalem are preparation for the Messiah
The Rise of Gog! Putin's government resigns, leaving him in charge indefinitely 
Sanhedrin meets with representatives of 10 lost tribes to convince them to return to Israel


Turkey deploys troops to Libya to reestablish Muslim Caliphate with Jerusalem as the capital

Earth Groaning

CDC testing several people here in the US for the Wuhan virus from China
China stops outbound flights and trains to halt spread of deadly virus
Experts say over 4000 people could be infected with virus from China and it could spread quickly 
Mystery virus from China is adapting and mutating and there are no drugs against it
East Tennessee rattling from unusual earthquakes
Australia slammed with hail, pestilence, and darkness in just one week
Vicious Storm roars across Spain killing 9 and flooding many cities 
Wormwood mentioned in Revelation continues to make headlines 
Volcano in Alaska spews ash, prompting a red alert
Since 2020 began we've had plagues, volcanic eruptions, quakes and crazy weather!
4.5 quake rattles Kansas
6.4 Quake strikes China
Volcanoes all over the earth are coming to life! 
Massive sinkhole in China swallows 6 alive and leaves several missing 
Taal volcanic eruption: 466 earthquakes and ash fired into the sky

Signs in the sky

Mysterious burst of gravitational waves hit earth, baffling astronomers 
Mystery booms, hummings, and flashing lights seen and heard in California and Ohio


New York hosts "Abortion is normal" exhibit to benefit Planned Parenthood
Mutant goat born with human face is worshiped as avatar of God
Temple of Satan vows to preach about the Dark Lord in Schools 
Bodies of 400 children found in mass graves at Catholic orphanage 
45 year old man caught with child porn says he identifies as an 8 year old girl.  
First transgender doll clothed in a dress with a penis spotted in toy store


Nigerian pastor beheaded for refusing to deny Christ 
Terrorists kill Christian Bride to be and her bridesmaids on the way to her wedding 
Christians see alarming trend worldwide as China builds blueprint for persecution 


Church leaders ask older members to leave in order to attract younger members/
Rise of cults and cult leaders in the last days 
Most pastors don't connect world events with Christ's return

Good news

Trump issues new rule ensuring prayer in school is protected

 Have a blessed weekend!!!  Jesus loves you! Never forget that.


  1. Thanks MaryLu
    I am always blessed by your post. We are getting so close! Are you referring to the Methodist church splitting for the Apostasy?

    1. Yes, I believe it was a Methodist church. :-) Yes, we are getting close!