Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Every time I look at the prophetic news, I'm shocked. And it's really hard to shock me these days.

This Coronavirus is not what it seems. I don't mean to alarm anyone, but I believe we are being lied to. I think the virus is a coverup for something far more sinister. Just be prepared. I encourage you to stock up on emergency food and water and medical supplies just in case. Don't live in fear. God is with us.

Here's just a portion of recent news as it relates to Biblical prophecy

China deploys 40 incinerators in death toll cover up 
Locust plague approaches Egypt 
Locusts devour tens of thousands of acres in Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya
Smartphone addiction changes your brain
Volcano in Ecuador signalling eminent collapse 
Giant Triangular UFO spotted in Texas after it was spotted in New York
3 million in Mississippi remain under state of emergency after historic flooding
Corey Feldman needs 24 hour security as he prepares to release a film about Hollywood pedophiles
The Revival of Witchcraft in America
Lawmakers officially recognize CNN and the Washington Post as Fake news
Turkey threatens imminent large scale invasion
Democrats call for Socialism and the end of Capitalism at a Bernie Sanders rally
10 plagues that are hitting our planet simultaneously
Foster care continues to be a child sex trafficking pipeline 
New VA bill would mean Baptist schools could not fire cross-dressing teachers
Strong Earthquakes hammer Greece
Palestinian expert says Israel is already building their 3rd temple UNDER the AQSA mosque 

That's all I had time to collect this week, but I figure it's enough to give you an idea of what is going. Everything is according to Scripture. Nothing catches God by surprise.   We who are His Children need fear none of this. We only keep watch so that we can pray over the situations and also be encouraged that our Savior is coming soon!

Have a very blessed weekend!  Pray for discernment and wisdom! Stay close to Jesus! 


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  1. Thank you MaryLu! I love all the stories as I'm trying to not getvon Facebook as much!!