Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday's Mad Mad World!

I normally will not have the time to put together these Friday news posts, but I've been taking some time off after my book release before I start another book. Although I keep up with most of the news, I'm always shocked at what I come up with when I dig deeper. There's no way anyone who knows the Bible can argue that we aren't in the end times. In fact, I would say we are in the last minutes of the last day.

There's something very peculiar about this C Virus. I've heard a bunch of different opinions and ideas. Some say it was manufactured in China as a Bio-Weapon. Others say that it was accidentally released and only meant for the protestors in Hong Kong. Others say that there really isn't a virus at all, but it's a result of the roll out of 5G in China. If you do some research on 5G, you'll find that it causes humans to fall very ill with a variety of horrible symptoms. Did China know this and do it on purpose? It certainly put an immediate halt to the Hong Kong protests! What about 5G here in the US?  So many questions!!  Either way, I urge you NOT to trust your media or government. We are not being told the truth.

Regardless, I'm not trying to cause fear. I have heard from 2 prophets thus far who say that "2020 is the year of all things"  Whether that is true or not, we need NOT FEAR. Those of us who walk with Jesus are protected. His Word says so. I'll post more on that on Monday, because in truth, for the first time, yours truly actually started to freak out a little bit! 

If anything, all these signs are only meant to encourage the Bride of Christ that soon, very soon, our Lord is coming to rescue us!  Yes, we may endure trials and struggles in the mean time. But now is the time to put our faith into action! Do we believe God has our back and will protect us or do we not?


Quakes, Volcanoes, Plagues, oh my!

Vietnam Quarantines 10,000 due to Coronavirus
Apocalyptic locust swarms in Africa
South Korea in emergency phase as Coronavirus spreads
Global crop failures continue as Australia has worst harvest season ever
Coronavirus could empty shelves by mid-April 
Locust swarm reaches Saudi Arabia 
Coronavirus edges toward a Pandemic. 
A swarm of 40,000 bees attacked firefighters and police 
5.7 Quake kills 9 in Turkey 
Global food production at risk with the convergence of disasters 
Jordan, Somalia, and Pakistan declare a national emergency over locust swarms 
Dow plunges 1000 points over Coronavirus fears
Health officials in Oregon won't say how many people are being monitored for Coronavirus
Canary Islands engulfed by apocalyptic sandstorms
San Francisco declares a State of Emergency over Coronavirus 
Major floods hit Indonesia for 2nd time this year
Severe flooding in Egypt
Over 80 people under quarantine in New York for possible Coronavirus infection 
400 Coronavirus infections in Italy 
Worst hailstorm since 2010 strikes Perth, Australia

Wars and Rumors of Wars

20 Missiles launched from Gaza into Israel
Turkey gives final warning before launching war against Russia 
Israel closes roads and trains near Gaza a fear of conflict rises 
Netanyahu threatens all out war if rockets continue 
25 Dead in Hindu-Muslim clashes in Delhi 
Arabs planning a million man march against Israel 
Islamic Jihad looking to provoke war with Israel

Beast System rising

Twitter is testing new ways to ban free speech
Globalists use Coronavirus to push for Global Government 
The 5-G Trojan Horse.
Europe's new Academic Fascism  
Will Hillary become the Democratic Presidential Nominee? 
Dutch State Secretary admits they use 5G for Crowd control 
More and more people implanting microchips under their skin in hopes of improving their lives 
China faces financial Armageddon: World economy at risk

Sodom and Gomorrah

Disney introduces first LBGTQ animated character
Transgenderism grows by 1500% in Sweden 
Pete Buttigieg helps a 9 year old boy come out as gay at a Denver rally 
Court orders Testosterone for 14 year old girl against her father's wishes 
Schools helping students to gender transition without parental consent

Signs in the Sky

Multiple meteors seen in skies across the world 
Cameras catch a UFO following the Space Station for over 20 minutes! 
More Fireballs seen in Sky over Russia, Dominican Republic, and Spain


Is Finland about to make Christianity illegal?
Judge says Christian Professor's beliefs are not protected under the First amendment 
5 churches burned, many Christians killed in attack at Boko Haram, Nigeria 


First Baptist church to host Transgender speaker
Progressive pastors failing the Church: Mainline churches abandon Scripture

  Have a very blessed weekend!!


  1. Thanks for collaborating all this info in one place!

    1. You're welcome, Katy!! Thanks for dropping by. :-)