Monday, March 23, 2020

Get ready for the Exodus: Important post , must read!

The Bible speaks about a final empire that will rule the world. It tells us that this empire will be like no other on earth has been and will be ruled by the Antichrist. I don't want to spend my time in this post explaining all of that, but you'll find all the information you need in the Scriptures. This empire will last 7 years, which the Bible calls The Tribulation or The Time of Jacob's Trouble or The Day of the Lord. Satan will rule through the Antichrist and it will be hell on earth. Most of the earth will be destroyed and most of the population will die. Sorry, but that's in the Bible and I believe it. 

In light of that, I find it quite reasonable to discover that there are a group of people who have been trying to usher in a New World Order for over a thousand years. Call them the Global Cabal, the Illuminati, etc.. whatever you want, but they are the ones who are really in charge behind the scenes and who have been manipulating world events to create wealth and power for themselves.  Probably one of the most sane, logical, and informative videos on this topic can be found HERE.  If you are thinking I'm nuts or you haven't heard this before, I encourage you to watch it. 

It may upset you to discover that the Illuminati were deeply involved in the founding and creation of the U.S.  A quick examination of the US Dollar bill will show some rather off-putting symbolism such as the all seeing eye and a phrase
that when translated means "a new world order for the ages" .  In truth, these Satanists and Globalists have been trying to usher in a "New World Order" for ages, carefully biding their time, plotting and planning, until the right time came. Of special interest is the Federal Reserve. You may not know much about this organization but it is the USA's central bank. They have enormous power to change interest rates, manipulate currency, regulate all banks, and essentially manage the entire US economy. They say they are a government agency, but they are actually run by a group of private bankers. But I digress.

I believe that the One World Government is right around the corner. I've been praying to the Lord for discernment and listening to many experts out there and I truly believe that whether or not this C-virus is as bad as they say and whether or not it was man-made and released on purpose, they are using it to take over. Never has history recorded a time when the entire world was on lock down with people ordered to stay home. Not only that, but many governments are instilling martial law and forcing people to stay home!  Who would have ever thought it could have been done so easily? And so quickly!  Especially here in America where we are freedom loving people who would never have allowed our rights to be so easily stripped from us!  But they did it!  And all it took was a virus. In truth, I've been listening to some people who can prove that they planned this and even had open meetings and drills where they discussed how to implement it. Here's a brief one about the CDC hiring more workers, tons more before we even knew about the virus. Bill Gates spoke about it last year. And here's an article about a high-level government official who talked about this happening 2 years ago! Coincidence?

So, if this is truly what's happening, what is coming next? If this is the takeover they have been planning for years, then I believe their next 3 steps are obvious.

1. They are crashing the global economy so badly by these virus fears and everyone being forced to stay home, not work, and close businesses that it will truly never recover. There will be food shortages and money shortages and people will get desperate. What happens when people get desperate? They look for a savior., someone with power to come along and rescue them! (a.k.a. Antichrist) 

2. Now, this is just my guess here, but it makes sense because they want to control the global economy. They will slowly tell people that having cash is not safe because the virus can stay on it for days, so they will probably try to confiscate all cash and tell people to use debit and credit cards. But the shortly after that, they will tell people that the virus can also live on plastic so the guess what? People will need to get a chip instead. Not only for this virus but for others to come.  

3. The will formulate a vaccine for this virus and others and slowly begin to make it mandatory. (This is already happening in Denmark) If you don't take it, you are a danger to society and will have to be either quarantined or taken to a FEMA camp somewhere.  I'm one of those people who are against most vaccines. I've heard enough about the horrible stuff they are putting in them and the negative effects on kids, that I'm very skeptical of any shot my doctor wants to give me. I know there are some that kids must get, I understand, but I don't trust my government at all. I fear that this vaccine will contain something that will either make us more sick or it will have a chip in it that will track our every move. They are already talking about putting a chip in it that can check your vitals and relay that info to your doctor so he or she can know the minute you start getting sick. Talk about Big Brother!   

Check out this article:  DOJ wants to suspend certain Constitutional rights 
Bill Gates plans to use microchip implants to fight C-Virus

I don't know if things will go down like this, but I'm a logical thinking person. If these people want to create a one world government in which they are in control of everyone on the planet and their money, etc, this would seem a very logical and effective way to do it.  Add to that the fact that from Scripture and Prophecy, we know we are in the last days and there will eventually be a One Word Empire, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize what is going down. Jesus and most of the apostles warned us not to be deceived. They spoke of a time in which there would be great deception, so why are we so surprised to find out our governments are lying to us?

Believe me, If I wasn't a Christian and I was reading this, I'd think this romance author had gone looney-tunes!  But this all goes along with what the Bible tells us will happen. 

Could I be wrong about what is to come? Yes! But I truly believe that if these things do not happen this time, they will try this again and eventually pull it off. Perhaps they are only preforming a test run for the real thing later. I have no idea. But it would seem that a pandemic is the perfect way to gain total control.  

If this is not a test run, then I believe the rapture of the bride of Christ is imminent. Actually even if it is a test run, I know we are close. Not in 5 years or 10 years, but soon. Remember we know from Scripture that the church leaves before the Antichrist is revealed. I'm not trying to scare anyone!  I merely want to open your eyes to what may be going on behind the scenes, to think outside the box, and certainly don't believe everything you are told. I also want to give you hope, hope that soon you will be snatched from this evil world and run into the arms of Jesus! 

We are not to fear this virus, our government, or the devil himself!  We are to keep our eyes on Jesus, who has promised to be with us and bring us safely home!  

If you don't know Jesus or you aren't sure whether you are saved, Click HERE

I love you all....




  1. Kathy Pitts SmithMarch 23, 2020 at 5:37 AM

    It is happening right before our eyes, and so many people have their heads in the sand and actually believe our governments truly want to help us. This could not be further from the truth! Frightening days! Thank you for your enlightenment MaryLu. We need all of your insight on what is to come, your encouragement, and your love to help keep us faithful. Keep sending these. Sometimes they are the only thing that keeps me going.

    1. I know, Kathy, and it scares me that so many are deceived. We must pray for them and the whole world. I'm glad my posts bless you. That's my intent.. and also to open eyes and save some! Hugs

  2. Thanks for sharing. It is amazing how everyone is falling into place. The churches completely shut down with no fight. Nobody calling for repentance. Let’s just lay down and let them take over. Hell no not me.

  3. Wow..we just spoke about this last night,my sisters and I,People are easily deceived.I believe this has come to pass because it is Bible.We learnt about this in Bible school 40yrs ago and my oh my,it is scary if you don't know Jesus Christ.
    Thank you so much.Bless your life

    1. Yes, what's amazing is that this was all prophesied in the Bible. If people would just read it and see, they would believe. Jesus is LORD! Amen! And He's coming back soon!

  4. We had a prophet in our day that has already forewarned us of these last day's that's why we have stored up food for these last day's that awaits us l thank GOD for his provided way GOD BLESS ALL

    1. Yes, we have done that as well. Interesting that now when I try to buy emergency food, they are all sold out! God WILL provide. We must trust Him