Friday, March 6, 2020

What's going on in the skies?

I've been wanting to bring this to your attention for some time now, but I've feared being labeled a conspiracy nut. While that may be true 😁,  what I'm about to show you is also true. Many people are so focused on their busy lives, they don't look up into the skies very often, including me. But for the past 5 years or so, I've been noticing some strange things. If you haven't heard of Chemtrails before, this will probably shock you. Not by just seeing them and being aware of them, but because of what they mean and who is behind them.  I don't claim to have all the answers, but I know something nefarious is going on.

Have you ever looked up and seen a sky like this?

I have. Many times here where I live.  The government and aviation industries will tell you this is normal contrails from planes. But that doesn't make sense to me. I've seen plenty of jets fly across my sky (including military) and they never leave long flowing white trails like this that stick around for hours.  I've been on this planet 61 years and I've never seen this before.

The Contrails are always short and they disappear within minutes. The Chemtrails last for hours and actually spread out and produce a cloud cover.  Besides if the Chemtrails are actually innocently produced from jets flying around... why aren't they following a regular line of flight? Why do they criss cross all over the place?  Doesn't make sense to me.  So I started looking into it  and found a lot of information on people who have investigated these things. 

Apparently they are full of all sort of chemicals that are harmful to humans.  Yes, you can google this and I guarantee you will find a ton of articles that say this is conspiracy theory and people who are worried about this are all nuts (There's nothing to see here. Go home)  But you'll also find some good info about what is in these and some possible reasons why this is happening.

So why is this happening?
There are many theories.
  1. They want to make us sick and dependent on government for help (and hence they can control us)
  2. They want to affect our minds and ability to think (Again, control)
  3. They want to reduce the population  (This is actually a goal of the global elite that they have published)
  4. They are trying to hide something in the skies.

This is where the shock starts to set in. I was raised to believe that our government here in America was good and that most politicians wanted the best for the American people. And I believe that was true many many years ago.  It's a very hard awakening when you realize that your government is evil and that they want to do you harm.  But this is where we find ourselves.

Here are some articles and a video I encourage you to check out.

Stop Spraying California
Best Chemical Detox
Chemtrails real purpose
Chemtrails from a reliable YouTuber I watch  (please watch)

We now come to number 4. If they are trying to hide something, what exactly is it?  I recently found this You tube channel called The Final Days. I've watched several of her videos and I have asked for discernment. I believe what she is showing here is the truth.  Please watch with caution because I'm telling you this is going to rock your world.

The Final Days. 

I encourage you to check out all her recent videos.

I realize I'm going to be labeled a nut job after this post. I prayed about bringing up this topic.  My goal is NOT to create fear, but to inform and to wake people up to what is really going on in our world. Do I pretend to understand all of this or believe all of it? No. I just use my God-given common sense, the Bible, and I pray about it all, always asking the Lord to keep me from deception.

Other than waking you up, my other goal is to encourage you to purchase some emergency food and water and be prepared in case things get bumpy before we leave this place.

I love you all. I really do, and pray that everyone comes to the knowledge of the Truth of Jesus!


  1. If you look at a population chart over the last six thousand years you will notice and exponential curve of unstainable population growth. The planet just can't continue to handle the population two hundred years from now. So you have to believe that something must be done to correct this problem. For Christians it is the rapture of the church and Christ in charge for 1000 years. If you don't have that hope in mind you have to come up with and alternative plan. Yes the super rich are working on this problem. The answer is don't worry just put your trust in Christ Jesus or suffer His wrath. Coming soon to a town near you!