Monday, March 16, 2020

Why are you afraid? How to defeat the new attack of the enemy!

For those of you who have asked, no, the Covid-19 virus is not the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse. Those 4 horses are not released until after the rapture. The first horse is the Antichrist himself, riding off to conquer!  To be honest, the plagues that will come in the Tribulation will make this virus look like a hang nail. 

I've been monitoring various prophetic websites and reliable news sites regarding the virus over the past few weeks, and I've heard various theories as to the cause of this virus and the purpose. I cannot say with conviction that I know exactly what is truth and what isn't, but there are a few men and women of God who I have found to be reliable when it comes to Words from the Lord. In addition I have asked God to reveal to me the truth and to not allow me to be deceived. Therefore, based on my research and prayer, here's some things to consider. If you still trust our government, some of this may shock you.

Coronavirus is man made and planned   (You might find it interesting that the virus was mentioned with great accuracy in a Dean Koontz book written in 1981). Who made it and planned it is unclear, but I wouldn't blame China exclusively.

The Flu-like symptoms of some of the people may not be the actual virus at all, but a result of 5G rollout in populated areas.  You can just search on "5G health risks" to see the list of symptoms. 

The actual threat of the virus is being hyped up by the media to create panic and fear and it is being used by the Democrats in our country to place blame on Trump and oust him from office. 

The "test" for the virus, which includes swabbing the inside of your mouth, will be used to collect everyone's DNA

The panic created by the media (who get their orders from the Deep State) will be used to instill martial law in communities and take power. Or at least it will be a short dry run to be used later in the Tribulation. Isn't it amazing how one virus can shut down everything and force people into their homes? Strip us of our rights?

The panic and fear sweeping the planet could potentially be used in the future to force people to take a vaccine, which will shortly be available. The vaccine will most likely contain either a pathogen far worse than the coronavirus OR a RFID chip which could later be used as the Mark of the Beast.  The Vaccine could be a mandatory vaccine and those who refuse to take it would be taken to FEMA camps and kept imprisoned there. 

I'm not downplaying this virus. I know it is killing people. But I don't trust the powers that be. I don't trust our government or governmental agencies. Why? Because I believe in Satan and I know he's been working behind the scenes in order to set up his one world government. Many people in power have sold their souls to him. This virus is an attack of the enemy to keep God's people in fear and prevent us from going out to reach others for Jesus!

Now for the positive side of this post!  

In Luke 8:22-25,  Jesus gets in a boat with His disciples and He tells them that they will cross the lake to the other side. Then He promptly falls asleep. The enemy, who I'm sure was looking for every opportunity to kill Jesus, sends a huge storm (Coronavirus) against the boat. Now imagine this, Jesus is Sleeping!! The boat is being tossed to and fro, up and down. Water is sloshing over the sides. Thunder is roaring, lightning is flashing!  And Jesus is asleep! Why? Because He trusts in His Father to protect Him. He has no fear of Satan and His attacks!  

Well, you might say, He was God. Of course He's not afraid! But He was also fully man. He could have sinned. He could have been afraid. He chose faith over fear. The disciples, however are more like us. We see the storm, the waves, the lightning, and we panic. We cry out to God, "Don't you care that we are perishing?" 

Then He arose and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water. And they ceased, and there was a calm.  But He said to them, “Where is your faith?”

Jesus has told you and me that we are going to the other side and He will get us there safely. Maybe it's time we believe Him!

God wants to send a great revival in these last minutes before He comes for His Bride. The enemy wants to stop Him.  Don't fall for His tricks! Don't allow fear to enter your heart. 

I ENCOURAGE you to watch this 30 minute video from a pastor in Africa. A friend on facebook sent it to me and my, my, but it blessed me and empowered me. I was going to mention some of the things he said here, but it's best if you watch it yourself. WELL Worth the time!  He teaches you how to pray against this virus and against the enemy over you, your family, and your community!   It's also a direct Word from the Lord to us!

And before I leave you, I feel I must warn you that when and if they create a vaccine for this virus, pray about it and ask the Lord what to do. I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you this. I will refuse to take it


  1. As always, I feel your posts are so enlightening!

    There are so many ways they are collecting our DNA, from ancestry sites to sickness swabs to paternity cases!

    1. Yes... they are so sneaky about it too. And people just line up like sheep. So sad.

  2. Hubby and I enjoyed the video and prayed over our community, nation, family, etc! The Corona virus is NOT! Thanks for sharing, MaryLu!

    1. Yes, I did too! It empowered me to pray harder!!

  3. Why do they want our dna? What’s the purpose for collecting it?

    1. I know it's hard to wrap one's head around the fact that our government is not essentially good and doesn't care about us at all. Not everyone in it, of course... but the major powers. It took me awhile to accept this, but evidence is all around. Anyway, they could use it for a number of things... to track us, to pin a crime on us, to find our relatives, and probably a host of things I can't even imagine...