Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Great timeline of a possible 2020 Rapture!

I don't share many videos because I don't trust the sources. In this case, I watched the entire thing and this man seems to have really done his homework and to be a follower of Jesus. I couldn't find anything he said that wasn't Biblical. He is NOT setting a date, but he has tons of evidence for a potential rapture this year. At the end, he says that all this is only his opinion based on research and the timing is the Lord's!  But I thought it was very encouraging and enlightening and I learned things too!  I hope you enjoy it!

Why do you keep talking about the rapture, MaryLu?  None of us know when it will happen. True! I talk about it because the Lord has asked me to, because He wants me to get the word out so people will get serious about Him and their walk with Him AND so we can all help save those who don't know Him.  If you knew the final boarding call was only months away, wouldn't you be more diligent to tell your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors about Jesus?

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