Monday, May 18, 2020

The Great Awakening, Great Revival, or the Great Escape?

I've had lots of opposition recently to some posts I've made that point to certain end times signs that prove we are getting close to the end of the age. I honestly try to vet everything I post and see if it's found in more than one reliable place. I will also share posts from other sites that I trust. I realize that some of these posts (i.e. ones dealing with the antichrist or the mandatory vaccine or how evil our leaders are) can be very frightening. I guess I'm one of those people who would rather know the truth than live in ignorant bliss. But I realize not all people are like that. Of course, to me, these signs get me more excited than afraid, because I know my Savior is coming soon! I have come to realize (better late than never) that not all people feel (or believe) that.  Which leads me to this post, today.

(By the way, if I ever post anything you feel is incorrect, please let me know. I try to post only true things, but I'm only human and have limited time. Also, I don't necessarily trust mainstream news, so it's often difficult to discover the truth from lies. All I ask is that you be polite about it. Let's not argue in comments or be mean to me or others. You never know when a non-believer will drop by and what a terrible witness! K?)

I've noticed there seem to be Four Camps of Christian end times beliefs in these last days.

1. Political Restoration and a Great Awakening.

I have members of this group in my own family. These would be the QAnon followers who believe that Trump and Q and the military who follow him will get rid of all the bad Deep State actors in D.C., clean out the swamp, and restore America to its former glory as a democratic republic of freedom and prosperity.  They believe these evil people, along with many pedophiles and satan worshipers will soon be jailed and made to pay for their crimes, and afterward America will rise again. Part of this rising will be a return to our Biblical roots and a revival of sorts where America turns back to God.!  Sounds great! 

The only problem is, it isn't Biblical. In addition, it reeks of a current false theology called New Apostolic Reformation. (more on that below).  The Bible is very clear on the events that occur in the end times leading up to the return of Jesus. Jesus describes these as birth pangs in Matthew 24. The Birth Pangs he describes there have already started. In fact, they began in the 1900s and have been increasing ever since. After having had two children, I know for a fact that once the birth pangs begin, they grow in intensity and frequency until the baby is born. They do not stop, they do not grow lighter. These pangs are described by Jesus and also throughout the New Testament by the Apostles.  So, the belief that all of a sudden there's going to be a Great Awakening in the US and a restoration of Godliness and Freedom is a pipe dream.  Do I wish it were true? Absolutely! I would love to see my grandkids grow up in a Godly nation as free individuals.  

Some may say that we aren't in the end times yet, so this Awakening could happen. I disagree. Jesus said in Matthew 24:32-35 that the generation that witnessed the birth of Israel would be the final generation. That was 72 years ago.  All the signs of the end are here. I could list them and explain each one but that is for another time. 

I used to follow Q. I would listen to what he or they said and hope it was all true. Arrests were coming. Thousands of indictments have been issued. But then nothing ever happened. It's a false flag, a good cop bad cop routine they are using to placate the patriots. If I'm wrong, I will be glad to admit it.

2. Great Revival is coming in these last days.

There are many believable Christians having dreams and visions about a coming final tidal wave of revival wherein the Holy Spirit is poured out upon believers and we go forth with signs and wonders to spread the Gospel to our neighbors, cities and communities!  In all in favor of this! I would love to see people in my city saved and come into the kingdom. I would love to be a part of that!  And I truly truly hope it happens. I pray for it to happen.

However, once again, I realize that throughout Scripture and history, God never sends revival without repentance and true commitment to Him. While there are some believers who are true followers of Jesus, I just don't see the church as a whole truly following Him. What I see is apostasy at the worst and lukewarmness at the best. It may not be your church, but most churches out there are lukewarm. Some churches accept the LBGTQ agenda, others preach prosperity gospel, others still the hyper-grace theology. Until the church falls on its knees and repents, I don't see why God would pour out His Holy Spirit on us. Maybe He will on the few who truly love Him and then He will send them out! I hope so.  Perhaps this will be His last ditch effort to save people before He returns.  

3. Great Escape - The Rapture

Those who follow this camp believe that we are very near the end and Jesus will rapture His Bride soon.  These are the people who know the Bible and have been watching the signs all around them that match up with Biblical prophecy.  Because of that, they can't help but believe that each day could be the day their Lord returns. Even though the world seems to be growing more and more evil around them, they do not lose heart, because they know that only means they will see their Lord soon. They stay informed, pray for discernment, and ask God to keep them from deception. They do not live in fear no matter what is going on around them. They are excited and live in great anticipation for that call from heaven!

4. New Apostolic Reformation  (AKA Dominionism or Kingdom Now)

In a nutshell, this is a movement that began in the 1990s and has swept across the globe and influenced many churches and church leaders here in America.  From what I understand, the people who started this movement believe that the chief roles of Apostles and Prophets was ignored by the church for too many years and needs to be brought back now in order for the church to fulfill Jesus's command to spread the Gospel across the world and make disciples of every nation.  Their churches or groups of churches are led by Apostles while Prophets rank number 2 in power and importance.

Here's an excerpt from an article I will link below:

Thus, NAR apostles and prophets claim that it is now God’s desire for the church — under the leadership of apostles and prophets — to take dominion of the earth in preparation for His return. This task will be accomplished with the help of miraculous powers wielded by the NAR apostles and prophets and their followers. 

Yet, it should be emphasized that, when NAR leaders talk about “transforming society,” as Wagner does here, they are not speaking merely of efforts to positively influence culture. Rather, they are speaking of efforts to take control of the earth’s societal institutions — that is, dominionism. This becomes more obvious when one understands another major NAR teaching known as the “Seven Mountain Mandate.” identified as government, media, family, business/finance, education, church/religion, and arts/entertainment.

They believe that before Jesus returns, there will be a great transfer of all the world's wealth from the hands of the wicked to the NAR Apostles. They also believe there will be a great End Times Revival when many people will come to Jesus. They do believe in the rapture but they believe it will only occur when the NAR followers receive some sort of last "revelation" from the Apostles and prophets that will immediately transform their immortal bodies into superhuman bodies.  

I'm linking to an article here from a woman who has researched this and written a book. This is a dangerous false doctrine, that while it seems to have good intentions, is leading many astray. It has infiltrated the church here in America and across the globe and led many people to believe that God's church will grow in holiness and power and eventually take over the entire world. (Sounds a lot like the Islamic goal)  In truth the Church of Christ will rule and reign here on earth for the 1000 year millennial reign of Christ, but we will rule with Jesus AND that doesn't happen until after the 7 year Tribulation. 

In other words, according the the Bible, things on earth grow worse and worse and worse, finally becoming even more horrific when the Antichrist rules the planet during the 7 year tribulation. God pours out His wrath on an unrepentant and evil generation during this time and then Jesus finally returns to defeat the Antichrist, lock up the devil, and take His rightful place as ruler of the earth from Jerusalem!!  This is all found in the Bible, yet these NAR people ignore it. The church does not take over the world BEFORE Jesus returns. If anything, the church ends up being more and more persecuted until we are raptured out of here. After that, God, Himself grants the antichrist the power to conquer any Christians left.  So, to believe that the Church will rise up and take over the world and make it a righteous planet before Jesus comes is heresy. 

If you have been taught that or believe that, I beg you to break free from it, get on your knees and repent and then read your Bible for yourself. If you want to know more, here's a great video by Amir Tsarfati, a preacher from Israel.

I, for one, find myself in camp 3. The signs are all around us and I know my Savior is coming soon. I do hope and pray for a revival, but if one comes, I believe it will be short. Labor pains do not stop. Hence, I will continue to look up to heaven for our redemption draws nigh!

If you want to call me a fear-monger or tell me I'm doing the devil's work, go ahead. I can only do what Jesus tells me to do. I only answer to Him.



  1. Good morning, MaryLu, I am truly sorry there are those believers who would be unkind in disagreeing with a particular post. Good grief, no one of us has 100% correct theology or interpretation of Scripture! Nevertheless, adhering to the basic foundations of the faith (evangelical, that is) and the literal interpretation of Scripture should lead to certain conclusions. There are, as you say, major problems with points 1, 2, and 4. I do not see any of those in Scripture. I would love for point 2 to be true, and many believe it is, but I just don't see it clearly delineated in Scripture. Certainly, if there were a massive wave of revival and supernatural activity prior to the Rapture, Scripture would be clear about it? In the meantime, like you, I'm looking up! Thanks for all you do, MaryLu, to keep us informed. May all of us treat each other with the grace and patience that Jesus has toward us.

  2. Camp 3 for sure, after reading the complete bible, guess what, all manmade churches are lollypops for insecure people. I'm a true believer, had contact with the almighty, and long for the Great Happening, as many of us. I do respond everytime here with my Gmail account, but show up as anonymous, call me Johan.

    1. Johan, I like that analogy.. lollypops for insecure people. I do believe that's true of many churches. Nice to meet another true believer! God Bless!

  3. We are with you as well, MaryLu. Jesus is coming soon as the signs are more and more obvious.

    1. Thanks, Lorraine! I wonder why so many believers seem oblivious to the signs... sad.

  4. Jesus is coming soon! Waiting and watching expectantly with my lamp full!