Monday, May 4, 2020

Understanding the signs of the times

I had a bit of a spiritual attack yesterday. I've been struggling even praying lately, and I got hit with fear, depression, and irritation. It's just not like me, so I had to spend some time with the Lord. (I'm all good now! God is awesome. Just spend time with Him!)  However, I didn't get a blog post written, so I'm sharing this excellent video by a preacher I follow. It's well worth the hour of your time.  Have a great week, everyone. Stay close to Jesus!


  1. My Sister in the Lord Jesus. I will not get into how I landed on your sight but I will tell you that in all the videos I have watched on the subject, this is the one I have longed for. I cannot tell you how many times that I have passed our brothers videos on YouTube. Whatever attach you have endured was not in vain. The Lord has shown me almost everything he brought together in pieces. His message was nothing less that a personal gift to me. It confirms like many things have in my 63+ years of life that I serve a God that personally cares for me. I was let go last month of a career position of 30 years in Home Health and Hospice. I have been praising the Lord for the free time to spend with Him. When some one give me personal praise, I always say that I receive it in Jesus Name. I believe it filters through Jesus Blood and anything that I was supposed gain goes directly to my heavenly treasure will land there. Sweet, because I do not have to deal the temptation of getting puffed up or lose its full reward. It is in Jesus Name that speak these things to you. I just landed on your sight last night, I have not even had a chance to go through it all but I could tell right off that it has been nothing less that a labor of love. That your labors comes from someone who loves the Lord with all their mind, soul and body and loves their neighbor by the way you share labors. I look so forward to meeting you in the coming of our Lord and know that we will have much to talk about. Bless my Sister oh Lord in only the way you can. In Jesus Name, Amen

    1. Greetings, Nealann! I'm so glad this video by Robert Breaker blessed you! I thought he laid everything out so well and easy to understand. He's a great Bible teacher. Perhaps YOU are the reason the Lord allowed me to be attacked so I would post this great teaching. It was well worth it, then! I love that you give all the glory to God for everything in your life. So many do not do that. Yes, I do love Jesus more than anything or anyone and I try my best to follow Him in all things, to post here and in my books what He wants me to say so that, if possible, some will get saved. I pray many blessings upon you, Sister, and I know we'll meet soon in heaven!!! What a glorious day that will be!