Sunday, June 28, 2020

A couple of important news items to share!

If after seeing these few news articles from this week, you don't think we are living in the very end times, I'm not sure what else to say. Again, I'm not trying to scare. I'm trying to wake up the church so we can get on our knees, repent, and pray for the world and to be found worth to escape the horrors coming on this place.

I've been saying this for awhile now, but here's information on Facebook's new campaign against all things Conservative and Christian . I really don't know how much longer I will be allowed to post on Facebook.

Watch out Christians if Biden gets elected. Recent posts by Biden reveal that if elected, he will usher in an era of unprecedented Christian persecution in this country.
I'm not trying to be political here. Just pointing out facts.

As of writing this, the USA is in debt to the sum of 26 TRILLION dollars and yet we keep spending as if there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately the system will soon not be able to sustain itself and will collapse, yet no one in the media is talking about this. The Globalists, however, are very excited! They recently announced that a great economic reset is coming in early 2021, which will force a one world currency and potentially a one world government.

And the persecution begins



  1. What should we do about the money? Should we put money away not in banks but at home?

    1. I wish I had the answers, Tammy. I've heard some men of God say we should buy gold and silver and keep them at home. I honestly believe cash will become obsolete soon, but pulling your cash out of the bank and keeping it in s safe place might be a good strategy.. even a safety deposit box... All our money is in stocks and when the market crashes we will lose everything. :-(