Friday, June 19, 2020

Free Kindle - The Ransom! And all my Audio Books Discounted!

The Ransom is the 4th book in my Legacy of the King's Pirates series! It was my very first independentally published book and hence began a switch in my career from traditionally published to publishing my own books!  Since then I've self-published 8 novels!  The Ransom, however, holds a special place in my heart. I absolutely love the story. Whether you like pirates or not, I guarantee you'll love this book! There's adventure, romance, villains, intrigue, mystery and even humor!  And the story culminates with the great earthquake that struck Port Royal, Jamaica in 1692 and sank the city into the sea.

I absolutely LOVE MaryLu Tyndall's pirate books & this one did not disappoint! I love her touch of humor as she describes the antics of "Munny" and the Pirate Earl reminds me of Zorro. This is one book that will go on my "Read Multiple Times" shelf!! :) Becka Jimenez, reviewer

Well, because when it comes to historical romance, this woman is absolutely one of the best in the Christian market today, a master at flesh-and-blood characters, pulse-pounding romance, and breathless plots that will starve you of sleep, but nourish your soul. And don’t even get me started on pirates—this woman is queen!! Julie Lessman, award winning author

Great story. If you loved the Scarlett Pimpernel, you will love this book. Humor was great, action was great, coming home literally and spiritually was a tear jerking moment.a must read. Amazon Customer

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Audio Books!   I currently have 9 of my books in Audio!  (Including ALL of my Pirate series)  Audio books are a great way to really get into a story and feel like you're there! Also you can listen to them while driving, cooking, gardening, or whatever. I have hired only the best narrators who I'm sure you'll find pleasing.  I've placed most of the Audio books on a storefront where you can browse them and purchase the ones you're interested in. I have put ALL of them on a discounted price. When you purchase them from this store, it will take you to a site where you will download an App through which you can listen to them. It's super easy.

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