Friday, June 5, 2020

Race, Riots, and the New World Order

Is America a racist nation? Slavery was an abomination, a definite scar on our nation, and on many other nations. To think it was ever (and still is in some nations) an acceptable practice is unbelievable and grotesque. We fought a war to free the slaves. America lost nearly 700,000 men in that war, an entire generation wiped from the face of the earth. Afterward, blacks still had a battle in order to gain their equal place in society. I grew up in the 60s and 70s and I heard about the Civil Rights movement, segregation, etc. I remember as a child wondering why any human would think they were better than anyone else just based on skin color. I couldn't understand it. Yet I watched happily as blacks gained more and more equal footing in society. By the time I was an adult, it seemed to be a non-problem anymore. Blacks were being elected to office, went to college, became doctors, lawyers, etc.  I had many black friends throughout college and when I worked at IBM. In fact, I had friends of all races! I didn't even think about it. To me, racism had been all but wiped out in America. And no, I'm not black and therefore I really can't speak to that. I can only give my experience and impression.

Yes, there have always been pockets of racism here in the US and everywhere. But it is my belief that they are few and far between. Are there racist cops? Probably. But I don't believe it's the majority. Then came Barak Obama. Love him or hate him, it seemed that racism was stirred up again under his watch. Which baffles me since he was the first black president!  Then Trump gets elected and he's called a racist because he wants to keep illegal immigrants out of our country. Strange. It does indeed seem that something else is going on.

Since these riots have started, I've been paying close attention to what's going on and searching for the truth. Here's my take on it, based on several news articles and facts and Biblical knowledge.

  • Racism is not a systemic problem in the US
  • The rioters have been stirred up by a media propagating lies and exaggerating the truth.
  • George Soros and other globalists are funding these riots
  • Some of the rioters are being paid and bused in from other places
  • Antifa and Black Lives Matter are terrorists who love to take advantage of chaos
  • Some of the rioters could care less about George Flloyd and only want to steal things.
  • Stacks of bricks are being shipped to cities downtown to be used by rioters to incite violence.
  • More whites than blacks were killed by white cops in 2019

So why is this happening?  I believe this entire thing has been planned and staged by the Global Elite, New World order, Illuminati.. whatever you want to call them. Their plan is twofold.

Get rid of Donald Trump
Take over the USA and form a One World Government.

The effects of the virus were fading. People were starting to revolt and come out of their homes. The economy was starting to recover. Can't let that happen! So Bam! Bring on the riots. Divide America. Cause chaos and mayhem and murder. And when this has run its course?  Do you think they will give up?

This is what I see coming next (based on news, facts, and a reliable prophet)

  • Famine - food shortages
  • Another more deadly wave of the virus
  • A major earthquake that will kill thousands
  • Nuclear war.

It has been in their plans to start a middle east war for a long time. This is well documented. I believe that it will be around the time of the war that the rapture will happen.

I hate being the harbinger of bad news.. but let's face it, we are nearing the end of the age. The ONLY reason I say anything at all is because I want to wake people up and motivate them to get close to Jesus, give their lives to Him and live for Him before it's too late. Believers who walk in the light have nothing to fear. God will protect us while we are here and then He will come rescue us before it gets too bad!

By the way, for those of you hoping for a Pentecost escape, the calendars are off. Many believe Pentecost to be this weekend. We shall see. If not, the wheat harvest occurs all during the summer, so pray, fast, witness, walk in the light, and keep your oil lamp full!



  1. Thanks so
    Much for continuing to speak the truth and expose the lies! This morning I really felt the Lord told me to keep my eyes on the prize! 1tim4:7. I really believe above all that we need to trust God in these dark times and take the gloves off and pick up our Sword! Study read and pray and love one another deeply. And bring as many with us as we possible can!!
    Love you MaryLu I’m a long time fan! Keep pressing in and on to your calling and meet you on the other side!

    1. Amen! Keep our eyes on Jesus and pick up our Sword! Love it. Also to love one another deeply. So important... so in opposition to the world. Let us be an example.
      Thanks Jody! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Thank you for all you do for us all and helping us to see just what is going on. I worry and pray for my loved ones and people I know that will be left behind and my heart aches for them. I pray that the eyes of their hearts would be open and not wait like they did in the the days of Noah. I pray deeply for my grandkids and great grandkids. Every thing will never be normal - not normal as we once knew it- but life will be true and real like it was meant to be. I pray my lamp is full and ready and I can only trust God to care for my loved ones. Be safe MaryLu and May your little ones be safe also

    1. Thank you, Elsie!! No, we are not going back to normal. The New World Order is rising.. but that's good news for those of us who love Jesus. I, too, have many loved ones who are lost. I believe God will eventually save them... as I have been praying and fasting for years and His Word speaks of household salvation. Bless you, Elsie! Be safe

  3. Ready to battle with Jesus, no mercy for the bad. Love to all, Johan

  4. Jesus said the love of many will grow cold because lawlessness will abound. His word are coming to pass. Sad and exciting times we live in.

    1. I agree.. both sad, scary, and yet because we know where this leads, exciting.