Friday, July 17, 2020

If I wanted to destroy America....

If I wanted to destroy the United States of America and its free republic to replace it with a socialist/communist regime, what would I do?

I would open borders and allow in tons of illegal immigrants and then give them a bunch of free stuff so that they would vote me into power

I would change the curriculum at all public schools and universities to tell kids that America is a bad country, a racist country, a country that bullies other countries. I would espouse the virtues of socialism and "economic justice". I would take God and any moral teaching out of schools. I would offer free sex education, condoms, and even push the LBGTQ agenda on kids so they end up destroying their lives and straying further from God.

I will propagate a false narrative that our fossil fuels and pollution are causing a severe and deadly change in our climate that will destroy the earth in a matter of years. I will get on board several prominent scientists who will ignore facts and history and play along for the funding and notoriety they receive. I will use this climate fear to cause hate and division and cause people to stop using what God has given us for fuel and thus thrust people back into the stone ages. There is also the added benefit of granting me more power over all the actions of the world's population.

I would destroy the middle class of America, the people that innovate, create, and work hard, the small businessmen and women, the backbone of the American dream. Why? Because I want to kill the American dream.

I would make the CEOs and executives of successful companies the bad guys, the greedy white men who make their fortunes off the backs of slave workers. I would make Americans hate success and successful people by making them jealous and by telling them that these rich execs are evil and selfish and steal money from their workers. I would in a sense make hard work and ingenuity a crime.

I will turn as many liberal cities into cesspools of homelessness, drugs, and violence in order to further destabilize the middle class and ruin the economy

I will make it a crime to say anything against LBGTQ or Blacks. I will therefore destroy freedom of speech by making people afraid to speak their minds. I will gain control of social media and ban people who oppose me or ensure their posts are not seen. I will keep these social media giants in my pocket by granting them money and favors from corrupt politicians. I will even get people fired from jobs just for saying the wrong thing.

I would get the youth hooked on video games and movies and put as much sex and violence in them to desensitize them to evil. This would also make them fat and lazy, unable to work hard for anything or have patience for anything in their lives.

I would take over Disney to brainwash kids and Hollywood to brainwash adults with lies and filth and corruption

I would make marijuana legal and cool and get as many people hooked on it as possible to dull their reason and senses so when I took over, they would barely notice. I would promote the use of alcohol by opening bars on every street and put drinking in movies and tv and commercials, making it acceptable and fun and cool.

I would destroy the family by promoting sexual freedom. I would make sex acceptable with anyone at anytime for any reason and make divorces as easy to get as ordering takeout. I would entice and encourage young men to be promiscuous by making pornography easily accessible and by making TV shows and movies and even billboards as racy as possible so men are assaulted with sexual temptations wherever they go. I would make it acceptable to not get married and just live with your partner

I would make it legal, acceptable, and even common place to murder your own baby in the womb. Why? Less people to control. Less people to feed. And in truth, the founder of planned parenthood, Margaret Sanger, wanted less blacks in the country. Today 250 Black babies will be aborted in America. 36% of abortions are black babies and More blacks have been killed by abortion than were alive in 1960 - over 20 million. 

I would infiltrate the church with false doctrines that would keep American Christians only thinking of themselves and their own happiness and not the Kingdom of God. I would create the lukewarm church which Jesus vomits out of His mouth.

I would divide the country by causing strife between rich and poor and black and white.  If the country wasn't dividing fast enough, I would create incidents or use incidents to hype up anger and hatred. I would use the media to further incite hatred and division by stirring the people up with lies.  I would cause riots and make them as violent as possible by hiring people to riot and supplying them with the weapons to do so. I would call anyone who defies the controlled narrative a racist and bigot and effectually shut them up.

I would do all in my power to take away people's guns and rights to self-defense so that when they finally figured out what was happening, they would be unable to do anything about it.

I would get all the major media companies, TV, Social media, and newspapers in my pocket and make them my propaganda machines. Americans have always trusted their news people, so this is a huge weapon in my hands. Through the media, I will be able to further divide the people and promote lies that fit my end goals.

I will put people in power in government who have no morals and are willing to lie, kill, or do anything for money and power.

I would create a pandemic that sweeps the world and causes great fear in every country. I will greatly exaggerate how deadly and contagious it is but I will require everyone to stay home, give up their freedoms, and comply with every demand of the state. All in the name of safety!  Through this planned virus, I will further destroy the middle class. They will lose their jobs, their homes, their businesses, which is exactly what I want in order for them to comply with the coming totalitarian government. Oh, and the best part of all, I will close down churches and forbid Christians to worship God together.

I will force them to wear masks all the time which have scientifically been known to cause further health problems and not prevent the spread of the virus. People will comply.

I will further divide the people by spreading lie and lie about the current president, defaming him and his character and never report anything positive he has done. I will label him a racist, a bigot, and a nazi who is trying to become a king and tyrant, when that is exactly what I plan to do.

My Future plans  -  see how far along I am?

The hatred for the current president will grow so enormous that families and friends will hate one another, and when this president gets re-elected, this hatred will erupt into the most violent riots this world has ever seen.

I will defund the police and therefore toss society into chaos, violence and mayhem. By then the people will be so desperate for safety, they will willingly give up their freedoms.

I will create a governmental controlled health care system that people will love because it's free. However, once I control health care, I control the people. I can tell the people what to eat, where to go, what to do if it affects their health or I will not give them access to doctors or medicine.

I will make secret plans with America's enemies for a future attack when America is weak and unable to defend itself due to all the items above. Once the attack happens, Americans will be unable to defend themselves.

I will cause an economic collapse that will make the Great Depression seem like child's play. This, of course, has been in the making for years since the USA is in more debt than it can ever repay. This collapse will further three of my plans. Depopulation, subjugation. and more mayhem and violence

I will cause a food shortage that will cause great fear to rise among the population. That way I can force further compliance in exchange for freedom

Once the first wave of the virus fades away, I will create a new, deadlier wave that will lock the people up again. And once that fades, I will create a 3rd one with a much higher death rate so that they will willingly accept the item below

I will create a vaccine that will contain a digital tracker or quantum dot that I will tell the people will be for their own good to monitor their health and report anything wrong to the doctor. They will be so dumb and scared, they will stand in line to receive it. In truth, I will now be able to monitor their every move. In addition the vaccine will cause further health problems so they will be even more dependent on the state

I will make it law that people cannot enter a store, go anywhere in public, or travel at all without this digital vaccine certificate. I will eventually combine this vaccine with financial systems and make it so people can't buy or sell without receiving this vaccine digital implant.

I will also hire thousands of contact tracers to test and investigate the population and call out anyone who might be spreading the virus. I will grant them power to arrest people or quarantine people or take their children away. I will also stir up the general population to spy and report on their neighbors who aren't being compliant.

Once America falls, I will instill a communist regime with total control over every citizen. This is the New World Order so many politicians have been talking about and waiting for for years.

Who am I? I am he who works behind the scenes, who promises power and great wealth in this life and eternal youth in the next. I am he who has now taken over one of America's prominent political parties, infiltrated its members, and changed their agenda to fit mine. I am he who after America falls and a world government is installed will cause one man to rise to such fame and power that the whole world will worship him. I will be in him and working through him.

I am he who hates humans, who loathes humanity created in the image of my enemy. I am he who disguises myself as an angel of light, who has been planning this day from ages past--the day I become like God and demand that all of God's creation worship me. I am he who can't wait to drag as many humans into hell with me. I am the great deceiver, the light bearer, the accuser of mankind, the dragon, the serpent of old, the prince of the power of the air, and the god of this world. 

And I will demand you worship me or die.

Watch therefore, and pray always that you maybe counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man. Luke 21:36

For God did not appoint us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, that whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with Him.
1 Thessalonians 5:9-10


  1. Just so, MaryLu, Just so! Who in their wildest dreams--even among the Watchmen--could have seen in December of 2019 where we would be by July 2020? Indeed, we live in a time of suddenlies! May God be reaping a great harvest now in parallel with the work of the Enemy! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    1. So True. A year ago I would never have believed how fast all this evil would have happened. I'm praying hard for that end times harvest to come in!! Blessings!

  2. Our lamps are lit Lord! We are looking up with a steadfast heart. May we continue to share your love and gospel, and be a light to those who don’t know you before it’s too late. Maranatha!

  3. I pray every day to be counted worthy. That my husband and daughter are counted worthy. I've read my Bible cover to cover many times, so I know it's coming. But the speed in which things are happening is astonishing. My mantra is God is the Boss. I say it all the time so the fear doesn't overcome. God is the Boss and He's got His kids in His hands!

    1. Nicole, it seems that Christians who pray that and who have read the Bible over and over are the ones who are awake! Yes, indeed. Things are moving fast.. and our Father in Heaven will never leave us!! He's got his kids in his hands. Amen!