Monday, July 20, 2020

Sample Left Behind Letter!

Several of you have asked me to share my left-behind letter. Much of it is personal, but I decided to go ahead and edit the personal stuff out and keep the general thoughts, advice, counsel, and warnings. If you have family members and friends who you are pretty sure won't make it in the rapture, I urge you to leave some sort of note or letter behind.  The world system will make up some lie about your disappearance and many will believe it. However, if you leave a letter explaining where you are and mention the lies they might propagate, then your loved ones have a better chance of getting saved,. Anyway, here goes most of mine. Sorry. It's long. I'm a writer, what can I say?  Some of this you may not believe yourself, so obviously, you won't include that in your own letter.

This is the most difficult letter I’ve ever had to write.  If you’re reading this now, then I am gone, suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from this earth. I’ve been raptured, taken by Jesus up to heaven. I know, it sounds crazy to some of you. But it’s the truth. It was prophesied in the Bible and it came true, just like God said it would. I’ve been watching the signs for years, studying prophecy, keeping up with world events, and praying for guidance.  The year 2017 seemed a perfect fit for a number of reasons that would take far too long in this letter. When the year passed, I wasn’t sure what to think but I knew we were still very close. There’s a good amount of information on my blog/website under the Christianity link at the top, then look at End Times articles. There’s also a bunch of CDs I’ve left here on my desk for your Information. Also as long as they don’t pull them off of Youtube, there’s a ton of great stuff there under my subs and also my favorites.
I’m not sure who will be reading this.  I say this, because after studying the Bible for so many years, I’m just not sure who will actually be taken in the first wave. God requires more than just a belief or faith in Jesus, but true repentance and a full commitment to follow Him.

Anyway, whoever is reading this, please know how much I love you! I’m so sorry if I didn’t do a good enough job of telling you about this, of sharing my faith and my beliefs.  I tried with some of you, but I was never good at it, and I probably came across as a lune. But I never gave up. I prayed and fasted and prayed some more.
Regardless, there is so much to tell you. The first and very important thing is that “they” (Those in power. Elite, Government, Media, Entertainment) are going to make up a story as to why so many people disappeared.  It is my opinion that it may have something to do with aliens coming here from another planet. They may already be here, and the media may be telling you that we humans (Bible-believing Christians) who stood in the way of progress with our archaic religious ideas were removed for reprogramming….or something like that. These aliens will probably say that they are the ones who put human life here on earth and that there is no God. PLEASE don’t believe them! This is a lie from Satan. They are not aliens, but demons who are sent to deceive the entire world. These demons are Satan’s minions and some are the offspring of Nephilim and Fallen angels. I can’t go into that all now, but they’ve been around for thousands of years, planning how to take over and deceive mankind. The Bible tells you all about it. Also read the book of Enoch.  There’s a lot of information on line about Nephilim. They are trying to create human-angel (fallen angels) hybrids, promising people they will become like gods and live forever. It’s the same old lie Satan has been using since the garden of Eden. Check out “The Beginning and End” You tube channel. Also Trey Smith’s documentaries on my bookshelf. Lots of good stuff there. And in many of my favorite You tube videos.

Also don’t trust the media.. tv news, papers.. even online. Don’t trust Hollywood stars, radio and sports personalities and all news.  They have been lying to you for years. The global takeover of the world has been planed for thousands of years. These people are evil and will not give up. Most of the media are in their pocket. There are some good news sources online, but I imagine they will be gone now. Please don’t believe anything you hear. Get saved! Then ask God to show you what is truth or not. He will!

(Here I included some personal stuff to my son who loves starwars, etc)

 I know the presence of these Aliens will excite you, BUT they are NOT who they say they are. There are no aliens, no life on other planets. Someday God may create other life and you can be a huge part of it! You want to travel the universe?  Give your life to Jesus! And you will see wonders you never thought possible when you enter eternity!

If things don’t happen exactly like I’m predicting, then there will be some other lie they will create to explain our disappearances, some lie that excludes God’s existence.  Many Christians who are left behind will fall for it and turn away from God. Yes, many so called Christians will be left because they were lukewarm in their faith.  Most non-believers will also fall for it. Please understand. They are lying!  I am in heaven with Jesus. I knew this would happen, which is why I wrote this letter. Ask yourself.. how would I know all this beforehand? The Bible talks about a Great deception coming upon the world that most people will believe. Don’t be fooled!
There’s a shadow world government that has been planning global domination for years. (Probably with the Nephilim as leaders). Call them the Illuminati, Deep State, whatever. The Rothchilds, Rockefellers etc. Many of our presidents have been their puppets, doing their bidding. They are a mixture of very high-ranking families in business and finance who have maintained their bloodlines through the ages. The believe they should rule over the masses, and many of them have mated with Nephilim and now are angel hybrids.   They will now rise and take over in the ensuing chaos.  A world leader will rise up. He will strengthen an existing peace deal with Israel for 7 years. He will be very charismatic and may or may not be associated with the aliens, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, or with Islam. He will promise peace and prosperity to the entire world and many will follow him. DO NOT FOLLOW HIM. He is the anti-christ. He is satan. He will create some kind of barcode, inserted chip, or quantum mark or tattoo for everyone to get on their right hand or forehead for economic purposes. (Perhaps related to Bitcoin? and a vaccine) This could come about because of the pandemic by way of vaccine. So be careful! You will not be able to buy anything without it. It is the Mark of the Beast.  They may also tell you that if you take it, you will get some sort of super powers and live forever. It’s a lie! Yes, you may get super powers but you will live forever in hell!  Whatever you do, do not get one. DO NOT or you will be condemned to hell. They are putting DNA into the chips from fallen angels and Nephilim which will make you unable to ever be redeemed and go to Heaven! Please this is very important.

The next and most important thing you need to do if you haven’t already is get on your knees, repent of all your wrong-doings, and give your life to Jesus. If you aren’t sure who He even is, ask God to reveal Himself to you!   Read the Bible! It’s God’s true and living Word, and it will explain everything…. God’s plan for mankind from the beginning of Creation to the end of time, and how He sent His Son, Jesus to suffer, die, and rise again in order that we, who receive Him, can have eternal life. Yes, we are ALL going to live forever. It just depends on where. With God in a glorious paradise or without Him in hell. The choice is simple.

Originally God simply wanted to have children. He wanted a huge family to love. He created earth as a paradise for mankind and put Adam and Eve in charge. But God’s enemy Satan tricked them into rebellion against God. Since then, God has been trying to get people to turn back to Him, to have a relationship with Him, but man’s sin has always kept Him away. God cannot be in the presence of evil, not even a smidgen of it. If we were to approach God in our sinful condition, we’d be incinerated on the spot. That’s why He sent Jesus, to pay the price for all our sin, once and for all. All we have to do is receive that free gift, put our trust in Him, and then have a relationship with Him through prayer, Bible reading, through just talking to Him. He sends us His Holy Spirit to dwell within our spirit to guide us, comfort us, and help us follow Him with all our hearts. He will never leave you.  But you must commit to follow Him! That’s why so many “Christians” will be left. They believed in Him but never committed their lives to Him. They never made him King, but wanted to be the ruler of their own lives, do their own thing and seek after their own pleasures.

Also, as you can see, I’ve left several CDs to listen to that explain what happened and what’s going to happen now. You have 7 years before Jesus returns in person to conquer Satan and his forces and set up His kingdom here. 7 years to survive. But even if you don’t survive, even if you die, if you give your life to Jesus, you’ll be immediately escorted to heaven. So, it really isn’t dying at all.

As I wrote above, it’s possible there will be another rapture before the end of the seven years. I pray that’s true, so you don’t have to endure all the horrors that are coming on the earth. If xxxx is here, let him help you understand everything and prepare.

No matter what people tell you, God is pure love. He is goodness, kindness, mercy. He is the best father in the universe, and He loves you more than anything. But yes, he is a judge too. He gives people many opportunities to receive Him, but His patience has a limit. In these final 7 years, He will continue to appeal to mankind to turn to Him and be saved. He doesn’t want anyone to go to hell. But most will not turn to Him and then the judgment comes. People will try and tell you God is a dictator and a bully, but nothing could be farther from the truth. He is the creator, your father and He loves you so much He sent His only Son to suffer and die for you. Please receive Him now before it’s too late.  He is real. The Bible is true!. This is a battle between good and evil, a battle for the souls of men and women. Satan wants nothing but to drag you to hell for all eternity. Choose the right side. Don’t be deceived… the devil will disguise himself as an angel of light. This is the real deal.. not some Star Wars movie. This is real. God is real. Choose Him and choose good and life. 

Anyway, there’s so much to tell you to do to prepare. Here’s the list I put on my blog post which I’ve set up to post after I’m gone.

•    If you're not a Christian, get saved immediately!
•    If you are, REPENT and recommit your life to Jesus immediately!
•    Find or start a home church. Many of the mainstream churches are in apostasy and it will get worse. They won’t be preaching the truth. I imagine that soon Christianity will be outlawed. So, find other believers who love Jesus and adhere to the Bible and gather together for encouragement and to teach each other.  Be careful, though. So many are teaching FALSE doctrine.
•    Read the Bible!  Pray constantly. Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, you're going to need Him! (Read about this in ACTS in the Bible). You must know the Bible so you won’t be deceived! There will be so much DECEPTION. Only Jesus can keep you from it and tell you the truth!
•    Get as many supplies as you can: food, water, batteries, generator etc.   Things are going to get rough. Get enough to last 5-6  years just in case. Check my attic
•    Don't trust the media or anything you hear in the news. Verify any story before you believe it.  The media, the government CANNOT be trusted. Neither can anyone famous. Be very careful who you trust.. even people who claim to be Christians
•    Whatever you do, don't take the Mark of the beast!  You can read about that in Revelation

Here I have some personal stuff to various family members.

I have tons of Bibles here and sermons on CDs. Please make use of them. There’s so much to learn. Most Christian content will probably soon be removed from the internet. Be careful. Don’t believe all “Christian” stuff you read. Check it against what’s in the Bible.

Money and finance
Here I list some information about passwords, bank accounts, etc, so they know how to access my money

Beware of False prophets. Learn the Bible front to back so you won’t be deceived. Don’t trust technology or the tech giants, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. They use devices to watch you and listen in on you. It would be best to get off the Grid as much as possible. Get rid of Alexia and Google devices in your home
People will hate Christians. You may be hunted down. Read Revelation to learn what is coming on the world. Read John to know how much God loves you. Read Acts to learn how powerful the church really is.  Read the entire book.
I think that covers most everything.
Except this. I LOVE you all so much!!  I’ll be waiting at Heaven’s gates for you to join me.

P.S.Check out my subscriptions on You Tube… particularly Soldiers for Christ Community Church and Unleashed, Behold Israel, J.D. Farah …  and others about end times. Good info. Watch my You Tube Favorites.  “They are almost here 1 and 2” and others. Get informed.

I love you so much!

P.SS. Climate change is a hoax. They are using it to gain power. Read Inconvenient Facts book on the pile with the CDs.  Don’t be fooled!
P.S.S.S. The pope is probably the False Prophet.
Pssssss. Don’t take any vaccines! They put diseases and chips in them. I know it’s hard to believe but you have to come to grips with the fact that the government is NOT on your side. They do not care about you. In fact, most of them want you dead. That way they won’t have so many mouths to feed and so many people to control. Vaccines are bad. They used to be good but then they started putting junk in them and poisoning children. They put crap in our food and spray chemicals in our air. Think about it. Once the government takes over health care, they will make a fortune keeping you sick. It’s all about control. They will make you so afraid to not take the vaccine that you will gladly take it. But I’m warning you here. The initial ones will have tech in them and probably make you sick. But there is one coming that will have fallen angel DNA in it. You will be given a choice to take it or die. Choose death. It’s better than going to hell. This will be a clear choice from a man or system which will force you to pledge your loyalty to. Not sure when in the 7 years that will happen.

Hang in there
I’m in heaven standing before the throne of God, asking Him to keep you safe and bring you here soon!

I love you with all my heart and forever....


  1. Thank you for sharing this MaryLu. I was able to be a ‘rapture’ witness to some Christian family members this weekend. I was later told that they don’t feel comfortable with me talking about the rapture as it makes their children scared. I was taken aback! If I were them I would be more scared of what life will be like if one is not raptured! On a different note, my 4 year old niece woke her mother up very early last night crying and told her mother in short that “Jesus talked about they are leaving and coming home”. I believe that God used my niece to witness to her parents about what’s getting ready to happen. They have a hard time listening to us so He’s using their child. I pray more souls are saved before it’s too late!

    1. I'm not surprised at your family's reaction. I get that a lot. I agree with you.. the prospect of remaining here should terrify people... but I guess they have no idea what is coming. I LOVE your neice's dream! Out of the mouth of babes! God can use anyone and anything to wake up His children!

  2. Wow. I am so proud of your commitment to God. Thanks for sharing. It didn't even occur to me to leave a letter.
    Satan's minions are setting the stage for a possible "alien encounter" and when the lost are told that the rapture was actually an alien abduction, many will believe it. So sad. Hugs, my friend.

    1. Thank you, Chappy! A letter is so important.. esp to your family who might remain behind. :-) Hugs to you and yours

  3. Thank you for posting your letter.
    The last couple of days I have become impressed to stock up on seeds from my garden plants. And for years I have been gathering books and cd's in my home because I figured Christian literature would become scarce.

    1. Yes, I've been doing that too. And I also have been acquiring a good supply of emergency food and water for those left behind. I agree, they will ban all Christian books and movies, sermons, etc.. so it's a great idea to have those too!