Friday, August 14, 2020

Friday's Mad World races into chaos and deception

 WOW, Update. So it seems ALL the links in my post below are not working, which is very weird since I wrote this and tested this yesterday and I know how to put in links that work. Been doing it for years. I can only assume I've been sabotaged somehow. I don't have time to redo this today.. but just read the Titles and you'll get the drift of what is going on. If there's a particular link you really would like, let me know and I'll try and find it. Sorry about that!

Hello Fellow watchers. Things are happening so fast, I can hardly keep up. Mind you, I have a full time writing career, a house to run, and we watch our grandkids two full days a week, so I really can't follow all the breaking news. However, so much happened the past week or so, I wanted to at least highlight the things that raised my brows.

Again, this is not meant to cause fear, but rather to alert you to the times in which we live and the soon and imminent return of Jesus to snatch His bride out of this place before things get too bad.  

I will comment on some of these items below.


Any peace plan with Israel will get my attention, so this is huge! Remember, according to Daniel, the Antichrist will "confirm or strengthen" an existing Peace treaty
Trump brokers a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

Nephilim/Demon UFO deception 

We will see more and more UFO sightings, etc, as time goes on. I believe that an alien arrival will be part of the end times deception to prove there is no God. They will arrive and announce they are the saviors of mankind, but they are demons and Nephilim.

UFOs are clearly under intelligent control
UFO Appears in Morning news cast in Buenos Aires

Riots/Mayhem/Fall of America

Can you believe we are living in an age where cities are considering getting rid of police protection? Since that makes no logical sense at all and MOST citizens are not for that.. what is their purpose? To cause chaos and violence, reduce the population, and usher in a socialist regime.

Marxist group planning a political coup in November if Trump wins
Seattle is about to implode into a cauldron of violence as police and jails are abolished


Big Brother. Social Media/ Mark of the Beast / NWO

The biggest jaw dropper for me in this section was that some lawyers and politicians are saying that if you refuse the vaccine you could be jailed. There's also a great video I list below that explains the coming Great Rest and the New World Economic Forum. This is all part of the rising Global government. 

Big Tech protecting Pedophiles, Bans hashtag #savethechldren
Chicago using social media to track people breaking quarantine
Google's new tattoo turn skin into a touch pad
States have the right to fine or jail people who refuse the vaccine
Global elites discuss The Davos Plan or the Great Reset to capitalize on Covid and roll out the NWO
Fox Doctor Mark Siegel wants kids who aren't vaccinated to wear yellow badges just like the Jews in Germany
Amazon removes pro-life video despite it's many 5 star reviews
Great video explaining in detail what The Great Reset and how Trump must be removed so they can carry on with their plans


Hallmark Channel Proudly presents new film featuring Lesbian wedding

The Covid hoax to destroy America

It is still this author's belief after much study that yes, there is a virus, but it is no more deadly than the flu or the recent swine flue. I firmly believe there is enough evidence to support the accusation that they are fudging the numbers of both infected and deaths and making it look far worse than it is. Why?  (See above section of NWO)  Also they want us afraid enough to accept their deadly vaccine, which I have spoken of in detail before. 

Stanford study: True death rate of Covid - 19 is no more than seasonal flu
Lockdowns set to plunge 100million into extreme poverty
Prominent doctor warns about Covid Vaccines and the outrageous immunity give to vaccine makers
Trump supports Bill and Melinda Gate's Vaccine Alliance, Gavi
America does not understand the true goals of the lockdown

The Great Apostasy

Christians in US increasingly falling away from Core Christian truths
New survey shows most pastors don't believe adultery should permanently disqualify a pastor from ministry

The Groaning planet

Indonesian volcano erupts, spewing ash 3 miles into the sky
Why have so many earthquakes hit the US in recent months?
3 Volcano-tectonic quakes rock Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines in 24 hours
Earthquake swarm under the Salton sea near the San Andreas


I've also spoken about this in recent posts. Throughout the ages, Satan has always demanded child sacrifice. He also loves to molest and harm little children. Think Baal and Moleck from ancient times. Currently we are only beginning to see how rampant pedophilia is in our world, particularly among the elite, the famous, and rich. Sexual molestation is only a part of it. These evil people also sacrifice children. Look up Adrenochrome if you have the stomach for it. This is just another sign of the times Jesus warned us about. 

Mariah Carey's sister reveals how she and Mariah were raped in Satanic rituals when they were kids


I have read both of a secret Chinese presence here in the US, along with a very suspect love of all things China by our social media giants and politicians. That, coupled with recent dreams of foreign troops on our soil makes me think that China may very well attack us. Not meant to scare... just be aware.
China increases military drills as tensions rise with US

Again, don't be alarmed!  What can you do about all this? Nothing but pray and seek God's face like you never have before. Warn your neighbors and friends. Show them how prophecy in the Bible is coming true before their eyes. Time is running short and we all need to be on our faces before God, repent, fast and pray, read the Word. Don't just read a quick devotion or a few verses. Really read the Bible and ask God to reveal things to you. Get to know Him, commit your heart and life to Him. Pray for your loved ones. 

God promises to snatch His children out of harm's way!! It's all throughout the Scripture. So, be at peace. Put your faith and trust in the Only One who is trustworthy. 

 Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32





  1. Very interesting about the links, MaryLu. Can't even copy/paste the locations. It's as if the links have been totally scrubbed . . . .

    1. So it would seem. I really have no idea why. I tested everything before I put it out. Either this is a glitch in the Blogger software or someone wants to silence me.

  2. May I ask why you are searching the internet for all these articles and conspiracy theories? Do you really think this will people to Jesus and lead them to repentance? Not all of these articles are believeable and you cannot proove their sources. Instead you are spreading fear, conspiracy theories and doom. Everything which is written in the bible about the endtimes is being fulfilled in front of our eyes. You should direct your readers to the Word of God and not to videos and articles of the internet. Be careful that you are not being used by the deceiver. Furthermore the covid virus is real and not a flu. Also the mark of the beast will come when the antichrist is in power and not earlier even though they are trying to develop something like it already. Still it will not be in use before the antichrist is in power. Read your bible and not everything which is written in the internt. Open your eyes and wake up. Jesus loves you and wants to use you but you give too much room and attention to the deceiver with your articles. Be careful!

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    If you would take the time to read MaryLu’s other articles on her website, you would easily see that this is just what she does! Encourage us to seek the Lord and His Word. For me personally it is informative to know where we are on God’s prophetic timeline, so I am not caught up in the lies we are told. It causes me to pray and spread the Gospel with more urgency as it is obvious that time is almost out. So, l for one, am very thankful for these updates. But, of course we are all different and, if l might suggest, don’t read what causes you upset and focus on the Word of God instead, as we all should and what Marylu does in all her posts in my opinion. Thank you, Marylu for what you do and be blessed and strengthened in your walk with the Lord, Anonymous, as you continue studying His Word. �� J

    1. Anonymous 1, My entire goal is to lead people to Jesus. God has called me to be a watcher of end times and to point out current events as the lead to Biblical prophecy in order to wake up the church, get Christians on fire for Jesus, and hopefully save the lost. Regarding the Mark of the Beast, if you read my other articles, I have repeated over and over that it won't be around until the Antichrist rises, which will be after the church is gone. I never said Covid was the flu. I always point my readers to the Bible and Jesus. Believe me, my eyes are wide open and I am allowing my Lord and Savoir to use me in whatever way He wants. I'm sorry that you took one of my warning posts, got angry, and lashed out at a fellow believer only for doing what the Lord has called me to do. You do not know me, nor my walk with God. Be careful not to judge your sister in Christ for doing what Jesus has called her to do. Poke around my website, click on the link at the top of Christian Articles and you will see everything the Lord has led me to teach about His love and salvation. I forgive you for your anger and false accusations and I ask the Lord to bless you. :-)

    2. Thank you, J, for your kind defense of my ministry. Blessings!

  4. Thank you for amswering but it makes me sad that you think that I am lashing out in anger. That´s not true. I have read every article and every posting on facebook but during the last few month I am getting uneasy when I read your articles. I prayed about it and it took me quite a while to write here. The Lord told me to warn you and I did it . I didn´t do it in anger and I am not accusing your faith.